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Best Engagement Ring Setting for Emerald Cut Diamonds

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The most popular of the step cut shapes, the emerald cut is a stunning choice for engagement rings. Naturally classy and sophisticated in appearance, emerald cut diamonds are typically more affordable than other fancy cuts, giving you great value for your money. The cut also makes the diamond appear large and enhances its appearance.

If you’ve decided that you want an emerald cut diamond for your engagement ring, choosing a setting that shows it off to advantage while keeping it secure and protected is important.

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Here are the settings that look best with an emerald cut diamond.

  1. Prong Setting

Pros of Prong Setting

  • The diamond is highlighted and enhanced
  • Light reflection is maximized
  • Enhances size of diamond
  • Diamond is secure
  • Easy to clean and maintain


Cons of Prong Setting

  • Prongs can catch on every day objects
  • Over time, prongs can wear out
  • There is a risk of the diamond getting loose, knocked or damaged


emerald prong setting engagement ringFind this ring here

Prong settings are most couple’s favorite option for engagement rings and the go-to choice when it comes to settings. It makes the diamond appear large as it is the focus of the setting. Set the diamond with a thin band and you can emphasize its size even more. Prongs don’t obstruct the view of the diamond, allowing the stone to be clearly seen.

4 prong emerald cut engagement ring

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Emerald cut diamonds aren’t brilliant. Rather, their beauty lies in the contrast of light and shadow, creating a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect. The prong setting maximizes this effect, allowing optimum light reflection. The light allows for the contrast between dark and light in the steps to show, adding depth and dimension to the diamond.

While most emerald cut diamonds are set with 4 prongs, holding the corners firmly, it’s best to opt for 6 or 8 prongs for larger diamonds. This ensures that the stone is held securely without the danger of it falling out.

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As with all settings, prong settings require maintenance and periodic inspection to ensure that the prongs are still strong and in place. Over time, they can wear thin and impact can bend or even break the prong, putting the diamond (or gemstone) in danger of falling out. Another danger is that because the diamond is so exposed, there is the risk of the diamond getting hit or knocked, which can damage the stone.


  1. Halo Setting for Emerald Cut Diamond

Pros of Halo Setting

  • The center stone is highlighted
  • Added brilliance and sparkle
  • Makes the diamond appear large
  • Offers protection from impact
  • Cost effective


Cons of Halo Setting

  • Cleaning can be difficult
  • Small diamonds may fall out over time

emerald shape engagement ring

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Halos are commonly created by placing a ring of tiny diamonds all around the center stone. Halo settings are stunning for emerald cut gemtones. They add that extra touch of sparkle that the emerald cut lacks, creating a surrounding sparkle that emphasizes the unique beauty of the emerald cut, all the while keeping the focus on the center stone.

One of the main advantages of the halo is that you can opt for a smaller center stone and still have it appear large when surrounded by the halo. Our eyes tend to measure the size of the center diamond from edge to edge of the halo rather than from the edges of the diamond. What this translates to is that you can save money by purchasing a smaller emerald cut diamond.

Halo settings tend to provide more protection for emerald cuts than prong settings, as they create a buffer around the diamond. Unless your diamond is hit dead center, the halo will protect it.

Rose gold emerald cut engagement ring

JamesAllen Engagement Rings

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If you’re feeling bold, you can opt to have a surrounding of tiny colored gemstones or colored diamonds to add color and character to your ring. Note that colored gemstones will not have the same depth of sparkle that diamonds have.


  1. Three Stone Setting for Emerald Cut Diamond

Pros of Three Stone Ring

  • Endless opportunities for customization
  • Smaller diamonds can be used
  • Meaningful symbolism
  • Coverage for wider fingers


Cons of Three Stone Ring

  • Harder to clean and maintain than simpler settings


There are many variations to the three stone setting, which means that whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist, there is bound to be a three-stone ring design that you’ll love.

You can opt for three equal-sized emerald cut diamonds set side by side or you can choose to have different gemstones in varying sizes.

three stone halo setting engagement ring

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Another variation is to mix and match different diamond cuts. The example below shows an emerald cut flanked by two tapering diamonds.

three stone setting engagement ring

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The three-stone ring design allows you to utilize smaller diamonds, cutting the cost of your diamonds.

three stone halo setting emerald shape

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For ladies with wider fingers, three-stone rings offer great coverage and fit the hand perfectly. You can never have too many emerald cut diamonds, so setting them side by side is simply beautiful and eye-catching. The three-stone emerald engagement ring proves that a diamond doesn’t have to be brilliant to be gorgeous!

Other Settings

The emerald cut lends itself well to most engagement ring settings that choosing the right one will be fairly easy.

One setting that you may wish to avoid is the bezel setting, as it minimizes the size of the diamond and does not add to its luster. For an emerald cut diamond, the bezel can actually make it appear underwhelming. However, some people love the sleek, contemporary look of a bezel set emerald cut diamond, so go with your gut feeling. If you like how it looks, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t opt for it!

Before you decide on your setting, consider your lifestyle, style and preferences to find the setting that offers you the degree of protection you require for the emerald cut diamond.

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