8 Essential Gemstones for Enhancing Student Success and Well-being

For centuries, gemstones have facilitated alternative therapies and calming effects for the mind, body, and spirit. The stones connect and stimulate the chakras, or energy centers, in our body. Though there is no scientific evidence, many real-life instances have proven that vibrations, heat, and the intensity of stones help to heal several conditions.


Also, when you go through a difficult phase in your life, wearing natural stones can bring peace and stability to think things through with an open mind. As a student, these situations may sound familiar due to academic pressure and a changing lifestyle.

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You can carry one of these gemstones to stabilize your life and accomplish your career goals without faltering.

1. Amethyst Gemstone

Natural Amethyst Gemstone Beads
Natural Amethyst Gemstone Beads. See it here.

The Roman and Greek cultures believed in the strength of amethyst to prevent intoxication and symbolize wealth. This gemstone is known for its protective energies and stress-relieving capabilities. It can discard school related stress and anxiety among students.

Amethyst stimulates the third-eye chakra and opens blocked minds. As a result, it revives unexpected opportunities and clears mental hurdles so that you can think logically and create innovative solutions. Being a powerful stone, this stone can guard you against anger and irritability as well.

2. Red Coral Stone

Red Coral Stone
Red Coral Stone. See it here.

The bright red color and organic beauty of Pola Stone is irresistible. This stone not only refines your focus and initiative but also builds a strong mental stamina to face difficulties in life.

Due to its association with the planet Mars, red coral or Moonga stone also possess many restorative and healing effects. It can help in improving psychological conditions of a person by enhancing their mental concentration. If you are looking to undertake a leadership role, this stone is your perfect companion.

3. Emerald Stone

Oval Shape Colombia Emerald Loose Stone
Oval Shape Colombia Emerald Loose Stone. See it here.

Emerald is commonly known as the Budh Ratna in Vedic astrology. This stone represents the planet of Mercury which rules intelligence and mental acuity. As such it improves the comprehension and reasoning abilities of the wearer.

Emerald is highly recommended for those looking to work in financial sector or creative fields. It also refines communication skills and removes speech-related issues. You will find an immense improvement in your social and professional life by wearing this stone.

4. Alexandrite Stone

Brazilian Alexandrite Loose Oval Gemstone
Brazilian Alexandrite Loose Oval Gemstone. See it here.

Being a rare and extremely valuable gemstone, alexandrite is a wonder of nature. This stone changes its color from blue green under sunlight to purple red or brownish red in incandescent lights. Many astrologers associate this crystal with Mercury due to its green color. 

They believe alexandrite stimulates the positive vibes of this planet to deal with creative blocks and to improve intellectual abilities of the wearer. Success in life comes easy when this stone also helps to overcome instability and lack of confidence. It bestows good luck and fame on its wearer.

5. Yellow Sapphire Stone

Yellow Sapphire Oval Faceted Gemstone
Yellow Sapphire Oval Faceted Gemstone. See it here.

Not only this stone is a vision for the sore eyes but also full of mystical powers to improve your life in many ways. The universal popularity of yellow sapphire depends on its metaphysical abilities and healing effects. A student needs this stone for success in their academics. Since this stone is associated with Jupiter, that rules wealth and knowledge, it brings the same attributes to your life as well.

When a career requires creativity and intelligence, use yellow sapphire to expand your horizon and gain intellectual stability you need. It is also popular for governing the will chakra in your body to help and fighting infections and allergic reactions that are common to students dwelling in hostels.

6. Hessonite Stone

Hessonite Stone Bracelet
Hessonite Stone Bracelet. See it here.

Gomed or hessonite is a popular and impactful Vedic gemstone that brings power and success in your life. It helps to overcome the negative or malefic influences of Rahu or dragon’s head. When you wear Gomed, you will find a lot of confidence to influence public opinion in your favor.

Also, it relieves anxiety, fare, and stress, in the life by improving your mental concentration. Students looking to get rid of confusion in their academics can benefit by wearing hessonite stone. Natural Gomed stone prices are often within the reach of commoners, and one can enjoy immense creativity, confidence, and clarity of mind via this gemstones blessings.

7. Turquoise Stone

Turquoise Tumbled Stone
Turquoise Tumbled Stone. See it here.

Historically, turquoise or Firoza stone has been revered for its strong metaphysical powers. This sacred stone is believed to bring luck, positivity, and health to the life of its wearer. It represents Jupiter and this planet rules the domain of knowledge. So, turquoise is highly recommended for people associated with learning or education.

Whether you are a scholar, researcher, or a school student, this stone can improve your academic inclination and decision-making skills. It also enhances the thinking capability and provides relief from many diseases like jaundice, diabetes, tuberculosis, or immunity-related issues.

8. Pearl Gemstone

White Natural Pearl Stone
White Natural Pearl Stones. See it here.

As an organic gemstone available colors from white to deep bluish grey, pearl is a strong gemstone in Vedic astrology. Apart from its aesthetic value, this gemstone also brings notable metaphysical properties to the life of its wearer. It pacifies moon and thus, helps to control anger and other negative feelings.

It keeps you calm, pragmatic, and well-composed even under the stressing situations. Pearl benefits students by improving their concentration, self-expression, and confidence level. It offers success in artistic or creative pursuits in your life. You can think clearly by wearing an original and unadulterated pearl stone.

These are top eight gemstones that can improve the concentration and focus in students. You can wear any of these stones, depending on the factors and planetary movements in your birth chart. However, it is equally important to choose the right type of these gemstones to get the maximum benefits out of them.

How to Buy Genuine Gemstones Online?

If a student needs to wear a pure emerald or yellow sapphire, consider the pricing and rarity of these stones. Make efforts to find genuine stores that do not indulge in unfair practices. You should instead buy original gemstones from a store life Gempundit.com that deals in untreated gem varieties and accompanies each purchase with a genuine free lab certificate. It establishes the authenticity of the gem and ensures its ethical mining as well. Ask about the prices and compare them on several stores before finalizing your purchase.


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