How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Backdrop for Your Photos

Nearly everyone plans at least one Christmas party during the holiday season.  Like any party planning process, there are a lot of details to sort out for a Christmas party, especially if you are going to be inviting a large number of people. Setting the tone for a party is crucial and parties that are centered on Christmas encompass many expectations from the guests who will attend.

If you are struggling to figure out how to tie your Christmas party them together, you might be missing one of the most overlooked items at any party: a backdrop.

Additionally, if you are trying to set up family pictures or Christmas card pictures, a backdrop can be the best way to get great pictures that will really feel like Christmas.

What is a Christmas Backdrop?

A backdrop might be familiar to you if you have planned a wedding or if you take photos for a living, but for many people, a Christmas backdrop might be a new thing.  Basically, a Christmas backdrop is a large background that you can pose in front of for photos. It also ties the room together and creates a center of focus.

Backdrops are typically made of canvas or poster paper, is displayed in the room where your party will be held that help to set the tone for the whole event and to provide photo opportunities for guests. You can select from many different styles of backdrop and your choice will make the feel of your party unique.

When Do I Need a Christmas Backdrop?

Beautiful Christmas backdrop
Gorgeous Christmas backdrop. See this here.

A backdrop is a great addition to any gathering, no matter what size.  If you really want to make your party stand out and feel totally cohesive, a good backdrop is a must. The best spaces for a backdrop to really stand out are large rooms, but you can also select a smaller backdrop if you are working with a cozier space.

For photos, the backdrop that you choose can be the difference between pictures that feel like an accident and pictures that feel professional. You always want a Christmas photo shoot to turn out photos that feel just like Christmas. A good Christmas backdrop can do just that.

Knowing what kind of backdrop to pick can be as big a challenge as deciding on the theme itself.  There are many different ways to set the tone and enhance the theme of your party or photo shoot and just as many Christmas backdrops as there are themes. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the choices available to you, don’t fret! We can help!

Types of Christmas Backdrops

1. Christmas Fireplace Themed Backdrop on Vinyl

elegant christmas living room backdrop
Find it here

This beautiful image is the perfect blend of cozy wooden cabin feel and artistic modern Christmas elegance. Nothing feels homier than a fireplace but this backdrop adds a touch of class that will make your event or your pictures feel dressed up without being forced.

Photos taken with this backdrop will feel natural and will have a great sensation of space and light. This is the kind of backdrop that really transports guests to the location and it is large enough for a big space.

2. Wooden Backdrop with Christmas Lights

wooden Xmas backdrop
Find it here

If vinyl isn’t for you, this clever wooden backdrop comes complete with a charming chain of Christmas lights and a built-in wreath runner. You can buy just one segment or multiple if you want to cover more than a single wall at your party with this festive backdrop.

The wood gives it a rustic, natural feel evoking Christmas and sets a happy, merry atmosphere for your party. If you are using this backdrop for photos only, you will be pleased with the natural feeling it communicates and you can add props as needed.

3. Cozy Fabric Backdrop

christmas window digital backdrop with flying santa
Find it here

This gorgeous fabric backdrop offers all the cozy good feelings of Christmas complete with Santa and his sleigh.  You and your guests will be transported to a Christmas cabin on Christmas Eve complete with a fire in the grate and a comfortable chair to sit on. 

Fabric backdrops always feel softer and more comfortable than vinyl backdrops but as this one’s been coated with glare-free vinyl, you still get all the benefits of vinyl without the glare.

4. Whimsical Christmas Backdrop

Cosy Christmas backdrop
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Are you holding a themed Christmas party that has a touch of zany sensibility? If so, this backdrop is for you! Large enough for a middling size room or bigger, this creative and whimsical backdrop will transport your party to the North Pole.  The sense of falling snow and also the charm of the subject matter will immediately set a wintry and fun feeling that would be hard to achieve with any other type of backdrop.

This is a great fit for a casual party of for a party designed to have a sense of travel to a foreign winter wonderland. If you are using this backdrop just for photos, add striped clothes and glittery items and you will have a whimsical and fun photo shoot that will communicate Christmas fun to everyone!

5. Manger Scene Backdrop

Manger backdrop
Find it here

If your party is going to be held at a Church or if you want to keep the original history of Christmas present in the minds of all of your guests, this beautiful and delicate nativity is the right choice for your event.

You can almost feel the mist rising and the sense of wonder and rebirth is palpable when looking upon the backdrop. This is the kind of Christmas backdrop that sets a very specific tone but does it so well and thoroughly that everyone will remember your party long after Christmas.

When used for photos, this backdrop can take serious and moving pictures or it can also be a great location to take some costumed photos of children who have acted in the local nativity. This is a classic backdrop that works for many uses.

6. Sparkly and Red Christmas Backdrop

Sparkly red Christmas backdrop
Find it here

Photos may not be your main focus for having a Christmas Backdrop as your event. You might instead want to ensure that your whole room follows a specific theme. If that is the case, this beautiful fabric backdrop is great for your needs.

You can buy one or more of these lovely fabric backdrops and surround your guests with beautiful and serene Christmas feelings without the sense of being photo ready. That being said, if photos are your goal, this awesome backdrop will take care of all of your needs beautifully.

7. Headboard Backdrop

Headboard Xmas backdrop
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Maybe you don’t need a backdrop for a party but are instead trying to get clever night before Christmas photos of your kids or your family. This great backdrop can be hung on the wall behind your bed and offers up the perfect background setting to really bring a family picture in a cozy setting together.

Add a Christmas-themed bedspread to the bed and voila! You have the perfect means for the perfect Christmas pictures! And while it looks exactly like metal, this is in fact, paper or vinyl.

8. Whimsical Wooden Backdrop

wooden Christmas backdrop funny
Find it here

Looking for something that is not fabric and not vinyl but still has a sense of whimsy and fun? This well-made wooden backdrop comes with a fun moose friend, some cleverly cartoonish trees and a string of lights and decorations to hang up. 

This is a charming and fun backdrop that will really set a ton of wintery delight without being too serious. Your whole party will love this cute backdrop and it will both set the tone of your party and also be the perfect setting for memorable photos.

9. Perfect Christmas Card Backdrop

Perfect Christmas backdrop
Find it here 

If your goal is to make memorable pictures for a scrapbook or for a Christmas card, this is the right choice for you.  The backdrop comes complete with your well wishes and is everything a Christmas backdrop should be.

The bright and vibrant red color and the glitter make this backdrop pop and the well-crafted message is right to the point. Gather your family together and take some great photos so you can get those Christmas cards into the mail!

Wrapping Up

If your goal is to get the perfect Christmas photos or to hold the best Christmas party of the year, any of these backdrops will help you to achieve that goal! Picking a high-quality backdrop can really set the right tone and feel for your event and your pictures.

Take into consideration any other props or additions to your backdrop that will be needed to make the setting complete and then pick out your favorite! You will be very pleased with your party or your pictures with the addition of a good backdrop and you will likely never plan to take photos or hold a party without a Christmas backdrop again!

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