17 Garnet Jewelry Items that Make Perfect Gifts (For Her)

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Garnets have been garnering attention for a long time now and are a popular gemstone for jewelry. It is classy and vibrant, and when well-chosen, garnet jewelry can elevate your look and make you dazzle!

Garnets look very similar to rubies but do not come with a hefty price tag, making them an excellent alternative. Because they are quite affordable, you don’t need to break the bank to own your own piece of garnet or to gift garnet jewelry to a loved one.

For January-born babies, garnets provide that extra special touch, because it is the traditional birthstone of this month. A well-chosen piece of garnet jewelry will be ideal for any person celebrating their birthday in January. Garnets are also gender-neutral gemstones and look stunning on both men and women.

Garnets are also chosen as the gemstone for commemorating the second anniversary of a wedding. You can choose matching garnet rings or gift each other a piece of garnet jewelry to commemorate your special day. For gentlemen, surprising her on your anniversary with garnet jewelry demonstrates thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and romance. You’ll earn brownie points for sure!

When choosing garnet jewelry, searching online will always give you a lot more options than shopping at a physical store. But if you aren’t quite sure where to start, don’t worry! We’ve done the work for you.

Keep reading for our top 17 garnet jewelry picks, to gift to yourself or your loved ones!

A Symbolic Gift

infinity bezel set garnet ring
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Made of yellow gold, this ring contains the symbol of infinity, an ideal statement for your relationship.  As a friendship or promise ring, it is the perfect way to symbolize the importance of the relationship. As it is a dainty and elegant little piece, it goes perfectly with other jewelry and is great as a stackable ring too. The rustic look of the gold setting adds that extra touch of simplicity and character.

Super Simple but Super Stylish

Garnet and diamond pendant
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This stylish little pendant shows the contrast of garnet against gold, with just that perfect hint of color to energize your outfit. A great addition to any jewelry collection, this piece is bound to be one of your staples.

An Everyday Tennis Bracelet

garnet tennis bracelet
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This round rope bracelet set in sterling silver is a versatile piece, going well with formal or casual outfits. Simply slip on for an immediate upgrade in style and sophistication!

An Emerald Cut Inspiration

Oval Garnet And Diamond Ring
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While many feel that yellow gold doesn’t pair well with red garnets, this is not always true. The beautiful ring is made of 14K Yellow Gold, with oval garnet and diamond accent. The yellow hue of the metal highlights and enhances the attractive reddish hue of the garnet gemstone, making for a gorgeous ring that is bound to look amazing on any finger!

Garnet and Gold

garnet earrings
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These super stylish garnet earrings are beautifully designed and simply stunning. The bezel setting of the earrings completely surrounds the garnets, providing a halo of yellowish contrast to the red sparkle of the stone.  Ideal for a formal occasion or anytime you want to look pretty and dressed up!

Keeping It Simple

cushion cut garnet sterling silver ring
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Set in a simple sterling silver bezel setting, this cushion-cut garnet is great as a stackable ring or on its own. This is a basic item that can be worn for pretty much any occasion.

An Alternating Pattern

Garnet diamond eternity ring
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Want a bit more garnet in your ring? This Princess Birthstone Eternity ring has an alternating pattern of cushion-cut garnets and crystals. Slip-on and show off your garnets!

Nature Inspired Earrings

sunburst garnet studs
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Inspired by nature, the Sunburst oval garnet stud earrings add that extra touch of sparkle to your look. With a halo of white topaz crystals surrounding the oval-shaped faceted garnets, these earrings are a blend of elegant, playful, and eye-catching.

Hammered Gold Rocks

yellow gold bezel set garnet earrings
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Hammered gold jewelry is appealing simply because it appears unrefined, rustic, and attractive. These oval garnets in their hammered gold bezel settings are a unique addition to your collection and are sure to get you lots of compliments!

Mixing It Up

Viking garnet ring
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Mix it up with a combination of metals for a striking look. The contrast of the cabochon cut garnet against the hammered gold and silver setting is unique and attractive, making a statement without going overboard.

A Garnet Droplet

Garnet solitaire pendant
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Ideal for lovers of minimalist designs, this round-cut garnet sparkles against its simple silver setting. This item layers well with other necklaces for a fuller look or can be worn as a stand-alone item.

A Unique Minimalist Design

yellow gold garnet ring
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Here’s another minimalist design that is simple yet attention-grabbing. The faceted cushion cut garnet rises in the center, giving the ring depth and character. It catches the light beautifully when seen from different angles.

A Garnet Anklet

garnet anklet
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Try something different with this basic anklet, or ankle bracelet, that adds just that right amount of vibrancy and color to your look. You can choose to adorn just one foot or both feet with this beautifully designed anklet, or layer with other anklets for a stunning look.

A Garnet Claddagh Ring

garnet claddagh ring
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The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish design, that is full of symbolism: The hands stand for friendship, the heart symbolizes love and the crown is a symbol of loyalty. A Claddagh ring is often given as a gift for a loved one or to close friends. It is the perfect promise ring and makes for an excellent engagement or wedding ring. Because red is the common symbol of love and passion, the hue of the garnet adds an extra touch to the symbolism of this beautiful rose gold ring.

A Personalized Pendant

personalized garnet pendant
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Add a personal touch by having your name engraved on this gold pendant. Perfect as a January birthstone gift, this is one gift that is sure to be appreciated and loved.

A Hamsa Symbol

Red garnet hamsa pendant
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The Hamsa is a symbol of happiness, good health, luck, and fortune. It is a protective symbol that has been popular throughout history, believed to take away negative energy. This stylized Hamsa pendant stars a garnet in the center, for perfect symmetry and balance.

Grapes and Vines

Inspired by nature, these elaborate dangle earrings feature vine leaves and smooth chalcedony and garnet beads, resembling grapes. Beautifully designed and crafted with high-quality materials, this is a pair you don’t want to miss!

Red Garnet Earrings
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Some Things to Know Before You Buy

Before you buy your garnet jewelry, take into consideration that garnets are relatively soft stones with a Mohs ranking of 6.5 to 7.5. If you plan on wearing your jewelry every day, there is a high chance that your garnet will get scratched and even break depending on how it is treated and the setting it is mounted in.

For rings, ensure that the garnet is set in a protective setting such as a bezel or halo. This is because rings are often exposed to rough wear and knocks and bumps. Such a setting will minimize this damage to the garnet and offer more safety. Pendants and earrings are less exposed and therefore not as likely to be damaged.

However, with reasonable care and maintenance, garnet jewelry can last a very long time.

Read our garnet buying guide to learn more about this gorgeous gemstone.

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