How to Choose the Best New Mom Jewelry (Push Gift Ideas)

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Becoming a mother for the first time is exciting, scary, and full of joy! While a new mom would love a bit of extra sleep and some pampering, a beautiful carefully chosen gift is always welcome. Known as push gifts, these presents mark the happy occasion of giving birth.

Here we outline the best new mom jewelry ideas.

New Mom Gift, a.k.a. Push Gifts

Push gifts are given to new mothers to mark the happy occasion of their child’s birth. This practice is growing and it’s a nice way to acknowledge the birth of the little one and the amazing job done by the mother.

Most new moms don’t expect a gift and so it can be a nice surprise to commemorate the special occasion.

When to Give a New Mom a Jewelry Gift?

This is up to you and depends on what you think the new mom will appreciate best. You can opt to give your jewelry gift just before the delivery or just after. Some like to give the present in the delivery room itself.

Why Give a New Mom a Jewelry Gift?

Couple with new born baby, dad thinking of giving push gift

Unlike an engagement ring or a wedding ring, there’s no expectation for a new mom gift. It’s not expected of anyone but it’s a nice touch and a nice way to mark the special occasion.

This piece of jewelry can become an heirloom, to be passed down through the generations. For example, if you receive a beautiful ring as a new mom gift, that would be perfect to pass down to your child at a coming-of-age occasion or for an engagement.

The opportunities for symbolism, meaning, and family history are endless with a special gift like this.

While there are many other types of new mom gifts, like perfume, a spa treatment, makeup, or clothes, a jewelry gift is one that’s going to last through the years.

So choosing the right gift becomes really important.

How to Choose the Right New Mom Jewelry Gift

When choosing a jewelry gift for a new mom, consider the following factors:

1. Her style

Is she into loud, bold jewelry or more understated, everyday pieces? Is she maximalist or minimalist? Chic, classic, boho, or hippie?

2. Her colors

Does she like the colorlessness of diamonds or does she gravitate towards more colorful gemstones like aquamarine and amethyst?

3. Her size

No, not her size but the size of jewelry she likes to wear.

4. Her metals

Some love yellow gold and others go for silver-hued metals. Still, others go for alternative colors like rose gold, black gold, or copper and brass hues.

5. Her type

Some women love rings, while others can’t stand them. Some prefer necklaces, while others don’t like the feeling of a chain around their neck. What type of jewelry does she normally wear?

Take cues from the jewelry she already wears. And new moms, you can start dropping hints to your loved ones before you deliver so that they know what to get for you.

The general rule of thumb is to go for a unique yet classic style that will be cherished years down the line.

Our Favorite Jewelry Picks for New Moms

So we scoured the web to come up with the following ** ideas that any new mom would fall in love with. Here we go:

1. Actual Footprint/Handprint Pendant

actual baby footprint pendant as push gift
Actual footprint necklace with name. See this here.

This is one of the best pendants we came across because it memorializes your child’s birth perfectly. It’s a stylish pendant that looks beautiful and classic and is sure to be a favorite.

The piece showcases the child’s name and birth date can be engraved on the back with a special quote and has an etching of the baby’s prints. This isn’t your best option if you want something before or on the day of the delivery. But, in our opinion, it’s worth waiting a few days for.

2. Celestial Jewelry

Star signet necklace new mom jewelry
Star signet constellation necklace. See it here.

These cute pendants feature constellations on a necklace and are a simple and sophisticated way to commemorate your baby’s birth. You can also add their initials to your necklace for a personal touch.

3. Colored Gemstone Jewelry

London Blue Topaz Stud Earrings
Blue topaz stud earrings. See them here.

Gemstones are beautiful for their natural hues and textures, but they also carry a lot of symbolism and meaning.

Two reasons to get gemstone jewelry are:

Birthstones – You can opt for a piece of jewelry made from the birthstone of your new baby. So if the baby was born in April, choose diamond jewelry, or if it’s a March baby, go for amethyst.

Baby’s Gender – If you’re quite traditional, you might like the colors blue and pink to represent boy and girl respectively. Choose blue gemstones if you’re having a boy and pink ones to mark the birth of a girl. It’s more subtle yet meaningful.

4. Morse Code Jewelry

morse code necklace new mom jewelry
Morse code necklace spelling out a name. See it here.

Morse code jewelry is perfect for a subtle, secret message that won’t immediately be clear to everyone else. Like the necklace featured above, you can opt to have gemstones to ‘spell’ out the message.

Some typical ideas would be the name of your child, the place of birth, or some quote that holds meaning to you.

5. Diamond Jewelry

Diamond stud earrings in rose gold
Stunning diamond studs. See these here.

Diamonds are durable, gorgeous, prestigious gemstones and have entered into our cultural consciousness as a ‘forever’ gemstone. So even if we do know that diamonds aren’t forever, nor that they aren’t all that rare or valuable, we still want them!

Diamond jewelry is timeless and classic. Some popular options include diamond studs, a diamond solitaire pendant, and diamond tennis bracelets.

6. Peas in a Pod Necklace

peas in a pod necklace
Pea Pod Necklace with Two White Pearls. See it here.

This cute idea of peas in a pod is perfect for a new mom who’s just had twins or who has two children now. It’s also a cute indication that mom and child are two peas in a pod. Simple yet layered with meaning.

7. Jewelry with a Quote

quotes bangle new mom jewelry
A religious quote. See this here.

A quote says it all, literally. Pick a quote or word that resonates with you and that holds meaning for you and your family. Some ideas include:

  • You are a little bit of heaven sent down to earth
  • Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart
  • Hope
  • Inspiration
  • You’re my motivation
  • Completion
  • Family
  • Love
  • Joy

How Much Should I Spend on a New Mom’s Jewelry Gift?

There is no expected amount to be spent on new mom’s jewelry gifts. This is totally up to you and the jewelry you find. The beautiful pieces we’ve featured above range from about $40 to $500. Pick your budget and purchase accordingly.

Again, it depends on your loved one’s tastes and style and what she wants to wear. At the end of the day, it’s how carefully and thoughtfully you choose the gift that will count, and not simply how much you spend on it.

If you’re looking to browse for new mom jewelry take a look at Etsy’s collection. There’s a range of styles and prices to suit everybody. Click here to start your search for your new mom jewelry. 

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