What’s a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring?

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Hidden halo engagement rings are a subtle, stylish design that have been growing in popularity of late. It’s similar to the traditional halo setting, with a couple of differences that make it appear completely different.

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If you’re looking for a less common engagement ring style, consider the hidden halo setting. It’s stylish, modern and offers a twist on a traditional design. Here’s what you need to know about hidden halo rings.

What is a hidden halo ring setting?

Girl holding oval hidden halo ring
Oval Diamond Hidden Halo by Best Brilliance. Check Price Here.
Halo engagement ring setting
Oval Diamond Standard Halo Ring. Check Price Here.

From the top view, a hidden halo ring setting may look just like a regular solitaire ring. But from any other angle, you’ll be able to notice the hidden halo, which makes this setting very unique.

A hidden halo setting features a diamond halo located just under the center stone. It doesn’t frame the center stone as standard halo settings do, but rather it sits beneath the stone, like a base for the center stone.

When viewed from above, you may not notice a halo at all, but when viewed in profile, a hidden halo can make an engagement ring look stunning.

Hidden halo ring designs

There are many variations to the hidden halo setting. While the most common design is to have the halo just beneath the girdle of the diamond, some hidden halo settings feature the halo at the base of the setting, just where the prongs begin to extend upwards. Others feature a scalloped halo that goes around the midway point of the diamond. The overall concept, however, remains the same – a circle of diamonds placed at some point beneath the girdle of the diamond.

Here are some stunning hidden halo settings:

Scalloped hidden halo engagement ring
Hidden Halo with Micropave Setting. Check Price Here.
Hidden halo engagement ring closeup
Hidden Halo at Base of Ring Setting. Check Price Here.
Sapphire hidden halo ring setting
Hidden Sapphire Halo with Cathedral Setting. Check Price Here.
Hidden halo engagement ring design
Princess Diamond Hidden Halo Solitaire Ring. Check Price Here.

Why choose a hidden halo setting?

You might be wondering what difference a hidden halo makes if it’s hidden. What’s more, does it offer any benefits over a standard traditional halo? It turns out the hidden halo offers several benefits that makes it a great choice:

  1. A hidden halo often combines the simplicity of a solitaire ring with the more elaborate, sparkling look of a halo setting. From the top, your ring looks like a standard solitaire, but from the side it looks more elaborate. With this ring design, you get a setting that has a different style based on how you view it.
  2. Hidden halo settings can make your center diamond appear larger than it is, especially when viewed at an angle. The diamonds accentuate the center stone and draw the eye towards it. The halo also adds sparkle and detail to an often-overlooked part of the ring setting.
  3. If your diamond has any visible inclusions in the pavilion area, a hidden halo would be an excellent way to mask the inclusion without reducing the beauty or sparkle of the diamond. This may also allow you to drop down on the clarity scale, thereby saving you money.
  4. The hidden halo is a versatile style, working well with a range of ring settings, like solitaire, channel and most other setting styles. You can get creative with this style, mixing metals and using different gemstone shapes and colors. For example, you could opt for a hidden halo set in a different colored metal to contrast with the main setting color.
  5. Although they look sophisticated and very unique, hidden halo ring settings are about the same price as a regular halo ring. This means that you can get a unique style at a reasonable price.

Is a hidden halo ring hard to clean?

Hidden halos can be harder to clean than some other settings because of the difficult to reach areas that they have. Depending on the exact type of setting, some hidden halos are harder to clean than others. The diamonds can get dirt stuck behind or under them and reaching in there with a brush or a cloth can be difficult.

You can use an ultrasonic cleaner to get those hard to reach areas cleaned but ensure that the ring setting is structurally sound and durable to withstand the intense vibrations of the ultrasonic cleaner. It’s best to check with your jeweler if this is suitable for your ring.

Should I choose a hidden halo ring setting?

A hidden halo is a stylish, modern choice and perfect if you want something a little bit different. However, finding hidden halo rings can be difficult, as it’s not a common design.

We recommend checking out Blue Nile’s small but stylish collection of hidden halo ring designs, each of which are very different from the other. Blue Nile has a solid track record and is one of the oldest retailers and are highly reputable. Click here to check their range of diamond halo ring settings

Etsy also offers a good range of diamond and moissanite hidden halo ring settings. There’s a wide range to choose from and each retailer is different from the next, so take some time to vet the retailer and the quality of the product. Click here to browse Etsy’s hidden halo ring settings

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