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Top 12 Jewelry Gift Ideas to Buy for a Pregnant Wife

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You have pledged your lives to one another and now you are growing your family.  Your wife is the center of your daily life and the person who knows the most about you. Doesn’t she deserve a gift which will let her know how special she is to you?

If you have been struggling with selecting the right jewelry to give to your wife to thank her for sharing your life and to celebrate the baby that she is carrying, you are not alone! There are tons of jewelry options on the market at many different price points. 

We have created a list of the top 12 jewelry gift ideas for a pregnant wife to help you to choose.

Budget Friendly Jewelry Gifts

You might just be starting out in your life together or maybe you don’t think she would want a large or extravagant piece of jewelry.  If your goals are to stick to a budget and to pick an item that is not too over-the-top, this part of the list is for you.

  • Sonogram Bracelet

Sonogram bracelet as gift for pregnant wife

Cute sonogram bracelet. See it here.

This adorable and sweet bracelet comes with an included bangle that can be customized with a sonogram picture of your baby to be.  You can also add a cute little bangle which shows baby footprints.  This adjustable bracelet is stainless steel but has a nice high-quality finish. This is a great way to commemorate your upcoming baby that will remind your wife of the exciting days of her pregnancy long after the little one is born.

  • Bola Full Moon Necklace

Bola full moon necklace

See this bola pregnancy necklace here.

Italian folklore says that these delicate charms will protect your unborn baby from harm and illness.  The beautiful shimmery ball encases a tiny bell which chimes softly when the necklace is worn.  The necklace is made long enough to hang over the baby as it grows. Each necklace is made by hand with love and care and promises to whisper softly to your baby as it develops and grows. This lovely necklace won’t break the bank and will be special to your wife both during her pregnancy and afterwards.

  • PAVOI Love Knot

pavoi love knot bracelet

Pavoi love knot. See it here.

This lovely bangle is plated in 14k gold. It signifies the strength of your bond and the unity of your two hearts with simple eloquence. The bracelet is adjustable for any size wrist and the simple design is timeless and matches any outfit or any other jewelry your wife might want to pair with it. This is a symbol of your eternal love and your commitment to both your relationship and to your unborn baby.

  • Tree of Life Pendant

Tree of life pendant

Boho charm tree of life pendant. See it here.

The tree of life symbolizes eternity and the health of the spirit. Your married lives are growing like the spreading branches of a tree and this clever design commemorates that bond.  This necklace comes in many different colors and it promises to be tarnish free. The pendant is very lightweight and can be worn on any length chain.  Pick your wife’s birthstone or select from the related chakras that the stones are meant to protect.

  • Pandora Interlocked Hearts Ring

Interlocked hearts ring

Beautiful interlocked hearts ring. See it here.

This beautiful ring is made with sterling silver and 14k gold and is backed by the Pandora certification of authenticity.  The interlocked hearts symbolize your love for one another and the lightness and simplicity of the ring makes it practical for every day wear. This is the kind of jewelry item that can be worn with anything and will hold up to daily life, just like your love.

Mid-Range Jewelry Gifts

Perhaps this is your second child or maybe you really want to add to your wife’s selection of quality pieces of jewelry.  Picking in the mid-range can offer up some really unique items as well as guarantee great quality for your money.

  • James Allen White Gold Heart

White gold diamond pave pendant

White gold heart-shaped pendant with pave diamonds. See it here.

This lovely necklace is 14k white gold and is graced with 42 small diamonds which make it glitter and gleam.  The delicate chain makes the pendant seem as though it is floating on air when it is worn.  This is the perfect symbol of your on-going commitment and a testimony to the depth of your affection.  The whimsical shape of the pendant feels as natural as true love and your wife will be the envy of all of her friends when she wears this necklace.

  • AnjaysDesigns Rope Ring

Rope ring

Stylishly crafted rope diamond ring. See it here.

 While technically an engagement ring, this gorgeous ring can be made in gold, platinum, rose gold or white gold. Despite being an engagement ring can also be an enduring symbol of love and affection.  The design is unique and exceptionally feminine. This is a company that crafts each ring by hand, so your purchase is made with love and great attention to detail. No one else will have a ring like this one and your wife with be thrilled to wear it each and every day.

  • Eternity Band

Blue sapphire eternity band

Blue sapphire eternity ring. See it here.

Eternity bands are not just for anniversaries or for renewals of your vows. Adding a band to your wife’s wedding ring is a great way to commemorate your love for one another while also making a lasting tribute to your new baby. While diamonds are the most traditional choice for eternity bands, other gemstones like blue sapphire are gorgeous, with different color and symbolism. Eternity bands pair well with wedding and engagement rings and will be a fitting testimony to your love for years to come.

  • Mini Diamond Earrings

Heart shaped diamond earrings

Beautiful heart-shaped diamond earrings. See them here.

These gorgeous mini heart earrings  are made with 14k white gold and are speckled with beautiful, high-quality diamonds. This is a classic choice to attest to your affection for one another and symbolic of your shared love in your growing family. For the woman who doesn’t wear necklaces or rings, these lovely earrings are a classic choice to demonstrate your love.

  • James Allen Love Necklace

Love necklace

See this necklace here

Why not just say it in plain English? This beautiful necklace come in various gold styles and glitters with high-quality diamonds. The chain is 18 inches long and delicate. The cursive script is feminine and elegant, and the offset chain makes for a whimsical and charming touch.  This is a beautiful piece that cuts right to the chase and says what you need to say up front.

High-End Jewelry Options

If your budget allows, high-end jewelry can make for long-term memories and the giving of a truly extravagant jewelry item is always memorable for everyone involved.

  • Blue Nile Halo Ring

Vintage engagement ring

Elaborate vintage fleur de lis ring. See it here.

This stunning vintage-inspired ring is the perfect gift if you want to make a statement. The center stone is emerald-cut and there are 20 brilliants that surround it. This is a timeless design which speaks volumes about your love. This ring is fit for everyday wear or just for special occasions and it will make others stop and stare when they see it.

  • Epinki 18k Gold Heart Necklace

Gold heart necklace

Heart necklace with diamonds. See this here.

This stunning diamond necklace is fit for the queen in your life. It comes with a 42 cm chain and its high-quality diamonds glitter and sparkle. This is a fantastic symbol of your love and will gather compliments whenever it is worn. This is a timeless style that is the epitome of classic love jewelry.

  • Moissanite Ring

Antique moissanite ring

Stunning vintage moissanite ring. See it here.

Motherhood is about softness balanced against strength and this ring summarizes those ideals perfectly. Moissanite is one of the hardest gemstones out there and here it’s set in a delicate-looking gold mounting. The vintage design is truly unique. This is the perfect design if you want to make a non-traditional statement that still speaks of the organic beauty of motherhood.

Motherhood and the building of a family is a huge milestone in a woman’s life. Commemorating that experience is important and a thoughtful gift can really express the emotions of the moment forever.  Selecting a jewelry item for your pregnant wife will reaffirm your mutual affection for one another and remain as a symbol of your love for years to come.

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