About Us

Jewelry Shopping Guide was founded back in 2016 by a team of jewelry enthusiasts and experts with years of experience. It was established with the aim of providing clear, impartial, and informative guides on jewelry shopping. True to our name, we focused on simplicity, honing in on what truly matters to our readers.

At the time, there were very few blogs doing what we did with the level of comprehensiveness and quality that we offered. So, we very quickly grew into becoming one of the leading jewelry platforms. We have guides on everything, from buying vintage Roman jewelry to modern engagement rings, and everything in between!

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Now, we’ve watched the digital world explode with jewelry blogs (seems like every jewelry store has one!). But here’s our difference: We’re committed to unbiased guidance. We champion products and services not because someone pays us to or because we benefit from a sale, but because we’d happily wear or use them ourselves. It’s a simple formula, and it’s our north star.

Because we partner with a diverse spectrum of trusted retailers both online and brick-and-mortar, it allows us a broad view of the market, ensuring our recommendations are objective. We only endorse products and services we’d choose for ourselves, those we can back without reservation.

We’re committed to providing original, well-researched articles on a range of topics, and we update our site regularly to keep with the trends. And we promise – every guide is written by HUMANS for HUMANS – no AI guides here.

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Since those early days, Jewelry Shopping Guide has gone on to be featured in numerous publications, and has helped thousands of readers with their jewelry and diamond concerns.

Our Editorial Process

At Jewelry Shopping Guide, we take pride in delivering content that’s not only informative but also impeccably researched and written. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our rigorous editorial process:

  • Initial Draft: Every piece starts as a passionate draft in an area of interest or expertise. We write about things we’ve experienced ourselves, or are interested in knowing as jewelry lovers.
  • Review: The article is then carefully checked by the editorial team for clarity, consistency, and accuracy. We ensure that every article’s quality, relevance, and alignment with our core values.
  • Refinement Phase: Feedback is gold. We refine and enhance our content based on the valuable insights from our team.
  • Precision Edits: We believe in perfection. Our articles go through an in-depth grammar and style check, ensuring they’re flawless and reader-friendly.
  • Final Team Approval: As a final step, we ensure that every piece is polished, engaging, and meets our high standards, free of errors and ready to go out into the world.
  • Engaging with Our Community: Once the article receives approval, it is published on our site. We welcome and value input from our audience, as it assists in enhancing our content and keeps us in tune with what our readers want.
  • Frequent Updates: Our articles are frequently reviewed and refreshed with the latest insights, guaranteeing that our readers consistently receive the most up-to-date information available.

Our Core Team

Dani Rhys – Editor

Dani Rhys brings over 15 years of experience as a writer and editor, complemented by her Masters degree in Linguistics and Education. Her fascination with fashion and accessories extends beyond mere interest; she has garnered over 8 years of expertise specifically in the jewelry and fashion niche. This has involved not only writing but also hands-on experience with jewelry design, trends analysis, and understanding the cultural significance of various adornments. As the chief editor of Jewelry Shopping Guide, Dani not only oversees content curation but also contributes her insights, drawing from her rich background in both the theoretical and practical aspects of jewelry. In her writings, she skillfully blends her academic knowledge with her hands-on experience in the industry, covering a range of topics that resonate with her personal interests.


Nadi Alahakoon – Writer

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Nadisha’s passion for fashion has been a lifelong journey. Her enthusiasm stretches from keeping up with the latest trends to exploring the charm of vintage styles, showcasing her keen eye for fashion’s evolving landscape. Her diverse background, which includes a solid foundation in Nursing, literature, and English, enriches her perspective, allowing her to approach fashion and jewelry with a unique blend of care, creativity, and cultural insight. When she’s not writing about jewelry and diamonds, Nadisha spends her time window shopping, dancing, or traveling the beautiful landscapes of Canada.


Rose Mulu – Writer

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With a keen interest in understanding why life was and is as it is, Rose has been interested in fashion, gemstones, and symbolism for over fifteen years. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication and uses this, together with her knack for literature, to share her knowledge and insight with the world.

Her focus extends beyond the aesthetics of fashion and gemstones; she is particularly captivated by the rich symbolism that you can find in jewelry. Rose explores how different cultures infuse meaning into symbols and gemstones and how these evolve over time. Her writings often reflect on how jewelry and fashion serve as mirrors to society’s values and beliefs. Her work is a blend of cultural anthropology and art criticism, offering readers a nuanced perspective on the significance of fashion and gemstones in our lives.


Whether you’re a seasoned collector or taking your first steps into the world of gems, we’re here to help you on your path. Please take time to explore the site and if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, get in touch with us through our contact form.

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