What is the Euro Shank Ring and Why Choose It?

If you’re buying a ring, one of the things to consider is the shank. From the wide range of shank types available, the Euro (or European) shank is the most unique, because it features angled edges rather than the perfect circle of traditional rings. So, why go for a squarish shank and are there any benefits to it? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Euro shanks.

What is a Euro Shank?

First things first, what is a ring’s shank? The shank refers to the band or hoop of the ring and is an important part of the ring’s design. The shank impacts not just the beauty and appearance of the ring but also its fit and comfort. There are a wide range of ring shanks to choose from and the Euro shank is one of them. The image below shows the elements of a ring, including the shank.

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Elements of a ring

Now compare that with the ring below. Notice how the edges are squared off or flattened rather than being entirely round.

Euro shank ring with diamond

But this square bottom is only on the outer edge of the ring, as the inner circle remains perfectly round. So, when you wear it, it feels exactly like a regular ring. But the difference comes in how the ring interacts with the rest of your fingers.

Most people find that the Euro shank a little strange at the start. You’ll definitely notice the difference. I know I did! But once you start wearing it and getting used to it, it becomes really comfortable.

Euro Shank Ring Designs

It can be difficult to find Euro shank rings on most engagement ring retail stores as this shank style is not as in demand as other types. If you can’t find the Euro shank style you’re looking for, you can always request it to be added to a regular ring as most rings can be modified to accommodate a Euro shank. Here are some top Euro shank ring designs to inspire you:

  1. Diamond Euro Shank Wedding Band
Euro Shank Engagement Ring
Euro Shank Engagement Ring. See it here.

The Euro shank makes for an excellent wedding band style as it can be easily and comfortably worn daily with minimal spinning. This design features a range of small melee diamonds set in a unique style along with three baguette diamonds.

  1. Men’s Euro Shank Wedding Band
men's euro shank band
Platinum euro shank band. Check price here.

Euro shanks can be crafted to feature masculine designs, making them ideal for men who want a unique looking wedding band with minimal spin factor.

  1. Vintage Style Euro Shank Engagement Ring
Vintage inspired euro shank ring
Filigree euro shank engagement ring. Check price here.

The Euro shank adapts beautifully for vintage designs and becomes an integral part of the overall design. This elaborate hand engraved diamond ring with filigree and milgrain work is extravagant and brings out the stunning shape of the ring.

  1. Rose Gold Morganite Euro Shank Ring
Rose gold euro shank
Rose gold euro shank engagement ring. Check price here.

This beautiful design embellishes the edges of the Euro shank, making it an integral part of the overall design. The ring is very top heavy, with a large 10mm morganite gemstone and elaborate setting on top. The Euro shank will help to keep it in place and prevent it from drooping.

  1. Cat-Style Euro Shank Wedding Band
Cat style euro shank ring
Cat style euro shank ring. Check price here.

This unique wedding band features four edges, imitating the ears of a cat. You’ll be able to notice the style from the top and the bottom of the ring, making it stand out from traditional rings.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Euro Shank?

So, we know how a Euro shank looks and feels, but is there any specific function to it? Turns out there is.

tanzanite platinum euro shank engagement ring
Tanzanite euro shank engagement ring. See it here.

Euro Shank Pros

  • Stops the Spinning: One of the main benefits of the Euro shank is that it keeps rings from spinning, unlike traditional round rings. A spinning ring is extremely uncomfortable and painful, especially if the center stone stabs your fingers from the sides. With a Euro shank, the square edges are thicker and angular, resulting in the ring being held in place easily. This is especially important if the ring has a large center stone and is top heavy.
  • Modern Look: The Euro shank gives any ring a modern, avant-garde look. It’s a new twist to the traditional round ring style. However, when you wear the ring, you won’t notice a big difference from other rings as the square bottom of the ring will be underneath your finger.
  • Provides Balance: The Euro shank provides balance to the ring, and ensures that the centerpiece of the ring remains at the top of the finger.
  • Comfort: Some people find the Euro shank extremely comfortable. Here’s what one of our readers wrote to us when asked about the Euro shank, “I love the Euro shank! It’s so comfortable and doesn’t spin around like other traditional rings. If I had to pick all over again, I would go for the Euro shank without question.
ruby gemstone euro shank engagement ring
Ruby euro shank engagement ring. See it here.

Euro Shank Cons

There are a couple of downsides to consider as well, when deciding on the Euro shank.

  • Uncomfortable: Some people find the shape of the Euro shank uncomfortable. If you’re not used to the feel of a ring on your finger, you may notice your Euro shank ring more than usual. Some people might find that the corners of the ring slightly touch the adjoining fingers, which can be rather annoying. However, this can be something you get used to quickly.
  • Limited Availability: Euro shank rings can be more expensive than traditional round rings because it contains more metal and requires more effort to be crafted. However, considering that you wouldn’t need to invest in things like ring guards to keep the ring from spinning, it’s well worth it.

Wrapping Up

The Euro shank design is more than just a stylish choice; it’s a fusion of form and function. If you’re fed up of a rotating ring on your finger, then this might be the perfect solution for it. It’s an elegant solution that keeps the focus on the centerpiece. Whether you’re prioritizing comfort, aesthetics, or both, a euro shank ring could be the perfect fit for you.

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