Russian Wedding Rings – What You Need to Know

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Russian wedding rings, also known as rolling, trio, or trinity rings, are a wedding ring design that was first popularized over a hundred years ago.

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This seemingly complex, yet simple style, can be customized in many ways and offers the wearer a lot of versatility. Moreover, it’s comfortable to wear and looks stunning on any finger.

Let’s take a look at why Russian wedding rings are an excellent choice and why they remain popular over a hundred years on.

What is a Russian Wedding Ring?

Open Russian wedding rings
Aligned Russian wedding ring
Russian wedding ring – aligned and spread. By Inbar Fine Jewelry. See this ring here.

A Russian wedding ring is made of three thin metal bands interlocked to create a single ring. This type of ring design was traditionally used as wedding rings but was worn on the right hand as per the culture of the country. In Russian culture, the wedding ring finger is on the right hand which is why these rings became associated with right-hand rings.

Traditionally, each of the three bands is made of a different metal color – typically yellow, white, and rose gold, with no stones or other details.

However, today, Russian wedding rings come in a range of designs, with some designs displaying just one or two colors, as well as various added elements such as engravings, diamonds, or gemstones.

Why is it Called a Russian Wedding Ring?

Although this ring design is known by several names, including rolling and trinity rings, it’s most commonly known as a Russian wedding ring. This is because the design first appeared in 19th-century Russia where it became a popular wedding ring option.

Since then, the design of three interlocked wedding bands has become globally popular and an excellent option for a meaningful ring choice. Today, they’re not only worn in Russia but are a favorite among Russian couples specifically.

Rather, they’re chosen by couples who want a meaningful ring design that’s lasted the test of time and still remains a classic.

Russian Wedding Ring Symbolism

Russian rolling wedding rings closeup
Trio rolling ring. See it here.

Russian wedding rings are typically seen as representing the Holy Trinity of Christianity, where the three bands represent the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. If you are religious, this meaning would hold the most value for you.

However, like three-stone ring settings, Russian wedding rings can also be interpreted in a number of ways.  

The three bands could represent the Past, Present, and Future of the couple, denoting each special stage of their journey.

The design can also indicate the values of Friendship, Love, and Fidelity, traits that are essential for any successful relationship. For some, it can represent the concept of family, with the bands standing for Father, Mother, and Child.

You can customize the meaning that you believe a Russian wedding ring best represents by attributing the concepts most valuable to you to the three bands.  

Wearing a Russian Wedding Ring

Girl wearing Russian wedding ring
Silver Russian wedding ring by Meberr. See it here.

While Russian wedding rings are typically chosen for weddings, they can also be worn to commemorate other occasions, like a new birth, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day, or graduation. They’re also perfect as promise or commitment rings, divorce rings, and motivation rings.

In terms of how they feel when you wear them, Russian wedding rings are surprisingly comfortable to wear. While they might appear complicated and bulky, they’re actually very comfortable and stylish.

If you have large knuckles, Russian wedding rings are perfect because they slide easily over your knuckle if you align them, but once on your finger, they spread slightly to fit your finger. This reduces the possibility of your ring spinning and gives you a comfortable fit.

Types of Russian Wedding Rings

Russian wedding rings come in a range of styles. Popular options include:

With the new trend of stacking wedding rings becoming very popular, Russian wedding rings are back in the limelight because they give you a stacked look without losing the symbolism of a single wedding ring. Also, as the style can be customized in a myriad of ways, it’s a favorite choice for a unique wedding ring style.

Another point to note is that if you have large fingers, this design provides good coverage in a stylish way. For someone with short or petite fingers, choose a trio ring with thin bands for the best look.

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