8 Metal Types Used in Jewelry and Their Symbolism

Just like gemstones and motifs used in jewelry, metals also carry symbolic meaning. While we don’t recommend choosing jewelry metals simply based on symbolism, it’s fun to know what they represent. Metal symbolism has always existed. Ancient people believed that metals are full of spiritual powers and that there’s a deeper meaning to these “mysterious elements” provided by the Earth. Let’s take a look at 8 popular jewelry metals and what they represent.

1. Gold

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Gold signet ring. See it here.

Symbolism: Wisdom, wealth, prosperity, power 

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Highly valued by the ancient people in Egypt, Asia, and Rome, gold represents the celestial aura of the sun. Its Latin word ‘aurum’ is derived from the Greek goddess Aurora, the goddess of the dawn. The golden rays from the sun represent divine wisdom and can also be seen in the clothes and chariot of Helios, god of the sun, in Greek mythology. The color also adds warmth and extravagance and lights up the atmosphere. 

Due to its non-tarnishing and conductive properties, gold is believed to be an energy amplifier. Cultures around the world have considered this metal a symbol of wealth and prosperity. In fact, ancient people used gold as ceremonial offerings to gods and the primary material for court decorations.  

Gold is also associated with wisdom and power, often depicted in decorations and royal costumes in ancient Egypt. Religious rituals are usually associated with gold, as the metal embodies divine qualities due to its indestructible quality. In modern times, gold jewelry is also a perfect gift for anniversaries since it is thought to help in wellness and health. 

2. Silver 

silver earrings etsy
Hammered silver earrings. See them here.

Symbolism: Self-reflection, wisdom, purity, clarity 

Different cultures believe that silver represents another celestial body, the moon. In Greek mythology, silver is associated with Artemis, the Huntress with the Silver Bow, because it is the goddess’ representative color. Similar to gold, silver symbolizes wisdom and wealth and channels positive energy to the body.  

Silver, and its many variants, is also believed to deflect negativity away, protecting the wearer like an amulet. In ancient Europe, silver was thought to have the ability to destroy evil, derived from the idea that the silver bullet was the only effective weapon against werewolves, witches, and other similar creatures. It also symbolizes subtle strength because of its ability to strengthen even more when mixed with other metals. 

A precious metal like silver is often associated with philosophical attributes like self-reflection, intuition, awareness, and persistence. Silver is considered a feminine metal connected to goddesses that exert love and purity. Some symbolism also includes other traits such as empathy, compassion, and clarity. 

  1. Copper 
copper bracelet etsy
Copper leaf bracelet. See it here.

Symbolism: Beauty, fertility, creativity, affection 

One of the metals to have ever been discovered, copper was a very useful material for tools, sculpture, lamps, and jewelry production in ancient times. In the seven metals of alchemy, copper represents Venus—both the planet and the Roman goddess—and embodies feminine attributes such as beauty, affection, and fertility. Named after the copper island of Cyprus, it was also known as ‘cuprum’ and eventually became known as ‘copper.’ 

Around the world, copper is associated with feminine traits of beauty, love, and creativity, due to its pinkish-red color. Copper is also believed to be a healing aid for a meaningful life. A great thing, wearing copper jewelry adds a vintage look and sophisticated vibe to your overall outfit. 

4. Platinum 

diamond stud earrings james allen
Platinum diamond stud earrings. See them here.

Symbolism: Purity, strength, longevity, determination 

Highly coveted and valuable, platinum lives up to its reputation due to its durability and non-corrosive nature, making it a perfect metal for mechanical uses and jewelry making.  

This silvery-white metal called ‘platina,’ the Spanish word for little silver, is commonly associated with longevity and determination. 

Platinum is also considered a symbol of true love. That is why most wedding bands and engagement rings are made with platinum, representing a love that endures for a lifetime. The pureness of platinum represents the inner truth and strength that are connected to eternal love.  

5. Titanium 

titanium ring etsy
Titanium and wood ring. See it here.

Symbolism: Enormous strength, great power 

As strong as steel but a less dense metal, titanium is a perfect material for jewelry because of its resistance to scratches and bending. Due to the natural strength of this metal, it was named after the Titans in Greek mythology. In connection with this fact, titanium is also associated with attributes such as enormous power and strength. 

This grey-silvery metal mainly symbolizes strength and is believed to be an effective amulet to suppress emotions and overcome negative energy.  

As titanium symbolizes great power, it can also balance your inner emotions and energy. Titanium jewelry pieces are also lightweight, so you can comfortably wear them with confidence.  

6. Brass 

brass earrings etsy
Brass earrings. See them here.

Symbolism: Beauty, positivity, problem-solving, youthfulness 

Brass is an alloy formed by combining copper and zinc. It symbolizes beauty and positivity. It can also be associated with the sun because of its golden color. In many cultures, it is thought that brass can serve as an amulet for keeping a young mind, which explains its symbolic connection with positivity. 

The malleable characteristic of brass makes it possible to create jewelry pieces in various designs, from intricate twists to ideal shapes. It could also be associated with the problem-solving energy of brass, which symbolizes mental refreshment, regained positive mindset and attitude. Overall, brass jewelry can be a symbol of positive energy and simple beauty. 

7. Bronze 

bronze cuff etsy
Bronze 8th anniversary cuff. See it here.

Symbolism: Strength, support, loyalty, inspiration 

One of the first discovered metals, bronze was used in ancient nations for weaponry, ornaments, and jewelry. Highly popular in classical Greece and Rome, bronze was utilized for making armor, tools, and even statues. Up until today, bronze figures and decorations are common in historical and memorial sites. 

Mainly symbolizing strength and support, bronze gives off an impression of stability due to its unique brown hue. The warm color is also associated with loyalty and inspiration, which improves one’s motivation, spirit, and self-confidence. It is believed that bronze improves focus and practicality. It even enhances courage according to metaphysics. 

8. Aluminum 

aluminum earrings etsy
Textured aluminum earrings. See them here.

Symbolism: Protection, satisfaction, reflection 

Like silver, gold, and copper, aluminum is a precious metal that is a pure element. One advantage this metal has for jewelry is that it can be dyed with various colors aside from the natural silver color. Like other metals, aluminum can be a symbol of protection from negative energy and a channel of calming aura. 

The shiny surface of aluminum is also associated with dream interpretations. Because of its reflective nature, it is thought to reflect energy from an outside source and only accepts positive vibes. Dreaming of aluminum can also mean happiness and satisfaction, which may also affect your reality, depending on your optimism and current mood. 

Wrapping Up

Various metals are used in jewelry and differ in quality and characteristics. Their symbolism will also let you wear jewelry pieces that correspond to your attributes or core beliefs. Indeed, there’s so much more meaning than what the eyes can see. 

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