Top 21 Romantic Jewelry Designs for Her

Whether it is Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, her birthday, or some other special occasion, most women will always appreciate a gift of jewelry. You really can’t go wrong with a well-chosen, well-designed classy piece.

However, the keyword here is well-chosen.

This is what makes or breaks a jewelry gift. What is worse than spending hours and dollars on a gift that she doesn’t love in the end? Not only will it be awkward for the both of you when she doesn’t react as you expect her to, but now she’s either stuck with a piece she doesn’t like, or she has to ask you to return it for something else. Both are unpleasant scenarios.

So how to avoid this situation and instead hit the proverbial nail on the head in the first go? There are some classic items that you can never go wrong with and that every woman should have in her jewelry collection. Playful, meaningful, or even humorous, these pieces are bound to be favorites.

Here we’ve compiled a list of 21 beautiful pieces of jewelry that are bound to be a hit with your girl.

1. Sterling Silver Infinity Pendant

sterling silver infinity necklace
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The infinity sign is a meaningful symbol that represents your love and commitment to your relationship. It’s a way of saying that you value your relationship to infinity and probably… beyond. This particular design also adds that extra shine with its little sparkling crystals.

2. Pearl Stud Earrings

akoya pearl earrings
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Pearls are a jewelry staple, whether in a classic string or in simple studs like these. Pearls add a touch of sophistication and class to any outfit, and what’s more, they look great on just about anybody. Whatever her jewelry style, these simple pearl studs are sure to fit right in.

3. Elegant Gold Bangle

dainty gold bangles
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Why not pick a simple, elegant gold-tone bangle bracelet that matches any outfit, whether formal or casual? Gold looks great on all skin types, although it particularly flatters dark, tan, and olive tones.

You’ll just have to check whether the bangle will fit her wrist and if it is the right size. Most bangles come in one size, but whether it looks good on someone depends on the size of their hands and wrist.

4. Pearl Heart Necklace

pearl and heart necklace
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This cute pendant showcases a heart and a white pearl. Pearl is the birthstone of June, so this makes a perfect gift for a June-born lady. What’s more, you can engrave the heart with an initial for a personalized touch.

5. Byzantine Bracelet

Byzantine Bracelet
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This handcrafted Byzantine bracelet is elaborate and intriguing. It looks like a textured rope but is made of polished sterling silver. It’s perfect whether worn with a casual pair of jeans and a sweater or as an elegant accessory to a formal event. If your girl is into a vintage charm and a classic style, she is going to love this versatile piece.

6. Love Knot Earrings

love knot earrings in gold
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Knots have been associated with love and friendship since ancient times. In fact, to ‘tie the knot’ literally means to get married. Don’t worry, though. Gifting her these gorgeous 14K yellow gold knot studs doesn’t indicate marriage. It does show that you can pick a pair of classy earrings that you know she’s going to love and wear.

7. Colorful Earrings

copper earrings burnt
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If your girl loves color and likes to accessorize confidently, these earrings are sure to delight. Made of burnt copper and showcasing intriguing patterns and colors, these earrings are simple in design and yet have an arresting, eye-catching look.

8. Personalized Birthstone Pendant

Birthstone Pendant Necklace
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The beauty of this pendant is that you can personalize it as you wish, with her name, a date or a message. It also contains her birthstone. You can choose from different metal colors – yellow and rose gold and silver. You also have a number of fonts to choose from, giving you the control to style it as you wish.

If you think she won’t like her name on the disc, why not choose something more interesting, like a coded message using Morse code or numbers? You could even opt to go with the geographical coordinates of someplace that means a lot to both of you. The possibilities are endless!

9. A Quote She Will Love

Silk wrap bracelet
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This beautiful hand-dyed silk wrap is simply gorgeous and looks great on any hand.  The quote engraved on the metal plate is meaningful and its position can be adjusted. This is a unique and stylish gift that pairs well with a casual outfit. If your girl likes bohemian or indie styles, this one is right up her alley.

10. A Coded Message

A Woman Wearing A Gold Morse Code Bracelet
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Bring a new twist to the famous three little words with this minimalist barely-there bracelet. You’ve probably said I Love You to her 100 times already, but have you ever said it in Morse code before? Imagine the twinkle in her eye when you explain to her what the arrangement of the little beads means! She is going to love this bracelet and not just because it looks good.

11. Stackable Ring

a hand with rose quartz stackable ring
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If your girl has a minimalist style, this delicate rose quartz ring is going to be a favorite. From a symbolic point of view, rose quartz represents the power to attract love.

This ring is ideal as a stackable ring and complements other rings. This means that she can wear it right along with any other rings she’s already got on her fingers. It can also act as a stand-alone piece.

12. Forget Me Knot

Super thin knot gold ring
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Another knot-related accessory, this beautiful rope-textured ring is crafted out of sterling silver. It looks exactly like a rope but is actually a precious metal.

And remember how people used to tie a piece of ribbon on their fingers to keep them from forgetting things? Now she can’t forget the person who gave her this!

13. Starburst Charm Necklace

a woman wearing a gold starburst design necklace
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This delicate little pendant features a sun in yellow-gold tone. The sun symbolizes life, joy, positivity, wisdom, and light. It is a meaningful little gift, suggesting that she is the sun in your life.

14. Birthstone Family

Birthstone Necklace
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Another birthstone gift, this one features a pendant that can be customized to add several birthstones. You could keep it romantic for just the two of you and have both your birthstones on the pendant. What if you have children? Simply add their birthstones too for a family gift.

15. Gemstone Charm

a woman wearing a peridot gemstone necklace
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Why not gift a meaningful charm that she can wear on a neck chain or around her wrist? This charm features a peridot gemstone, which is the birthstone of August.

If green is her color she is sure to appreciate the unique peridot hue. If not, you can choose from other birthstones for one that you’re sure she’ll love.

16. Horseshoe Ring

a hand with sterling silver horseshoe ring
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Horseshoes have always been regarded as bringing good luck and good fortune. This is one of the most well-known good luck symbols and is seen as a charm that protects one from evil.

This auspicious little ring is a reminder of the good things in life. Crafted with sparkling crystals set in a sterling silver ring, who couldn’t love this meaningful gift?

17. A Touch of Blue

a woman wearing a lapis lazuli gemstone necklace
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Blue is the most popular color when it comes to gemstones and lapis lazuli has been among the top blue gemstone choices for centuries. It’s a symbol of wisdom and truth.

Sophisticated and stylish, this lapis lazuli pendant in its plated sterling silver setting is a timeless and classic choice for any occasion.

18. Gemstone tennis Bracelet

purple amethyst tennis bracelet
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A tennis bracelet is a popular accessory that goes with any outfit. This bracelet features intense purple oval-cut amethysts set all around the bracelet.

It has a sophisticated and elegant look to it and is ideal for a dressy occasion. On another note, amethyst is also the birthstone of February.

19. Geographical Coordinates

coordinate with open heart bangle bracelet
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Coordinates pinpointing an exact location on the globe. This adjustable bangle bracelet allows you to engrave meaningful coordinates of your choice. Think about where you first met, first went on holiday, proposed, got married, or plan to go.

As long as it is a place that is equally meaningful to both of you, it will do the trick. The open-heart charm in this bracelet just adds to its allure.

20. Initial Discs

three colors initial disc necklaces
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Personalize this classic necklace with both of your initials for a romantic touch. You can choose your metal color from sterling silver, rose gold filled or yellow gold filled depending on your style.

While silver is a contemporary color and looks good on everyone, rose and yellow gold have a touch of the traditional.

21. Soundwave Bracelet

sterling silver engraved soundwave bracelet
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This is one of the most unique and creative ways to engrave a message. Instead of using words, engrave the bracelet with the soundwaves of a recorded message.

Pick a message that is meaningful to both of you or just tell her how much you love her. The soundwave is then engraved onto the hammered and polished silver plate.

This beautiful piece combines art and music in one design and is especially perfect for someone who loves music. You’ll get brownie points for going that extra mile and being so creative, that’s for sure!

Before You Buy

Couple promise ring

We’re sure you would have seen something that you think she’ll love and that suits your budget as well in our list of top 21 romantic jewelry pieces. But before you buy, here are some considerations to make sure that your purchase is perfect:

What style of jewelry does she like?

Most girls, regardless of style, will always appreciate a classy, meaningful gift. If you aren’t quite sure about her style, err on the side of caution by picking a subtle piece that she is sure to be comfortable wearing.

Get inspiration from jewelry you’ve seen her wear in the past. Does she like loud, colorful pieces, bold or minimalist designs? Think about her style to help you pick the right piece for her.

What about the type of jewelry?

When we say type, we mean bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and so on. You get the idea. Some girls are earring junkies, while others may prefer necklaces or just rings.

Some may have no preference. Take your cue from the jewelry she normally wears. For example, if she doesn’t have pierced ears, chances are she doesn’t like earrings all that much. What use is it then to give her a pair of earrings as a gift? That’ll just look like you hadn’t given much thought to the gift.

Color or no?

How to stack your bracelet

Should you choose a colorful piece or stay monochrome? Again, this depends on her personality and style. If choosing a gemstone, think about whether she has worn jewelry with that color before. Think about what her favorite color is. But just because she likes a color doesn’t mean she’ll necessarily like to wear jewelry in that color or that it’ll look good on her.

Does she have allergies to metal?

Some people are sensitive to certain metals and can have skin reactions. Metals such as zinc and nickel are two common allergens.

Now, just because your chosen piece is made of silver or gold doesn’t mean that it is hypoallergenic. Almost all metals used in jewelry are alloys, meaning that they’re made out of the precious metal (such as gold or silver) combined with other metals (such as nickel or copper).

This is done for various reasons such as to strengthen the pure metal and make it more durable as well as to enhance color. Check with the vendor about the metals in the piece and whether it has the potential of causing allergies. Always choose a hypoallergenic piece as this is safer for the skin.

Does she like gemstones?

Emerald ring on a beautiful woman finger

Some women don’t like gemstones while others love them to bits. I know a person who absolutely hates the idea of wearing stones because she finds it stupid. Granted, this person is highly philosophical and has an opinion about everything.

But just to be safe, snoop around and check with your girl how she feels before you buy jewelry with gemstones. Who knows, she may have very specific preferences about the stones she wears. On the other hand, she may love anything that comes from you. In which case, she’s a keeper!

Finding the right size

When it comes to bracelets, necklaces and earrings, size isn’t much of an issue. Most necklaces and bracelets have adjustable lengths. With earrings, just check whether her ears are pierced. If her ears aren’t pierced, you might want to get her clip-on earrings or something different altogether.

Rings are the most difficult to buy because the sizes are fairly specific. It’s like trying to buy shoes for someone else. You have to make sure that you’ve got the right size or its not going to fit on the finger you bought it for. One way to check is to measure a ring that she normally wears and find out her size that way.

Wrapping Up

All this might sound complicated, but it isn’t really. At the end of the day, if you choose a piece of jewelry that you think she will like and put a lot of thought into it, chances are she’s going to love it. Because it will be a well-chosen well-thought-out gift.

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