Best Graduation Jewelry Gift Ideas for Him and Her

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Graduation is one of the biggest milestones of one’s life. And most people will know at least one person who is ready to flaunt a cap and gown at some stage in their life. Graduates deserve recognition of their accomplishments as they enter into the next phase of their life.

What could be a better way to applaud their achievements than to gift them a beautiful piece of jewelry?

Buying the right graduation jewelry gift can be a difficult task but the main thing that you need to keep in mind is that your chosen gift should be meaningful and lasting! The right piece of jewelry can serve both of these purposes pretty well.

Before we explore the best graduation jewelry gift ideas, let’s have a look at things that you must keep in mind in order to ensure that they will love the gift you get them.

How to Choose the Right Graduation Gift

So how will you choose the perfect piece of graduation jewelry which will suit your new graduate’s style? The first rule to keep in mind is to choose something that they will not only wear but will also cherish.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind while selecting a fine jewelry gift:

1. Their Style

Focus more on the style, preferences, and likings of your new graduate rather than on your own choices. Just because you love a certain style of jewelry doesn’t necessarily mean that they will too.

Do they have a subtle personality, or will they like to flaunt something bright? Do they love classic pieces, or do they prefer to be a trendsetter?

Asking these questions from yourself will help you to hone in on what exactly they like.

2. Personalize It

If you want to make your gift stand out, you can choose to personalize it. Many retailers offer you endless ways of personalizing a gift. This can include getting their name, graduation date, a meaningful quote, or other personal messages engraved on the piece of jewelry.

Birthstone jewelry is also a subtle way to personalize the piece of jewelry, showing that you’ve put thought and consideration into the gift.

3. Focus on Versatility

There is perhaps no graduation jewelry gift better than the one which fits into the wardrobe of your new grad seamlessly. The one that mixes well with other jewelry pieces, but still stands apart.

If nothing looks pleasing enough to you, diamonds can be your last bet. Because no matter what, we all love diamonds, don’t we?

Graduation Gifts for Her

1. Personalized Pendant Necklace

The best way to make her feel special on her graduation is to offer a personalized jewelry gift. A personalized pendant necklace is a great jewelry gift for someone who is stepping into the next phase of their life.

Engravable infinity heart pendant
Engravable infinity heart pendant. See it here.

Engravable pendants are so versatile and give you endless scope to get creative. The most obvious engraving is to get her initials engraved on the pendant along with her graduation year.

Alternatively, you can also get a motivating quote like ‘Good Vibes’ or ‘Let the Journey Begin’ engraved, depending on their personal tastes and preferences. However, if your graduate prefers more simplicity, gifting her a pendant or charm in the shape of the graduate’s cap can also serve the purpose pretty well.

If you are looking for a graduation jewelry gift for an advanced-degree graduate, it is essential to keep their profession in mind. For instance, a doctor or nurse may not like to wear anything on their fingers. A pendant necklace ticks all the boxes.

2. Classic Pearl Strands

You can never go wrong with a strand of classic pearls when gifting a girl. She will not only love this graduation jewelry gift but would also be able to flaunt it flawlessly as she enters into professional life.

white pearls necklace as graduation gift
Classic white pearl necklace. See it here.

That said, a classic pearl strand will complement all her formal and casual wear impeccably, and this is one of the reasons why classic pearls make the best graduation gift.

black pearl necklace as graduation gift
Classic black pearl necklace. See it here.

And why stick with white? Pearls come in all colors, so if she is the type to go off the beaten track, a black strand of pearls might be more to her liking.

3. Personalized Charm Bracelet

Charms are all the rage right now as one of the trending fashion choices of the year. If you want to keep it simple while expressing your feelings, charms make a great gift idea.

Charms allow you to pick and choose what you want to focus on. You can celebrate her graduation with a congratulatory graduation charm that she can attach to a bracelet or wear around her neck.

Graduation cap and diploma charm
Graduation cap and diploma charm. See it here.

Or, if she loves to travel, a compass charm would be an excellent choice like this gorgeous charm below.

Golden compass charm as graduation jewelry gift
Gold compass charm. See it here.

Ideas for charms are endless so some careful thinking will help you pick on the right one for her.

4. Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are one piece of jewelry every girl stands by. If you are confused as to what to gift, think no further and gift her a beautiful pair of stud earrings.

Stud earrings not only complement all dresses, but are also loved by all. So, even if your new grad is a bit picky in terms of what she wears, you can be assured, that she will definitely love this one!

For a forever pair, we recommend choosing diamond stud earrings. However, if your budget is restricted, you could opt for gemstone studs and pick out her favorite gemstone.

turquoise studs graduation jewelry gift
If she loves turquoise, these are sure to delight. See them here.

Graduation Jewelry Gifts for Him

1. Stainless Steel Necklace

Alternatively, you can also express your good feelings towards him by gifting him an engraved necklace either with his initials, and graduation year, or you can get inspirational quotes like ‘good luck’ engraved.

Dog tags are popular options and have a very classic masculine look about them. A religious piece of jewelry is also a great option. For example, a cross necklace is a great choice for a Christian.

Simple cross pendant necklace
Simple cross pendant necklace. See it here.

2. Men’s Bracelet

Men’s bracelet is another good alternative that you can gift your new grad. You can either choose to keep it simple or select one with a message written on it. Bracelets with ‘Good Times Ahead’, or ‘All The Best’ are a few classic examples that make for great gifts.

Elegant matching bracelets
A very stylish bracelet for a new graduate. See it here.

3. Professional-Looking Watch

When in doubt, you can choose to gift a professional-looking watch. What’s more, you can explore a range of styles and sizes and choose the one which complements the personality of your graduate.

A watch is a signature accessory for most professionals and because it comes in a variety of styles, you can choose one to suit the personality of your graduate. Another benefit of buying a watch is that you don’t have to worry about sizing, unlike a ring.

Rose gold stainless steel watch
Rose gold stainless steel watch. See it here.

Men will love this one!

Men's classic stainless steel watch
Men’s classic stainless steel watch. See it here.

Where to Buy Graduation Jewelry Gifts

If you’re searching online, we recommend starting your search on Etsy and Amazon. These platforms have endless options to suit various budgets and styles.


For those that want something more special, unique, and handmade, Etsy has a huge assortment of artisan vendors that offer all sorts of graduation gifts. Of course, since every vendor on Etsy has its own policies and rules you might need to do a bit more digging and research, but that’s ultimately worth it in the end when you manage to find the perfect jewelry gift that your graduate will love.


As it is one of the biggest online retailers worldwide, it’s not surprising that you can find all kinds of gifts here for your graduate. Representatives from many different jewelry vendors offer their products on Amazon and you can use the site’s extensive rating and review sections to gauge the quality of each product.

Wrapping Up

The entire process of selecting a perfect graduation jewelry gift need not be daunting. It is meant to be fun, however, if you get stuck and are not sure what to do, just put yourself into the shoes of your grad, and buy a piece of jewelry that you think they will love.

Keep all the other parameters aside, and just focus on what they like. We hope this article would have helped you in finding the best graduation jewelry gift for your new graduate.

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