The Language of the Heart: 14 Symbols of Love Decoded

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Throughout history, people have celebrated, cried over, and wondered at love. This universal feeling is spoken in a language everyone knows, though it shows itself in many different ways around the world. Love’s symbols vary widely, from hearts to roses, each with its own backstory and meaning that taps into the feeling of affection.

Let’s take a look at these classic symbols of love, uncovering the tales they tell and the deep feelings they express.

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Love symbols take us on a delightful voyage of self-expression. In a way, these symbols make it easier for us to convey our feelings to others. These modern-day love signs can be used to express your emotions, invite love into your life, or serve as a reminder to yourself of what is really important.

1. Heart

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The heart is likely the first image that comes to mind when people think of love. It served as a love symbol for a long time. The basic heart shape is thought to have developed from the outline of a real human heart, minus the blood and veins, of course. 

We usually associate the emotion of love with a feeling in the chest, which is why we equate love with the human heart. Our hearts beat louder, quicker, and harder. The spiritual, emotional, moral, and intellectual core of a person has been represented by the emblem of the heart for a very long time.

2. Red Roses

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We all know that red roses are the most popular flower on Valentine’s Day, but the red rose has long been associated with romantic love. Roses have long been used as symbols of beauty and love. The rose is frequently used as a representation of the Virgin Mary and was sacred to several goddesses, including Isis and Aphrodite. 

The ancient Greeks and Romans associated the rose with Aphrodite and Venus, their respective love goddesses. A wild rose was even traditionally placed on the door of a room in Rome where secret or private issues were discussed.

3. Swan

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Swans are romantic icons, not just because their long, endearing necks frequently curve into a heart shape but also because they are known to form lifelong bonds with their partners, which is unusual for animals. These white birds have been used as symbols of love and devotion for a very long time.

The ancient Greek and Roman goddesses of love are linked to the swans as a representation of love. As swans form a heart shape with their necks, the image of a pair of them has evolved into a lovely representation of dedication and love, as a result of all these romantic qualities.

4. Cupid

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One of the most well-known romantic symbols is Cupid. It is frequently represented as a lovely little kid with wings using an arrow and bow to pierce people’s hearts and cause them to fall in love with each other in Roman and Greek art.

The god of love in Roman mythology, Cupid is known as the offspring of Venus and Mars. With a bow and arrow, Cupid makes people fall in love with the first person they meet by shooting a hole in their hearts. He now represents love and courting in general in the culture we live in.

5. Shell

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The shell, with its sturdy exterior and pearl-like life within, represents the safeguarding nature of love. In various cultures, it has slightly changing symbolism.

The Romans believed that seashells were a symbol of renewal. The shell is even recognized as a sign of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. The shell was also thought to reach out to loving hearts and awaken believers’ hearts by the ancient Hindus. Seashells have also been associated with fertility and love by Native Americans.

6. Harp

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The harp is a well-known representation of love in lyrical literature, music, and art. In addition to denoting devotion and love, the harp exhibits love and beauty in both its design and the exquisite sound it makes. This instrument is also seen as a significant Christian symbol. It is said that King David worshiped the Lord directly by playing the harp to show his unwavering devotion and love.

The harp is also a symbol of love in Celtic culture, serving as a link between heaven and earth. The harp’s strings are thought to resemble a ladder in Norway and Iceland, signifying the rise to greater levels of love. Due to their delicate sounds, harps have also been utilized in love ballads in the past. 

7. Doves

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Doves, the white birds that resemble colorless pigeons, are frequently linked to peace, but they also represent love. The fact that it is regarded as a symbol of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, is just one of several explanations for this. Greek and Roman goddesses are shown in a variety of ways, often with doves hovering around them.

Doves are also frequently referred to as ‘love birds’ since it is believed that they maintain lifelong relationships with their partners. Two doves together represent eternal love and are seen as a significant symbol of peace and love. 

8. Apple

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Apples frequently represent passion, sensual pleasure, and forbidden desire because of their association with temptation and “forbidden fruit” in the biblical account of the Garden of Eden. But there are numerous deities in Greek and Roman mythology who are connected to the apple as a symbol. 

Greek mythology states that Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena all competed for possession of a golden apple thrown by Eris. Paris of Troy was supposed to choose who would receive the fruit, but all three goddesses tempted him. According to legend, Athena lured Paris with Helen of Sparta, indirectly starting the Trojan War.

The apple also had a significant role in courtship and the rituals and traditions of marriage in early Greek history. In the 7th century B.C., a joyful couple can share an apple as a symbol of their union and their desire for a successful partnership.

9. Three-Leaf Clover

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The four-leaf clover is frequently regarded as an Irish good luck charm. However, a three-leaf clover holds even greater significance in Irish tradition. It even serves as Ireland’s symbol! The three leaves of the plant stand for love, hope, and trust.

Ireland considers the three-leaf clover to be a sacred plant and uses it as its national emblem. Irish couples wear it on the day of their wedding because they believe it will bring luck to their union. It also goes by the name “Shamrock,” and it represents the Holy Trinity.

10. Maple Leaf

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A few different civilizations view maple leaves as symbols of love, which has led to their use in artwork throughout the world, among many ethnicities, and throughout history. A well-known symbol of love in China and Japan, the maple leaf represents the sweetness and wonder of love in several Asian civilizations.

The maple leaves were also traditionally placed at the foot of beds by North American settlers to fend off evil spirits, induce sexual pleasure, and promote sound sleep. The maple even became a symbol of the love experienced upon welcoming a new kid into the house because of the bird stork being seen weaving maple branches for nests in the North American region. 

11. Rose Quartz

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Since 600 B.C., rose quartz stone has served as a well-known and enduring emblem of love. The stone was mentioned in ancient traditions from Egypt, Greece, and China. 

Rose quartz is believed to help you grow self-love while drawing the kind of romantic love and relationships you’re looking for when used in conjunction with meditation and intention setting. Others even assert that rose quartz can turn you into a ‘love magnet’!

12. Infinity Symbol

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The infinity symbol, which resembles a love knot, stands for enduring love. Popular cultures like Tibet, India, Greece, and ancient Rome use the infinity symbol. This old symbol can also be seen in Christian artwork

In the 17th century, it was given its name as a mathematical representation of the infinite. With no beginning or conclusion, the sign never ends. It is frequently used as a metaphor for an unending love or limitless potential.

13. Claddagh

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The Claddagh is a love sign used in Ireland. It has three parts: the Crown, which stands for fidelity, the Heart, which stands for love, and the Two Hands, which stands for friendship. 

This Celtic design is typically carved onto Claddagh rings, which are vintage accessories worn as wedding or engagement rings. Its roots can be found in Claddagh, a small fishing community in Ireland close to Galway.

14. Lotus Flower

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One of the eight symbols of Buddhism is the lotus flower or Padme. This flower symbolizes purity, potential, spiritual rebirth, and faithfulness because its beauty stands out in contrast to the murky waterways. Specifically, the red lotus has become a universal symbol of love since it stands for passion and love.

Wrapping Up

Love is a peculiar emotion that frequently cannot be described in words. The next time you want to express or signify your love, think about these symbols for love. Perhaps you’ll discover something more significant than candies or jewels.


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