Anniversary Gems: A Guide to Symbolic Jewelry Gifts

Your wedding anniversary is a cherished day, a perfect occasion to express your love with a heartfelt gift. Gone are the days of traditional gifts like paper or wood; today, the romance of a milestone year is best captured through the timeless beauty of jewelry. Each anniversary is symbolized by a unique gemstone, offering a special way to celebrate your union.

Let’s take a look at a list of gemstones and metals for each significant anniversary, along with exquisite jewelry designs to inspire your choice.

1st Anniversary: Gold

Gold pendant
Gold love knot pendant necklace. See it here.

Gold, often linked with later anniversaries, is now a popular first-anniversary choice. It symbolizes the strong commitment and bright future of the first marriage year, contrasting the traditional paper gift’s fragility.

Choosing gold for the first anniversary puts a modern spin on tradition, showing a commitment to lasting quality and beauty from the start. Gold represents the unchanging and resilient nature of the relationship.

Simple gold bands, delicate necklaces, or elegant earrings are great choices, reflecting the first year’s purity and brightness. These gold gifts become lasting reminders of the journey started together, making the first anniversary unforgettable.

2nd Anniversary: Garnet

Garnet ring
Beautiful garnet ring . See it here.

Garnet, linked with the second wedding anniversary, represents the growing strength of a couple’s relationship after two years. Known for its deep red to orange colors, garnet stands for passion, commitment, and lasting love. It’s thought to foster warmth, devotion, and understanding, reflecting a marriage’s growth in its second year.

Giving garnet as a second anniversary gift beautifully represents a marriage getting stronger and more vibrant. Its adaptability in jewelry suits many styles, from classic garnet stud earrings to elegant pendants and rings. These pieces serve as everyday reminders of love and commitment.

Garnet’s durability also symbolizes the couple’s ongoing commitment and the resilience of their bond. Choosing garnet for the second anniversary celebrates a lasting love and looks forward to many more passionate years.

3rd Anniversary: Pearls

Fresh water pearl ring
Freshwater pearl ring. See it here.

Pearls, traditionally linked with the third wedding anniversary, are also a favored choice for the second. They symbolize purity, beauty, and the growth of a relationship, mirroring the unique journey of early marriage. Pearls, being organic and formed within mollusks, have special symbolic significance. They represent a marriage that flourishes with care and love, much like the careful formation of a pearl.

Choosing pearls for the second anniversary shows appreciation for the relationship’s beauty and uniqueness. Their soft glow and elegance make them versatile for various styles. Classic pearl necklaces, elegant earrings, or bracelets can remind couples daily of their nurturing love.

Pearls, with their timeless charm, are more than gifts; they’re treasured keepsakes, symbolizing a couple’s enduring and precious bond.

4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz

Cushion Cut Swiss Blue Topaz Ring
Cushion Cut Swiss Blue Topaz Ring. See it here.

Blue topaz, popular for second wedding anniversaries, represents clarity, communication, and calmness, key for a growing marriage. Its range of blue shades, from light to deep azure, reflects the peace and understanding vital in a young partnership. Believed to enhance harmony and support, blue topaz aligns with the foundations of a strong, nurturing relationship.

Choosing blue topaz for a second anniversary gift shows appreciation for clear communication and mutual support in marriage. Its adaptability in jewelry means it’s available in various designs, like sophisticated rings, delicate necklaces, or earrings, all symbolizing the stone’s tranquility and stability.

Giving blue topaz not only marks two years of marriage but also expresses hopes for ongoing harmony and stronger bonds in the future.

5th Anniversary: Sapphire

Sapphire baguette and diamond ring
Sapphire baguette ring with diamonds. See it here.

Blue sapphire, typically linked with the fifth anniversary, is gaining popularity for second wedding anniversaries. Known for its deep blue color, it symbolizes loyalty, truth, and sincerity, crucial in the early stages of marriage. As one of the hardest gemstones, sapphire reflects the growing strength and resilience in a couple’s relationship.

Choosing blue sapphire for a second anniversary gift shows a commitment to lasting love and deepening understanding. Its rich blue shade, evoking the sky and ocean, brings a sense of depth and stability, strengthening the partnership bond. Blue sapphire fits well in various jewelry styles, from classic rings to sophisticated pendants and earrings. Each piece symbolizes unwavering devotion and celebrates the journey and achievements in the marriage.

Giving blue sapphire on this anniversary goes beyond celebrating another year; it honors the relationship’s growth and the promise of ongoing unity. Its timeless elegance and meaning make blue sapphire an ideal symbol of the love and commitment characterizing the first years of marriage.

6th Anniversary: Amethyst

amethyst studs
Classic amethyst studs. See more here.

Amethyst, traditionally for the sixth anniversary, is becoming a popular choice for the second wedding anniversary. This gemstone, with its striking violet color, represents peace, tranquility, and clarity, essential as couples grow in their early years together. Known for its calming effects, amethyst helps foster emotional balance and clear thinking, supporting a harmonious relationship.

Choosing amethyst for a second-anniversary gift aims to bring calmness and stability to the marriage. Its shades, from deep, royal purple to softer tones, offer a range of styles. Amethyst’s adaptability in jewelry, whether in a sleek modern ring, a timeless pendant, or elegant earrings, makes it appealing for various preferences. These pieces aren’t just attractive; they symbolize deep love and a hope for ongoing harmony.

Giving amethyst on this anniversary goes beyond celebrating another year; it recognizes the relationship’s growth, understanding, and love. Amethyst’s serene beauty and meaning make it an ideal gemstone to honor the early, flourishing years of marriage.

7th Anniversary: Onyx

Black onyx earrings
Pear-shaped black onyx drop earrings. See them here.

Onyx, traditionally linked with later anniversaries, is now gaining popularity for second wedding anniversaries. Known for its sleek black look, onyx symbolizes strength, resilience, and lasting love. As couples face the complexities of their second year together, onyx reminds them of their relationship’s solid support.

The bold appearance of onyx makes a statement in any jewelry form, be it elegant rings, necklaces, or bracelets. Onyx pieces stand out not just for their looks but also for their deep meaning, representing a couple’s commitment to facing challenges and strengthening their bond.

Giving onyx as an anniversary gift celebrates the strength and unity forged in the early years of marriage. It signifies the couple’s lasting commitment and the resilient path they are on. With its significant symbolism and striking appearance, onyx is a fitting choice to commemorate the important milestone of the second anniversary.

8th Anniversary: Tourmaline

Tourmaline rose gold ring
Rose gold pink tourmaline ring. See it here.

Tourmaline, known for its celebration of the eighth wedding anniversary, showcases a spectrum of colors, each symbolizing the diverse aspects of a lasting marriage. Its range of shades, from bright pinks and greens to deep blues, mirrors the varied experiences that shape eight years of married life. Renowned for its versatility, tourmaline reflects the adaptability and resilience essential in a long-term partnership.

Choosing tourmaline for an eighth anniversary gift celebrates the rich diversity of married life. Its array of colors offers personalized options in jewelry, connecting with special memories or attributes in the relationship. Available in elegant rings, pendants, or bracelets, tourmaline pieces symbolize the shared journey and growth.

Giving tourmaline on this anniversary honors the marriage’s complexity, depth, and vibrancy, developed over eight years. It acknowledges the lasting bond and unique journey of the couple, making tourmaline a significant and meaningful gemstone for marking this important milestone.

9th Anniversary: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli necklace
Lapis lazuli necklace. See it here.

Lapis lazuli, a traditional ninth wedding anniversary gemstone, symbolizes wisdom, confidence, and truth – key traits in a nine-year-strong marriage. Known for its deep blue color with golden specks, this ancient stone has long been valued for its mystical beauty.

Selecting lapis lazuli for a ninth anniversary gift shows deep appreciation for the marriage’s journey and growth. Its rich blue shades, echoing the sky and ocean, represent expanding horizons and a deeper connection between partners. Lapis lazuli jewelry, whether in the form of pendants, rings, or bracelets, is not only beautiful but also meaningful. It celebrates the strength, understanding, and love that have grown over nine years, making it an ideal choice to honor this special milestone.

10th Anniversary: Diamond

Diamond stud earrings
Diamond stud earrings. See them here.

The diamond, marking the tenth wedding anniversary, symbolizes the strong, resilient, and committed partnership of a decade-long marriage. As the hardest natural substance, diamonds represent an unbreakable bond and the lasting love that has grown over ten years.

Their brilliance and elegance mirror the couple’s journey, filled with growth, challenges, and achievements. Choosing a diamond for a tenth-anniversary gift celebrates the relationship’s enduring nature. Classic diamond rings, elegant earrings, or stunning necklaces all testify to a couple’s lasting connection.

A diamond gift not only honors ten years of marriage but also looks forward with hope and excitement. The diamond’s unmatched beauty and strength make it the perfect symbol to commemorate a decade of shared love and devotion.

15th Anniversary: Ruby

Tree Of Life Kashmir Red Ruby Gemstone Pendant
Tree Of Life Kashmir Red Ruby Gemstone Pendant. See it here.

The ruby, celebrated as the 15th wedding anniversary gemstone, stands for the passion, strength, and commitment that mark fifteen years of marriage. Its vibrant red color, often linked to the heart and love, perfectly honors a long-lasting and loving union. As one of the hardest gemstones next to diamonds, the ruby symbolizes the resilience and strength a couple builds over fifteen years.

The ruby celebrates the continuous love and ongoing passion in the relationship. Its deep red color and shine make it a favorite for various jewelry, like elegant rings, necklaces, and striking earrings. Giving a ruby for this milestone not only marks fifteen years together but also represents a promise for ongoing passion and connection in future years.

20th Anniversary: Emerald

Emerald earrings
Emerald earrings. See it here.

The emerald, a traditional 20th wedding anniversary gemstone, represents the strength and growth of a twenty-year marriage. Its deep green color stands for renewal and mature love, capturing the essence of a long-lasting relationship. This gemstone, linked to rebirth and vitality, mirrors the ongoing strengthening of the marital bond.

The emerald the continuous commitment and love in the marriage. Its vibrant color and uniqueness make it a perfect choice for anniversary jewelry, including elegant rings, pendants, or earrings.

Giving an emerald for this anniversary honors twenty years together and looks forward to future years with hope and excitement. It symbolizes the lasting love, wisdom, and resilience that a two-decade-long marriage embodies.

25th Anniversary: Silver or Tsavorite

Tsavorite sterling silver ring
Sterling silver tsavorite ring. See it here.

Silver, a classic symbol for the 25th wedding anniversary, represents a marriage’s brightness and purity after twenty-five years. Its shiny appearance mirrors the clarity, strength, and resilience developed in a long-term relationship. Known for its versatility and lasting appeal, silver signifies the adaptable and enduring nature of a lasting marriage.

On the other hand, tsavorite, a rare and vivid green gemstone, is becoming a trendy pick for the 25th anniversary. It stands for the growth, prosperity, and vitality of a quarter-century-old marriage. The uniqueness and bright color of tsavorite make it a special gift, signifying a love that is both exceptional and thriving.

Choosing either silver’s classic beauty or tsavorite’s vibrant rarity is a fitting way to honor a 25th anniversary. Both celebrate the lasting commitment, shared journey, and bright future of a marriage that has achieved this significant milestone.

30th Anniversary: Pearl Jubilee

Black Tahitian pearls
Black Tahitian south sea pearl earrings. See them here.

Pearl was the gemstone for the third anniversary, and it comes again on the 30th. The layers of nacre in pearls symbolize your marriage and the love that’s grown over time. This substance is what gives a pearl its luminescence. If you bought a simple piece of pearl jewelry for the third-anniversary gift, now it’s time to go for something bigger and better. You can also try different colors since there are many more options other than white.

Pearls, representing purity, wisdom, and calm, are ideal for the 30th wedding anniversary. Pearls symbolize the unique beauty and rarity of a lasting union, perfectly celebrating three decades of love and shared experiences.

35th Anniversary: Emerald

Emerald Solitaire Ring
Emerald Solitaire Ring. See it here.

Emerald is also the gemstone for the 20th wedding anniversary. There are numerous emerald jewelry options available on the market, especially if your significant other was born in May since it’s also the May birthstone.

The emerald stands for enduring love and continuous renewal, mirroring a relationship’s growth over thirty-five years. The emerald’s vibrant shade and rarity symbolize a marriage’s lasting beauty and resilience.

40th Anniversary: Ruby

14K Gold Ruby Bracelet
14K Gold Ruby Bracelet. See it here.

Ruby is also the gemstone for the 15th anniversary. The ruby, known for its deep red hue, signifies the 40th wedding anniversary. It represents the lasting passion and commitment of a marriage spanning four decades.

The ruby’s intense color reflects the deep and enduring love, ideal for celebrating forty years of unity and devotion. You can change things up by choosing a different type of jewelry featuring ruby, this time around. Consider pairing rubies with diamonds for a balance of sparkle and color.

45th Anniversary: Sapphire

Five Stones Blue Sapphire Hoop Earring
Five Stones Blue Sapphire Hoop Earring. See it here.

Sapphire, characterized by its deep blue color, is perfect for the 45th wedding anniversary. It symbolizes loyalty, integrity, and depth, qualities nurtured over forty-five years of marriage. The sapphire’s lasting beauty and elegance make it a symbol of a mature, deepened relationship, reflecting the wisdom and strength gathered over a long shared journey.

If you couldn’t get your significant other sapphire jewelry 40 years back, now’s the time to make up for it. If you did get her a classic sapphire piece then, you can always choose another piece to complement what she already has. You can also go for a completely new piece of sapphire jewelry in a different color.

50th Anniversary: Golden Jubilee

Being married for half a century is a brilliant achievement and you probably have numerous beautiful memories with your significant other. Gold jewelry was most likely your first-anniversary gift and as a symbol of timelessness, it’s associated with the 50th anniversary as well. If you’re looking for a ‘gold’ gemstone to gift your significant other on this special day, consider golden south sea pearls. These are among the largest pearls produced today, valued for their natural, golden tones.

Gold represents the precious, enduring aspects of a marriage that has lasted fifty years. Its lasting shine and resistance to wear mirror the beauty and resilience of such a long-standing relationship. Gold embodies the wisdom, strength, and strong commitment gained from half a century together, making it an ideal symbol for this milestone.

55th Anniversary: Alexandrite

synthetic alexandrite and diamond ring in rose gold
Gorgeous synthetic alexandrite ring. See it here.

Alexandrite is an excellent gemstone to gift your significant other on your wedding anniversary and make her feel like royalty. After all, it was named after a Russian czar. The most unique feature of alexandrite is the way it changes color under various light sources.

For the 55th anniversary, alexandrite is a unique choice, known for its color-changing ability. This gemstone shifts from green in daylight to red under incandescent light, symbolizing the adaptability and ongoing harmony in a fifty-five-year marriage. Alexandrite’s rarity and color-changing feature make it a special and meaningful gemstone for this anniversary.

60th Anniversary – Diamond

Diamond Wedding Band
Diamond Wedding Band. See it here.

Reaching the 60th wedding anniversary is an outstanding achievement and one that not many couples get to experience. Diamonds represent the 60th wedding anniversary, symbolizing enduring love, strength, and lasting brilliance. Being one of the hardest materials, they reflect the strong and unbreakable nature of a sixty-year marriage. Their timeless elegance and beauty make diamonds a perfect way to honor six decades of love, partnership, and shared life experiences.

Now would be a great time to upgrade from the diamond jewelry you gave her on your 10th anniversary and splurge on a stunning piece. It may also be time for other loved ones in your life, such as your children or grandchildren, to show you their love with a unique gift of diamond jewelry on this special day.  

Wrapping Up

Gemstones for anniversaries go beyond being mere gifts; they symbolize and reflect a marriage’s journey. Each stone, unique in color, characteristics, and history, highlights important milestones and honors the growth, strength, and love in a relationship.

Whether for the first or sixtieth anniversary, selecting the right gemstone transforms the celebration into a lasting tribute to enduring love and shared life moments.

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