How to Know Your Ring Size – 5 Easy Ways

One of the perils of shopping for rings online is not knowing the correct size to choose. What’s worse than a loose ring that spins around your finger?

A tight ring that makes the skin around it bulge. But with a few tools and tricks, you can take the guesswork out, and pick the right ring size.

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If you are trying to find the ring size of your loved one without them knowing, keep reading because we cover that too!

Method 1 – A Circular Fitting Chart

Most retailers provide you a chart that depicts circles with ring sizes on them. Here’s one provided on the James Allen website.

ring circular chart james allen
Example only. Not accurate size. Check here for actual sizing.

If you have a ring that fits you perfectly, all you have to do is to place that ring over the circles provided. If the circle fits within the inside of your ring, then you have a perfect fit. If you are in between sizes, always opt for a size up to be on the safe side.

Method 2 – Strong String or Paper

equipment to measure ring size

This is really effective but requires precise measurements.

Begin by choosing a piece of non-stretching strong string or strip of paper that’s about 5 inches long.

Note: If the string is too flimsy, you may not get accurate results.

Carefully wrap it around the base of your finger (make sure you measure the finger for which you are buying the ring!).

Use a pen or marker to note the exact point on the string or piece of paper where it overlaps. This will give you a perfect circle which is the circumference of your finger.

Next, measure the length of the paper or string using a millimeter ruler. Check the measurement against a ring sizing chart and choose the correct size.

To find the International Ring Sizing Chart, check here. This helps you to convert between units of ring measurements.

Method 3- Printable Ring Sizer

james allen ringsizer

Almost every online jewelry store provides you an option of printing out a variation of a ring sizer. Here is one from James Allen which allows you to wrap the strip around your finger and find the number that fits the slot, which will be your ring size.

This varies from vendor to vendor but check what works as the final sizing should be universal.

Method 4 – Plastic Ring Sizer

blue nile ring sizer in plastic
Blue Nile free plastic ring sizer. Find it here.

Some online retailers will send you a free plastic ring sizer where all you have to do is to slip your finger into the provided holes, pick the one that fits the best and note the size.

However, there may be restrictions based on your location, so check whether the vendor sends the sizer to your country. This is one of the most accurate ways to find your ring size and you can always save it for future reference too, considering that finger sizes change over time.

Method 5 – Go to a Local Jeweler

ring sizer with ring sizes

If you are wary about any of the above methods, you can always go to a local jeweler and check your size using their handy ring sizers. To be extra safe, wear a couple of rings and check if this is the correct size.

Once you are sure, you can then take your search online and buy the right size.

Tips to Secretly Find Out a Ring Size

If the ring is a surprise, then you will have to surreptitiously find out the ring size of the receiver.  

The most obvious way to do this is to ask family or friends who may know the right size.

Another way is to get your hands on a ring that he/she often wears and use that for Method 1 detailed above.

If you need to return the ring quickly so they don’t notice it’s gone, simply wear the ring on any of your fingers and note the point where it fits. Use a pen to mark this spot, then return the ring.

You can then use some of the above methods to find out the accurate ring size.

Resizing Your Ring

tension setting cannot be resized
Tension set rings are difficult to resize and require great expertise. Image source

If you do get the size wrong, don’t fret. Most reputable vendors offer 1 free resizing within a certain period of time. You can always have it resized free of charge.

Of course, note that this only applies to certain designs and materials used for the ring. Some materials such as wood, tungsten and even titanium can be difficult if not impossible to resize.

When it comes to designs, certain settings, especially those with stones set around the band are near impossible to resize. Such settings include eternity rings, vintage settings, pave settings and tension settings. Check whether the ring is resizable before you buy.  

When to Measure

If you are measuring your finger and not a ring, note that fingers tend to expand and shrink over the course of a day, in relation to the temperature. Fingers can tend to shrink in the mornings and if it is cold.

It is best to measure your fingers in the afternoon or evening when they are at their largest size.

Also note that finger sizes change over time. So a ring that fits perfectly now may not fit several years down the line. Most people have to deal with resizing their rings at some stage in their life.

Common Ring Sizes

Just like with shoe sizes, most men and women have common ring sizes. For women, these include US sizes 5 to 7, while for men it is typically 8 to 11. There is a high chance that your ring size sits between these ranges.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right ring size is often the hardest part of buying a ring for most people. Hopefully, with the methods listed above, you’ll be able to easily find the ring size that fits you best.

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