11 Beautiful Ruby Jewelry Gift Ideas (For Her)

If you’re thinking of buying your loved one a piece of ruby jewelry, you couldn’t have picked a more apt stone.

Rubies symbolize passion, love and desire. So they make meaning gifts for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion between two people.

If you’re born in July, count yourself lucky as rubies are your birthstone. Giving this ‘king of gemstones’ as a gift for a July baby is a special touch and sure to be appreciated and treasured. Ruby is also the gemstone chosen to commemorate 40th wedding anniversaries.

Regardless of the occasion, we outline our top 11 ruby jewelry gift ideas.

Ruby Jewelry Gifts

1. A Floral Arrangement

Ruby Earrings
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These beautiful earrings are crafted by combining rubies and diamonds, set in 18K white gold. Ideal for a formal occasion or to jazz up a casual outfit, dazzle with these simple yet stylish ruby flowers.

2. A Little Halo

Red ruby pendant
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While the diamond may seem like the center piece in this design, the rubies are what keep it all together with its neat circle of color.

3. Minimalist Ruby Ring

Ruby Dainty Baguette Stacking Ring
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This minimalist ruby ring is set in a simple gold band with a few cubic zirconia to add some sparkle. The ring is ideal for stacking or as a delicate stand-alone item. Durable enough for daily wear, with the ruby protected in a secure setting, this design will suit any hand.

4. Boldly Red

Red ruby ring
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The ruby in this three-stone ring stands out against its 18K white gold setting, with the two accent diamonds to add contrast to the colors. The sturdy prongs hold the ruby securely reducing the risk of the gemstone falling out, making it a great design for every day wear.

5. Sparkling Red

ruby ring in white gold
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This round cut solitaire pendant is eye-catching and beautifully designed. The small diamond above the ruby adds sparkle to the ruby’s vivid hue. It may seem small, but this pendant makes a statement.

6. Vintage Charm

victorian inspired ruby ring in gold setting
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This Victorian-styled elaborate ruby ring features floral-inspired motifs and small side diamonds. It’s a one-of-a-kind rare find, as are most antiques.

7. Elegant Twisting Ruby Ring

infinity twist ruby ring
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This stylish contemporary design combines a plain with an eternity band to create a unique, twisting look. The ruby is highlighted at the center.

8. Sunburst Elaborate Ruby Ring

starburst ruby ring with diamonds
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Elaborate, with a vintage touch, this ring was inspired by Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring. The faceted ruby in the center catches the light and sparkles softly against a diamond and gold halo. Although the ruby rises in the center, seemingly unprotected, the large halo surrounding it offers protection from knocks and bumps.

9. Ruby and Brass

ruby in gold earrings
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Two tiny rubies and a brass setting work harmoniously together to bring out the best in each other in this unique, ethnic design.

10. Ruby and Rose Gold

ruby pendant with rose gold
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This pendant is proof that pink and red do go well together. The blush pink tones of the rose gold slowly transition into the vivid red ruby in this minimalist design.

11. Ruby Claddagh Ring

claddagh ring design
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The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish design full of symbolism: The hands stand for friendship, the heart symbolises love and the crown is a symbol of loyalty.

A Claddagh ring is often given as a gift for a loved one or to close friends. It is the perfect promise ring and makes for an excellent engagement or wedding ring.

Because red is the common symbol of love and passion, the intense hue of the ruby adds an extra touch to the symbolism of this beautiful ring.

Why Choose a Ruby?

Trillion Shaped Ruby Engagement Ring

You cannot go wrong with a ruby as your choice of gemstone. Although rubies are generally expensive, they can be an investment stone. What makes a ruby such a good choice when it comes to colored gemstones? Here are a few reasons:

1. Ruby Durability

Rubies are second only to diamonds in terms of durability. Ranking at 9 on the Mohs scale, this stone is very hard and does not easily scratch. This means that rubies generally make very good everyday gemstones.

They can be worn in high exposure jewelry items such as rings and bracelets and can stand up to rough wear and tear. They are very tough and contain no cleavage, which is the tendency to chip, break or crack. Not only this, but rubies also resist damage from heat, chemicals and light very well.

2. Ruby Rarity

Ruby is an extremely rare stone. In fact, they are much rarer than diamonds and often much more valuable. The conditions in nature have to be very precise for a ruby to be formed. This doesn’t happen often but when it does the resulting ruby is a wonder of nature.

3. Prestige of Rubies

garnet earrings with floral style
Rubies are prestigious gemstones. See these here.

The ruby is a prestigious stone. Throughout history, it has been coveted and sought after by everyone, including royalty and the nobility. It is not by chance that the ruby is called ‘the king of gemstones’ in Sanskrit.

This gemstone has been held in high esteem by all people from all over the world. Very few gemstones have this position so owning a ruby comes with a touch of class.

4. Gender Neutral

Some gemstones just don’t look good on the opposite sex. Morganite is one such example. It is a very feminine and pretty stone and rarely looks good on a man.

However, ruby is a gender-neutral gemstone and looks equally stunning on a man or a woman, depending on the design of the piece.

For men, rubies are often crafted into masculine, large rings for a serious and manly look. For women, rubies are crafted into a range of jewelry types.

5. Ruby and Metals

Vintage ruby ring
Ruby goes well with most metals. See this here.

Ruby goes well with most metals. It is an especially stunning set in silver-hued metals such as platinum or white gold and looks modern and contemporary. However, the ruby set in yellow gold has a vintage charm about it.

With regard to rose gold, there is a general contention that red and pink don’t go well together. But ruby and rose gold is often combined to create unique pieces. And the two pair well for a harmonious color match.

Which metal you choose depends on your preferences and priorities. For durability, platinum is supreme. But when it comes to price and value, gold reigns. Silver is a good choice for costume or fashion jewelry as it is affordable and can be found in elaborate and different designs.

Ruby and Skin Tone

Generally, there are three types of skin tones – warm, neutral and cool. Read our article on skin tones for more detailed information.

But in a nutshell, what this means is that certain colors look better with certain skin tones. Ruby is considered best paired with cool skin tones, as it stands out against the skin and looks vibrant.

However, as mentioned above, there are no rules in the fashion world, only guidelines. If you think it looks good on you, it really doesn’t matter what color theory says.

Natural Ruby vs. Synthetic Ruby

ruby engagement ring on hand

When shopping for ruby jewelry, you will come across pieces that seem much too affordable to be actual rubies. As we know, rubies are pricey stones, so if the price of the jewelry seems too good to be true, it’s probably because the stone used is either synthetic or simulant.

A lab-created (synthetic) ruby is made of the same elements as a mined ruby. The only difference is that it was created in a lab using science and technology by humans.

The other option is ruby simulants. These are look-alike stones that are identical to rubies, but on the close investigation are something else entirely, such as glass or garnet. These will be much more affordable than synthetic stones and often do not have the exact vivid hues of rubies.

Understanding these differences will ensure that you don’t inadvertently buy the wrong type of ruby for your jewelry. Always read the descriptions carefully and check with your vendor.

Purchasing Ruby Jewelry

Regardless of your reasons for choosing ruby jewelry, pick a piece that has been well-crafted and designed. The stone should come with a certificate of authenticity if it is a natural stone.

Also, any treatments that may have been done to the stone must be indicated on the certificate or disclosed to you by the vendor. If the stone is synthetic, the vendor must tell you this. If unsure, ask the vendor for information about the origin of the stone.

You don’t want to be paying the price of a natural stone for a synthetic or simulant one. This is why it’s important to make sure that you purchase from a reputable vendor. Check the after-sales policies, as well as resizing and returns. Check out our article on where to buy rubies online.

Wrapping Up

Ruby is one of the best gemstones to give as gifts. And because these come in a range of budgets, from simulants to authentic rubies, there’s a style out there for every pocket. With their symbolism, durability, beautiful color, and versatility, you can’t go wrong with a ruby jewelry gift.

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