Why Should I Buy a five Stone Diamond Ring?

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Diamond engagement and wedding rings are not just about the aesthetics, they’re also about symbolism and meaning. Engagement and wedding rings are the most meaningful pieces of jewelry that most people own, and they symbolize, among other things, commitment, love and loyalty.

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So, no wonder that many people look for a meaningful ring or look for meaning in any ring! As you probably already know, 3 stone rings, or past, present and future rings, are coveted for their symbolism.

But what exactly is a five stone ring and what does it signify?

Let’s examine the five stone diamond ring, it’s meaning and when to buy one.

What Is a five Stone Diamond Ring?

As the name obviously implies, a five stone diamond ring contains five stones of equal or graduated size set on a metal shank. There are many ways that the five stone ring can be designed as it’s a very versatile engagement ring setting. Five stone rings are perfect as engagement rings, wedding rings or even anniversary rings.

1- Five Stone Engagement Rings

emerald cut 5 stone ring
Five stone ring with graduated emerald cut diamonds. See this ring here

When it comes to five stone engagement rings, we normally find that the design includes graduated diamonds with a large, center stone taking the focus. This stone can be of any shape or size, to suit the overall design of the ring. Generally, the same shape is chosen for all five diamonds, to create a cohesive look but choosing different shapes will give you a unique ring that stands out.

Five stone engagement rings can be very elaborate as there is a lot of room to embellish and create a stunning ring. It can be designed to be very dramatic and eye-catching. However, if you prefer something on the quieter, minimalist side, consider a five stone engagement ring like this one. Notice how it still maintains all the stylistic features of a five stone engagement ring and yet looks very simple and dainty.

2- Five Stone Wedding Rings

five stone ring with equal diamonds
Five stone ring with equal sized diamonds. See this ring here.

Five stone wedding bands usually sport equal sized diamonds, with no single stone taking all the focus. This is similar to a half-eternity band which also contains diamonds that go around half the circumference of the band. However, a five stone ring usually contains larger diamonds than half eternities and these are often more prominent. Just like the five stone engagement ring, you can find minimalistic five stone wedding rings with equal sized stones. Here is an excellent example

Five stone wedding bands can be paired with a simple solitaire engagement ring or a trilogy ring. Pairing this wedding band with the right engagement ring is important as you want both to shine but not overwhelm each other. Ask your retailer which bands go best together if you’re in doubt.

3- Five Stone Anniversary Rings

5 stone trellised ring
A trellis diamond five stone ring. See this ring here.

Five stone anniversary rings are no different in style to engagement or wedding rings. They can be given on any chosen anniversary to commemorate a special milestone. They are excellent as vow-renewal rings too.

The fifth wedding anniversary is usually the favoured milestone for this particular ring design, and it’s easy to see why as the symbolism is quite obvious. Five stones, five years… But, as mentioned before, there are no rules as to which anniversary is best for a five stone ring.

The Meaning of a Five Stone Ring

Unlike a three stone ring, five stone rings don’t have clear cut symbolism which means that they can represent what you want them to represent. Here are some ideas:

  • The five stones can be said to represent five qualities of a good relationship – love, commitment, trust, communication and empathy.
  • For five-year anniversaries, the five stone ring could symbolize each of the years already passed in love and joy, an achievement worth celebrating in a day and age where so many marriages end in divorce.
  • At the start of a relationship, the five stones could represent the first five years to come. It could be a look into the future and a hope for a successful first half decade.
  • Because the five stone ring is similar to the half-eternity, the symbolism of the eternity ring is applicable here too. The eternity ring symbolizes everlasting love and commitment. Even though the half eternity lacks the visual appearance of an eternal ring, the meaning still persists.

Ultimately, the meaning of a five stone ring is what you decide to give to it. This makes it an exciting choice because it allows for more creativity and personalization. Like writing your own vows, instead of following the script, you can create your own meaning with the five stone ring.

Five Stone Diamond Ring Settings

As already stated, five stone rings allow for endless customization and design choices. By altering the size, shape and color of the stones, you have endless options to play with. Another great choice for a unique design is to choose a gemstone five stone ring, instead of diamonds, like this gorgeous sapphire five stone ring with diamond halo. You could opt for a meaningful gemstone like your birthstone or a stone that has meaning that speaks to you.

In terms of the actual settings of a five stone ring, prong settings are the most popular, but you can also find unique bezel and basket settings that hold the stones in place.

While most times we prefer the prong to be as small and out-of-the-way as possible so that the focus and light performance of the diamond is maximized, there are times when well-designed prongs can add to the beauty of the ring and take it to the next level. This largely depends on the skill and quality of the designer so ensure that you pick a jeweler who knows what they’re doing.

u prong five stone ring
A very unique u-prong five stone ring. See this ring here.

Take a look at the ring featured above. Notice how the prongs of this ring are very unique, featuring a tiny diamond melee on the side of the prong, giving the overall setting a vintage like charm with great attention paid to detail.

Take time to go through five stone ring collections of different vendors to compare the settings, prices and the quality. Make sure that you view the setting from all angles so that you know exactly what it looks like when you wear it.

Many retailers also offer build your own five stone ring services, like Blue Nile does here.  This gives you more control over the end product and allows you to choose the stone size and quality to suit your preferences.

Where to Buy Five Stone Diamond Rings

Whether you opt to search in store or online, there are bound to be many five stone ring options as this is a popular ring design. However, by taking your search online, you’ll be able to access competitive prices and have a wide range of options to source from.

It’s imperative to choose a trustworthy and reliable vendor, known for the quality of their products and services. We recommend the following retailers when it comes to shopping for five stone diamond rings online:

  1. James Allen

James Allen has an impressive collection of high-quality five stone rings on offer. Their site allows you to view each ring carefully from all angles using their ground-breaking Diamond Display Technology. They also have Diamond Experts on hand to help you through the process.

  1. Blue Nile

Blue Nile is known for being the largest online diamond retailer, with competitive prices and excellent products. Their range of five stone rings include designer and gemstone rings.

  1. Brian Gavin

Brian Gavin’s diamonds are famous for their exceptional cut quality and for their continuous innovation in perfecting their diamond cut. Their range of five stone rings are stylish and expertly crafted, with several unique settings on offer.

  1. Whiteflash

If you’re looking for superior sparkle, look no further than Whiteflash. Their diamonds are of stunning quality and brilliance and customers rave about their services. Browse through their ring collections to find an exceptional five stone ring.


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