9 Best Places to Buy Engagement Rings in Chicago Right Now

Chicago is a great place to visit for a myriad of different reasons but if you’re looking for an engagement ring there, prepare to be impressed by the engagement ring and diamond jewelry stores, retailers and craftsmen the Windy City has to offer.

Narrowing down all the options Chicago has to offer just to the few down below was a challenge but after carefully going through them all, we’ve picked out the following shops as the best places to buy engagement rings in Chicago, basing our criteria on customer satisfaction and reviews, product quality and range, customer service, after sales policies among others.

Whether you’re looking for custom engagement ring designs, affordable and fair prices, great customer service, top-quality diamonds, or a mix of all these factors, the top 9 stores we’ve listed here are the ones to visit.

1. Ethan Lord

emerald cut halo diamond ring in yellow gold setting

Location: 5 S Wabash Ave suite 208, Chicago, IL 60603, United States

Customer rating: 4.9 stars

Ethan Lord has been a part of the Chicago jewelry business since 2004 and has carved a name for themselves as a reliable and high-quality jeweler. They specialize in both engagement rings and custom jewelry and are quite strong in both areas. They have large collections of engagement rings with solitaire, halo, three stone, and other settings, as well as different vintage, sapphire, and fashion rings.

More importantly, their expert jewelers craft custom engagement rings on site. Ethan Lord prides themselves as Chicago’s engagement ring specialists and they are known to easily work with any design and requirements, as well as any type of diamonds and materials. All their rings come with a lifetime maintenance guarantee, no-pressure and stress-free customer service, and a very personal attitude.

Ethan Lord also offers a return policy for online-ordered rings, an extensive privacy policy, and a lifetime warranty. All this, together with conflict-free diamonds and a very educational approach from their employees, makes Ethan Lord a new but great choice in the Chicago area.

To book a consultation, check their website: Ethan Lord

2. Windy City Diamonds

three yellow diamond engagement rings on fingers

Location: 1 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60603, United States

Customer rating: 4.9 stars

For another good custom design option, Windy City Diamonds are a great place to visit. Founded 90 years ago and run by 4 generations of the Zimmerman family ever since this family business has one of the biggest collections of GIA-certified diamonds in Chicago. Their family business model is based on the idea of offering custom jewelry of the finest quality at prices that are as competitive as possible.

If you’re not specifically looking for custom engagement rings, Wind City Diamonds also have a large enough collection of pre-made designs or samples for you to choose from. Made in all styles and settings, they seem bound to satisfy any customer with their quality. The brand also offers a 100% 30-day refund policy, a lifetime upgrade policy, and a 2-3 weeks custom design crafting period.

Some of the prominent jewelry designers Wind City Diamonds work with include Malo, Leslie’s, Philip Gavriel, California Coast Designs, Mardini, S.Kashi, and others.

To book a consultation, check their website: Windy City Diamonds

3. Diamonds Inc.

rose gold three stone engagement ring

Location: 68 E Madison St, Chicago, IL 60602, United States

Customer rating: 4.9 stars

Having been in the jewelry business for over 20 years, Diamonds Inc. is one of Chicago’s prime engagement ring and jewelry options. They work with on-site artisan jewelry design experts that have a combined experience of over 60 years, which gives them more than enough skill and expertise to craft the finest quality engagement rings and wedding bands.

Custom bespoke ring designs are precisely what Diamonds Inc. specializes in. They also offer other jewelry and even watches. They offer to craft engagement rings and wedding bands in all styles and types up to your specifications. What’s more, they also use both certified natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds if you’re looking for an even more affordable but equal in quality option.

In addition to their custom design services, Diamonds Inc. also offers jewelry repair services, diamond inspections, extensive education and a customer-friendly approach, a lifetime guarantee, and more. All this, together with their excellent website, makes them a great choice for you to either start your engagement ring search or end it there.

To book a consultation, check their website: Diamonds Inc.

4. Wedding Bands Company

princess cut diamond engagement ring in white gold setting

Location: 2 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60602, United States

Customer rating: 4.9 stars

Aptly named the Wedding Bands Company offers a great diversity of wedding bands and engagement rings. The brand was founded 20 years ago by Koorosh Daneshgar, who is both the CEO and the chief jewelry designer there. Today, the Wedding Bands Company is one of the largest diamond stores and service jewelers in the Chicago area. They have a huge fine jewelry showroom, a design department where Koorosh has recruited some of the best designers in the industry, a diamond library, and state-of-the-art diamond casting/finishing/setting facilities.

Thanks to all this, the Wedding Bands Company is capable of offering a great variety of engagement ring styles, ranging from classic and vintage to modern and chic designs. Their custom-designed pieces are equally impressive and come with their trademark quality and specialty in engravings. To learn more about their services browse through their user friendly and easy to navigate website and explore the many different services they provide, as well as the various partners and collaborators they work with.

To book a consultation, check their website: Wedding Bands Company

5. Gage Diamonds

white gold floral inspired halo engagement ring

Location: 165 W Chicago Ave #202, Chicago, IL 60654, United States

Customer rating: 4.9 stars

Located in the River North Gallery District of Chicago, Gage’s retail showroom is a great place to look for both engagement rings and wedding bands. It’s quite a new brand in the scene as it was just founded in 2015, but that doesn’t stop them from offering great GIA-certified diamonds and affordable Gabriel & Co. designer rings. Their engagement ring catalog also offers pieces from well-known designers such as Brooke, Lilly, Rana, Sierra, Penelope, Quinn, and others.

In addition, Gage Diamonds also offer bespoke custom designs so that you can have the exact engagement ring you want. They specialize in many different setting styles and have fine quality round, princess, cushion, and marquise diamonds, as well as great 14K gold materials.

All this comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, a complimentary after care program, a 30-day return policy, a diamond upgrade program as well as free shipping.

To book a consultation, check their website: Gage’s retail showroom

6. Dimend Scaasi Jeweler

gold art deco inspired engagement ring on the finger

Location: 5 S Wabash Ave #1734, Chicago, IL 60603, United States

Customer rating: 4.9 stars

If you’re looking for something chicer and more unique in its style, that’s exactly what the Dimend Scaasi Jeweler in Chicago has to offer. Isaac Gottesman, the founder of Dimend Scaasi mentions the combination of top quality, complete customer experience, and affordable prices as his main goal.

To achieve that, Dimend Scaasi offers a comprehensive assortment of engagement and wedding rings for both men and women. They specialize in bespoke jewelry, with all their existing jewelry being custom made, utilizing CAD and 3D printing. These diamond rings come in a variety of different styles, settings, and materials, all of the top-notch quality that’s meant to last a lifetime. In addition to this, Dimend Scaasi also offers lab created diamonds, making for complete diamond offerings and catering to every budget and customer preference.

What’s more, Dimend Scaasi also offers a lifetime warranty, free local and international shipping, a free first year of maintenance, reputable certification, a 100% refund policy, and a 30-day return policy. All that, together with their friendly customer experience, educational approach, and 20+ years of experience in the business, make them a great choice for your engagement ring needs.

To book a consultation, check their website: Dimend Scaasi

7. James & Sons Fine Jewelers

rose gold oval diamond engagement ring

Location: 1457 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60642, United States

Customer rating: 5 stars

James & Sons Fine Jewelers don’t just specialize in engagement rings but instead offer a wide range of other fine jewelry options as well. This doesn’t indicate a lack of commitment to their engagement ring branch, however, as they seem to have established quite a lot of expertise in that area over their 50 years in the business. Their extensive collection includes hundreds of great pre-made designs in various different styles. They also work with some of the best designers in the industry such as Tacori, Hearts on Fire, A. Jaffe, Gabriel, Danhov, the J & S Collection, Lashbrook and Crown Ring.

All this culminates in a great fine jewelry retailer that offers great quality and variety at accessible prices. They also offer on-site repairs and great customer service. Unfortunately, they don’t offer custom ring designs, if that’s what you’re looking for, but their rich catalog can easily make up for that.

To book a consultation, check their website: James & Sons Fine Jewelers

8. The Jewelry Exchange

round and marquise diamond engagement ring

Location: 501 East St. Charles Road, Villa Park, IL 60181, United States

Customer rating: 4.7 stars

The Jewelry exchange, also known as the Jewelry Factory or the Goldenwest Diamond Corporation, is among the largest direct diamond exporters in the U.S. It is also the largest worldwide customer of 2 out of the 5 super site holders in the world. What this means is that they have first-hand access to many of the rarest and highest-quality diamonds in the world and have the ability to import them at accessible prices.

The end result for the consumer is a top-quality diamond jewelry store that offers the best of the best, including when it comes to engagement rings, wedding bands or anniversary rings. Their impressive catalog includes rings of all styles, designs and settings but more importantly – they also offer a custom design option.

All the diamonds offered by Jewelry Exchange are conflict free and they also have customer-friendly return & exchange policies as well as fantastic customer service in general. Their website is quite user-friendly and offers a lot of information, but you can also visit any of their physical stores in Chicago and beyond.

To book a consultation, check their website: The Jewelry exchange

9. Donna Jewelry Co.

emerald cut diamond engagement ring

Location: 21 N Wabash Ave Suite 1, Chicago, IL 60602, United States

Customer rating: 5 stars

Donna Jewelry Co. has been in the diamond jewelry business for over 30 years and engagement rings have been a big part of their catalog during all this time. What’s more, custom bespoke designs are their specialty and the quality of their craftsmanship has been tried and tested. Their aim is to provide the best jewelry at the lowest prices. This commitment to offering competitive pricing is evident in their price-match guarantee.

Donnay Jewelry does have some impressive pre-made engagement rings as well, although that’s not their focus, so you can just as easily find your future ring already made and waiting for you there. If you opt for a custom design, however, the Donna Jewelry Co. is more than well-equipped to guide you through the whole process. Make sure that you know everything you need and want to know along the way, and be 100% satisfied in the end.

All their diamonds are conflict-free and GIA-certified. They offer 30-day returns, jewelry insurance, free gift packing, as well as fast and secure shipping. They also have a price matching policy and a free lifetime cleaning and checkup policy.

To book a consultation, check their website: Donna Jewelry Co.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is no easy task but we hope we’ve helped you at least a bit along the way. You can always try shopping online as well, but visiting a great physical store is an excellent option, especially if you’re in the area.

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