Diamond Shape Meaning – What the Shape Says About You

One of the first things you need to determine when picking out a diamond is its shape. While the round diamond is the most popular for engagement rings, these stones come in a variety of shapes, with each offering something unique to the wearer. Experts say that if you’re drawn to a certain diamond shape, that might be saying something about your personality and overall style.

In this article, let’s take a look at the top 10 diamond shape meaning and what the shape says about you. 

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#1 – Round Diamond

Round shape loose diamond
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The most iconic and popular of all diamond shapes, the round diamond signals eternity and everlasting love with its circular shape that has no end or beginning. It’s the go to shape for over 75% of all diamond buyers, so if you’re drawn to this shape, you’re not alone.

If you love the round diamond, chances are you lean towards the established, the traditional and the classic. Round diamond wearers tend to be conservative, honest and are often team players, fitting in with the norm. However, they may lack spontaneity and can also be reluctant to accept change.

#2 – Princess Diamond

Princess cut with 67% table
More princess shape diamonds from James Allen

The second most sought after of the diamond cuts, the Princess cut is a modern, sleek shape with excellent brilliance and sparkle.

This shape is associated with modernity, risk-taking and the desire to stand out. Princess cut wearers don’t hide away from attention, and are fun and creative, living life to the fullest.

#3 – Cushion Cut Diamond

cushion cut diamond true by hearts james allen
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The cushion cut is one of the oldest diamond cuts and is a cross between the round and the princess cuts and a mix of old and new.

If you love the cushion cut, you may be someone who has a soft spot for history and tradition but embrace the present and the future. You are traditional yet adventurous and like trying out new things. You don’t believe in living in the past and while you are romantic, you’re also a realist.

#4 – Oval Cut Diamond

Oval shape diamond
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This diamond cut has a vintage charm about it and while it’s very similar to the round brilliant, it’s more unique and creative. Oval diamonds are highly brilliant and yet a practical choice.

Those who wear oval diamonds tend to love vintage things and are drawn to artistic items. They are sophisticated, elegant and creative.

#5 – Marquise Cut Diamond

marquise cut diamond
More marquise cut diamonds from James Allen

The marquise cut is similar to an oval, except that it has sharp, pointed edges. Because of its shape, marquise diamonds tend to draw attention and are very unique when set in an engagement ring. Marquise diamonds look larger than their size, due to their elongated shape, and make fingers look slender.

Marquise diamond lovers have flair, can sometimes be dramatic and are drawn to the spotlight. They’re risk-takers, not afraid to stand out and do something differently.

#6 – Heart Cut Diamond

Heart shape diamond
More heart cut diamonds from James Allen

What’s more romantic than the heart shape? For centuries, the heart symbol has signified romance, passion and love. Heart cut diamonds emphasize symmetry and proportion.

If you’re drawn to the heart shaped diamond, you’re romantic, sentimental and you wear your heart (no pun intended) on your sleeve. You may be somewhat emotional but you’re loyal and you value the little things in life. You’re not afraid to show your true self to others. The downside is that you may get hurt and disappointed easily when your relationship doesn’t meet your expectations.

#7 – Asscher Cut Diamond

Asscher shape diamond
More asscher cut diamonds from James Allen

The Asscher cut is very Art Deco and has one of the most stylish and unique cuts of all the diamond shapes. The geometric pattern of the facets and the square shape of the cut make it very eye-catching, with elements of the antique and the modern.

If you love the Asscher, you’re a modern woman who loves vintage things reimagined for the present. You have a touch for drama and flair and are feminine and confident in your appearance.

#8 – Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald shape diamond
More emerald shape diamonds from James Allen

Emerald cuts are one of the few step cuts for diamonds. Their long, open facets exhibit clarity and a sleek, clean look.

Those who love emerald cuts are drawn to honesty and simplicity. You are highly likely to have a clear sense of who you are, are open and warm hearted and confident in your own skin. You’re sophisticated and elegant with a love for classy things.

#9 – Radiant Cut Diamond

Radiant shape diamond
More radiant cut diamonds from James Allen

The radiant cut is so called because of its exceptional sparkle. It’s a cross between the princess and emerald shapes but has flat beveled corners. It’s a rare shape that stands out on the wearer.  

If you choose this shape, you lean towards the trendy, modern and glamorous. You are confident, not afraid of risks nor are do you shrink away from the limelight.

#10 – Pear Cut Diamond

Pear shape diamond
More oval pear diamonds from James Allen

The pear shape is like a marquise, except that one end is rounded. Basically, it’s a mix of the marquise and the oval shapes. Pear cut diamonds look traditional and have a vintage touch to them but are highly versatile and excellent in engagement rings.

Those who wear this shape are romantic and traditional and may revel in taking risks and standing out. They like to challenge the status quo and live on their own terms. 

Some Helpful Tips When Choosing Your Diamond Shape

When determining the diamond shape for your ring, consider the shape of your hand and finger. Elongated shapes look excellent on slim, long fingers, while square shapes complement wider fingers. The round shape tends to complement any type of hand.

If you can’t decide on one specific shape, there’s always the option to get a ring that features several diamond shapes. You’ll probably have more options if you have the ring customized as there aren’t many such ready-made rings on the market.

Fourteen popular diamond shapes with titles isolated on black background. 3D illustration

The image above shows a list of diamond shapes that you might come across when shopping. We only picked the top 10 for this article, but there are many others, most of which are used as accent stones in settings like side-stone and three-stone rings.

If you want to know more about the top ten diamond shapes, check out our article here.

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