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7 Best Places to Sell Your Diamond Jewelry Online

Most people tend to sell their diamond jewelry at a time of transition or upheaval – after a divorce, a breakup, a death, when we’re strapped for cash, when ...

Reve Diamonds Review – Why Buy Your Engagement Ring at Reve’s?

Reve Diamonds’ reputation has been growing in the jewelry world ever since they started working with non-trade customers in 2014. They have two showrooms in ...

Where to Buy Lab-Created Diamonds – 7 Best Vendors Revealed

Lab-created diamonds offer a great alternative to mined diamonds – they’re more affordable, more ethically produced, and are just as beautiful as their mined ...

Symbols of Courage and Resilience Used in Jewelry

Courage is not the absence of fear.  Instead, it is the ability to keep going in the face of that fear, and despite knowing the risks that come along ...

Costco Jewelry Review – Buy or Avoid?

There are lots of places to shop for jewelry today, whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring for your loved one or for an everyday set of ...

Push Present Jewelry Gifts That She’ll Actually Love

Push presents serve as beautiful reminders of childbirth and how much a woman is loved and appreciated by her partner, family, and friends. One of the most ...

What Are Atocha Coins Used in Jewelry?

Atocha coins may look like worthless old pieces of metal to a less knowledgeable person, but to anyone who knows about antiques and history, these are ...

Meaningful Symbols of Freedom in Jewelry

Freedom is a basic human right and one that people have been fighting for since ancient times. While freedom can mean different things to different people, ...

Jadeite vs. Nephrite – What’s the Difference?

While we tend to think of all jade as the same, there are two main types of jade – nephrite and jadeite. They may look similar at a glance, but these two ...

Powerful Symbols of Rebirth in Jewelry

Symbols of rebirth have existed since ancient times, embodying the idea that life is cyclical - with death comes rebirth. While rebirth can refer to ...

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