What Does the Infinity Symbol Mean in Jewelry?

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The infinity symbol has been a part of fashion and popular culture for the past few years, even though the concept is quite old. Its representation conveys a variety of connotations, from strong character to unwavering devotion, and the interpretation of the symbol will be unique for each individual. 

Infinity symbol jewelry comes in a wide range of designs and can be sparkly and flamboyant or delicate and modest. Let’s take a look at the history and meaning of the infinity symbol, including its several designs in jewelry. 

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Different Meanings of the Infinity Symbol 

infinity symbol

Infinity, in other words, is ‘eternal.’ The infinity sign has been used to represent the everlasting in the cosmos and the universe for more than a thousand years. Let’s look into its meaning in different interpretations. 

Immortality and Rebirth 

The infinity sign stands for immortality, the cycle of life, and rebirth. The ‘Ouroboros,’ as it was known to the Egyptians and Greeks, was a symbol of perfection and dualism in Asian cultures. An Ouroboros is a mythological figure that represents a snake biting its own tail and forming an endless loop.  

Regeneration and Resurrection 

The idea of infinity has been present in religion for the longest time. The sign resembles a sideways 8. The number eight is associated with the ability of regeneration and resurrection, which stands for happiness and heaven. 

Everlasting Love 

An infinity sign denotes something that will endure forever. To represent their unending love, many people engrave infinity symbols on their wedding bands. 

But this symbol is not restricted to romantic relationships.  

Jewelry with infinity symbols is frequently given as gifts of love or between best friends. Giving your friend an infinity necklace implies that you want your relationship to last forever. 

Limitless Opportunities and Loyalty 

Numerous people equate the infinity symbol with loyalty, and it can also stand for boundless possibilities. An infinity sign can also be used to symbolize focusing all of one’s effort on one particular goal, theme, or individual. 

Women Empowerment 

The infinity symbol has gained popularity as a symbol of women’s rights. The use of the emblem conveys an enduring and unbreakable force. Both an eternity bracelet and an infinity ring make excellent presents for celebrating women’s empowerment and enduring love or friendship. 

Faith in God 

Others use the infinity sign to symbolize their belief in God. Some people use it to convey their unwavering and unending faith in God. But rather than a cross, star, or other religious symbols, they use an infinity sign because this faith might not be exclusive to any religion. 

Variations of the Infinity Symbol 

The meanings associated with the infinity sign are still prevalent today. In jewelry, it stands for unwavering love, enduring ties to family or friends, or an interest in the natural life cycle. However, other interpretations of the infinity symbol have deeper meanings, which can give your jewelry a unique touch. 

Let’s take a look at the different styles of infinity symbols in jewelry. 

Anchor Infinity Symbol 

Because it holds down ships, the anchor is regarded as a symbol of strength and stability. It stands for strength inside an infinite oneness, connection, and world, along with infinity. 

As a result, adding an anchor to the infinity sign might represent perseverance and a strong character. People that carry this emblem never give up and keep working toward their objectives. It’s a lovely design you can wear or give to someone dealing with life struggles. 

Check out these anchor infinity jewelry to add to your collection: 

anchor infinity necklace
Two-Tone Infinity Anchor Pendant Necklace. See it here. 

This sterling silver anchor pendant necklace is adorned with a gold infinity symbol. The elegant design is perfect for your formal or casual look. It can serve as a reminder of perseverance while still looking good and classy. 

Anchor and Infinity Lariat Necklace
Anchor and Infinity Lariat Necklace. See it here.

This charming lariat-style necklace features an infinity sign and anchor elements and is a unique piece you may want to have. Its minimalist allure can complete your exceptional look wherever you go. 

Celtic Knot Infinity Symbol 

The Celtic Knot represents continuity and the cycle of life that never ends. This mystical pattern might be either simple or quite complicated, with several intertwining knots and no clear end. For someone who cherishes symbols with a deep cultural heritage, a Celtic Knot is an ideal choice. 

Check out this Celtic knot infinity jewelry for your simple style: 

celtic knot infinity necklace
Minimalist Celtic Knot Necklace. See it here. 

Do you want something simple and meaningful? This minimalist Celtic Knot necklace is for you! The shiny surface of the pendant adds a touch of elegance to your outfit. 

Infinity Cross Symbol 

An infinity sign with a cross might be the best option for religious wearers. The infinity cross is a symbol of religious belief. It serves as a constant reminder of your dedication to your faith. The lemniscate can be draped over the cross or can be a part of the infinity symbol. Still, both symbols signify the same thing. 

Check out this cross infinity jewelry that can represent your faith: 

infinity cross pendant
Infinity Cross Necklace with Cubic Zirconia. See it here

The cross pendant is adorned with cubic zirconia gems and an infinity symbol. This sterling silver necklace will light up your look and is perfect to pair with your favorite dress or blouse. So why not add this to your sparkling collection? 

Double Infinity Symbol 

The double infinity symbol features two lemniscates wrapped around one another, much like the Celtic Knot. Double infinity symbols, which stand for “double absoluteness,” convey the idea of a couple standing by each other for the rest of their life. 

Double infinity meanings also allude to the beauty of balance or completeness because of their symmetrical design. 

Check out these double infinity jewelry you might like: 

dainty double infinity bracelet
Dainty Double Infinity Bracelet. See it here.

This very simple bracelet is perfect for a subtle and everyday style. The thin metal chain gives a comfortable fit with no overwhelming details. So the next time you go out, you can wear this without worrying about drawing too much attention. 

Mobius Double Infinity Bracelet
Mobius Double Infinity Bracelet. See it here.

The infinity concept is truly represented by this role-style bracelet. Aside from the intertwining double infinity centerpiece, the bracelet chain itself somehow looks like a row of infinity symbols linked together. Ain’t this a perfect gift for an everlasting promise? 

Heart Infinity Symbol 

A necklace with an infinity sign and a heart represents unending, boundless love. It is symbolized by an infinity surrounding a heart. 

The heart infinity sign doesn’t always imply that there is another person involved, unlike the double infinity symbol. It can indicate that someone is a genuine romantic who is prepared to give their all to their partner. 

Check out this heart infinity accessory that you might want to wear or gift to a special someone: 

heart infinity necklaces
Dainty Baguette Heart Infinity Necklace. See it here.

This bejeweled heart infinity necklace is a wonderful accessory for a simple and elegant look. The pendant also has two baguette-shaped gems that add uniqueness to the overall design. 

Swedish Malin Infinity Symbol 

The Swedish Malin forms a lemniscate out of a bent arrow, which is a creative interpretation of the infinity symbol. It represents the journey of life with its head going in one direction and its feathers pointing in another.  

Sometimes, taking a few steps back is necessary to advance. The Swedish Malin serves as a reminder that setbacks frequently serve as stepping stones to success.  

Check out this beautiful Malin-designed jewelry piece: 

swedish malin infinity pendant
Malin Infinity Arrow Necklace. See it here.

Intricately designed, this Malin infinity necklace is handcrafted for a sleek and simple style. As the arrow symbolizes a courageous spirit and determination towards a goal, this necklace can serve as an appreciation of a woman’s perseverance and strength despite the battles in her life. 

Name Infinity Symbols 

People who opt for the infinity sign can engrave the names of their loved ones or their own inside one of the symbol’s loops. Similar to the heart infinity symbol, this pattern may allude to passionate, eternal love. 

An infinite symbol with names, or name infinity necklace, typically signifies the eternal tie between the individuals whose names are added to the infinity sign, making it more intimate than a plain infinity heart or infinity cross. 

Check out these two infinity necklaces and choose which one you prefer to have or to give: 

Custom Infinity Necklace with Names and Date
Custom Infinity Necklace with Names and Date. See it here. 

This pattern may stand for passionate, eternal love, much as the heart infinity symbol. It is a special gift a groom could give to his bride before or after the wedding or as an anniversary present. You can also engrave a specific date that has a significant meaning to your relationship or friendship. 

infinity with name design
Custom Infinity Necklace with Name. See it here.

You’re single? Or maybe you just want to gift someone a personalized infinity piece? This custom-made infinity necklace can be designed with a name on one loop and a cute symbol on another. It is an elegant jewelry piece that is not too flashy to wear every day. 

History of the Infinity Symbol 

Originally, figure 8 turned sideways was everything that the infinity symbol looked like. Before the mathematician John Wallis gave it significance in 1655, it could be seen in several paintings but had no meaningful symbolism.  

The lemniscate, from which the design stems, stands for the mathematical concept of infinity. Given that the infinity symbol resembles a lovely bow, it makes sense that the word lemniscate comes from a Latin word that means ‘decorated with ribbons.’  

Like a circle, the infinity shape has no beginning or end and is split into two halves. The infinity symbol has consequently grown to represent numerous ideas over time. 

Wrapping Up 

Did you enjoy learning more about infinity symbols? Wearing infinity jewelry is just one way to express yourself through fashion. Now, it’s time to choose the infinity design that appeals to you and wear it with pride! 

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