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Low Profile Engagement Rings – A Complete Guide

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How important is the height of your ring setting? Does it have any distinct pros and cons? While this isn’t something we might think about when buying our engagement rings, it is in fact an important consideration.

Low profile engagement rings are stylish and functional and give the wearer a different experience to high profile rings. They’re perfect for the modern woman who lives an active lifestyle.

Here’s why.

What is a Low Profile Engagement Ring?

Low setting engagement ring

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Although high profile engagement rings tend to be very popular, thanks largely to the classic prong setting by Tiffany & Co., low settings have always been a popular design choice with many antique rings featuring low profile designs. 

Low profile (or low set) engagement rings feature a setting that sits low in the ring’s band. The head of the ring, which holds the diamond or other gemstone, sits close to your finger instead of being held up into the air. Popular low set ring designs include bezel, prong and halo settings, with a variety of stones, cuts and shapes.

Not every stone is meant to sit in a low setting, as the depth of the stone impacts the height of the setting. If the stone has a long girdle, the setting will need to be higher to suit the stone.  

Because low profile engagement rings sit low on the band, designs like cathedral settings which have arches that hold the center stone up high, aren’t suitable for low profile rings.

Why Choose a Low Profile Engagement Ring?

There are many reasons that make a low set engagement ring very desirable. For one thing, low profile ring settings are highly convenient to wear as they don’t snag on everyday objects. Because the center stone sits flush against your skin, there’s less likelihood of the stone catching on fabric, hair or other items. This makes it a functional option, especially if you use your hands a lot.

On the other hand, high profile rings can pose a hazard to people who work in certain fields, like nurses and doctors who wear gloves for work and physically handle other people, or those who work with various tools. A protruding ring could catch on skin and tools, causing harm and damage.

So bottom line? If you lead an active lifestyle, a low profile ring is the better option for you.

Another benefit is that low profile rings provide more security for your center stone as the stone is less likely to hit against hard surfaces. This provides an added layer of security for an expensive diamond or gemstone.

As a couple of our readers put it:

Kayla: High settings never suited my lifestyle because I wear my rings all the time. I’m not one of those persons who remember to take off their ring when going to the gym or washing the dishes. This is why I’ve always worn low set engagement rings.

Jenny: My high set ring makes it so hard for me to put on latex gloves at work! It wasn’t something I ever thought about when buying my ring. I just wear it for special occasions for now but we’re planning to buy a low-set bezel ring down the track.

On the flip side, a low set ring may not have the same elegance and sophistication of a high setting. It also doesn’t highlight the diamond or gemstone as much as a high setting would, and some users find that the brilliance of the diamond is slightly reduced, as the diamond is set next to the band which can reduce light performance.  

Types of Low Profile Engagement Ring Designs

There are many ring designs that come with a low profile, including popular options like halo, three stone, bezel and prong. Here are some of our favorite low profile ring settings:

Channel setting engagement ring

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Halo low-setting engagement ring closeup

Twisted Diamond Engagement Ring with Pave Shank. Check Price Here.

Low setting bezel engagement ring

Classic Bezel Solitaire Ring with Low Profile. Check Price Here.

Three stone engagement ring

JamesAllen Engagement Rings

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Wrapping Up…

A low profile engagement ring offers many benefits to the wearer. While there’s no difference in price or the amount of options you’ll have when choosing a low profile ring setting, the main difference is in the functionality of the ring.

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference and what you’re hoping to get out of your ring. For some, nothing will replace the elegance of a high profile ring, but for others, the practicality and style of a low setting makes it worth it.

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