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19 Inspirational Jewelry Designs to Keep You on Track

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Jewelry serves a greater purpose than just looking pretty. Every piece of jewelry we wear represents something about us – our style, personality and values. Some can have very strong emotional ties, such as wedding and engagement rings and other pieces can speak to us.

Sounds a bit airy fairy?

Not quite. We often wear jewelry to remind us of something, to keep motivated, relaxed, focused or inspired.

Like the dumbbell pendant or charm that you wear to remember your commitment to go to the gym. Or the little engraved quote on your bracelet to remind you of what matters in life.

Inspiration jewelry can be different for everyone, chosen according to how you’re feeling or what situation you are in. They often take the form of a symbol or an engraved word or quote. Sometimes the meaning can be direct and at other times it can be subtle and hidden. What matters is what it means to you.

You can find inspirational jewelry in a range of styles and to suit a range of budgets. Here we list our top 19 favorite inspirational jewelry picks. We’re sure you’ll be inspired!   

  1. Mountain Range Design

mountain range pendant

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We’ve all got our own mountains to climb and our own challenges to face. Sometimes, it’s easy to focus only on the peaks and forget the journey.

This beautiful mountain range necklace can be a simple reminder to focus on the whole picture and to enjoy the journey, peaks, valleys, slopes and all.

  1. Just Breathe

just breathe bracelet

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The simplest messages can be the most powerful. When you’re stressed out, nothing works quite as well as taking a long deep breath. And if you forget, this stylish silver-toned bracelet will be on hand to remind you!

  1. And Another

leather just breathe bracelet 

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If silver-tones aren’t your thing, how about leather and metal for a bolder look?

  1. Wanderlust

travelers pendant

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Perfect for the avid traveler, this beautiful quote by Tolkien reminds you that it’s ok to wander. Others may not see your goal but you do.

  1. Be Grateful

gratitude cuff

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Whenever things aren’t quite going your way, remembering that there are still things to be grateful for is one sure way of keeping things in perspective.

  1. Look to the Future

Do not look back jewelryFind It Here

Inspiring and hopeful, these antique charms in copper, silver and brass tones keep you looking forward. Why waste time ruminating about the past? The future awaits! 

  1. Be Your Best Self

Be your best self bracelet

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This expandable bracelet lists all the wonderful things you can BE – Thankful, Brave, Happy, Kind, True and Strong. In other words, be your best self everyday.

  1. Inspire

bar pendant inspire

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This rose gold bar pendant is a reminder to inspire and be inspired. Be inspired every time you look at yourself in the mirror!

  1. The Journey is the Reward

Inspiring jewelry

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Although the road may be twisted and narrow, just like this gorgeous sterling silver necklace and pendant, keep your eyes on the prize. The journey is indeed the reward as you will become the person you want to be when you make it to the end successfully.

  1. Good Vibes Only

leather cuff

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This bold unisex leather cuff is a message to everyone who sees it. Repel bad vibes, good vibes only!

  1. Stay Strong Reminder

stay strong ring

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This ring is adjustable and will fit on any finger. If you’re going through tough times, this is a nice way to quietly but steadily remind you to keep going.

  1. Inspiring Silk Wrapped Bracelet

inspiring silk bracele

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This colorful pink, green and purple silk wrap is a unique and gorgeous find, with a strong message: Let your faith be bigger than your fear. Just wrap it around your wrist, tie the ends and tuck them away for a feminine yet strong look.

  1. Be Humankind

 humankind silk bracelet

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Be human and be kind. Be humankind. This inspiring hand-dyed silk wrap bracelet fits any hand and looks gorgeous with its stunning palette of green, blue and aqua hues.

  1. A Morse Message

morse code bracelet

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This simple and dainty bracelet may be small but is profound. Only you will know what it means, because the message is written in morse code! If you are into minimalist designs, then this is sure to be a winner!

  1. Dream

Dream as if you will live forever lether bracelet

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There shouldn’t be an expiry date for dreaming and this bracelet reminds you to keep your dreams alive and well.

  1. All the Words You Need

All the Words You Need jewelry

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This inspiring bracelet has all the words you need to describe yourself or your life – marvellous, serenity, fantastic, spectacular and more! With its three tones, it also matches any outfit you wear and is a beautiful statement piece

  1. Live in the Moment

Live in the moment

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A reminder to live in the moment and be present, this is something that we all need to hear with our busy modern lives. We truly enjoy life when we live in the moment. As they say, life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.

  1. The Lucky Hamsa Pendant

garnet hamsa pendant

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The Hamsa is a symbol of happiness, good health, luck and fortune. It is a protective symbol that has been popular throughout history, believed to take away negative energy. This meaningful pendant is stylishly designed with a garnet in the center.

  1. She Believed She Could

 pendant charm

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This one is specifically for the ladies and requires no explanation!

When choosing your inspiration jewelry, here are some factors to consider:

To see or not to see

If you want your piece of motivation jewelry to be something that you see easily, it is best to choose a bracelet, cuff or ring. Every time you look at your hand, you will see your piece of jewelry reminding you of its message. A pendant or pair of earrings, on the other hand, will not be easily visible to you.

Covert or overt

Do you want your piece of inspiring jewelry to be easily decipherable by everyone? Do you want it to be a talking point or a subtle message just for you? If you want this to be a private little message, there are lots of unique designs that give you this – such as jewelry with messages in a different language (think Sanskrit or Spanish) or in code (morse code).

Every day or occasionally

Will this be a piece that you wear everyday? If so, choose something that is durable enough to withstand daily exposure. For example, sterling silver and stainless steel are good for regular wear.

If you only plan to wear this every now and then, durability is not very important. You can choose fabric or suede, delicate beads or wood.

In any case, most jewelry will need to be protected from harsh chemicals and even water in order to maintain its life.

Symbol or words

What type of message do you want on your jewelry? Only you can choose what inspires you, so this is totally subjective. 

However, you may wish to consider whether you want:

  1. A symbol: an anchor to symbolize stability, a dove to symbolize peace
  2. A word: breathe, life, love
  3. A sentence message: If you think you can you can, Nevertheless she persisted

Decide what works best for you and choose accordingly.  

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