Engagement Ring Trends for 2023 – What to Know

Engagement ring styles are always changing to reflect the fashion of the times and each year we see new trends hitting the market. While some designs are timeless and classical, like the diamond solitaire, even these can still be reimagined to suit contemporary styles and to make a modern statement.

We were wondering what engagement ring styles are in for 2023 and decided to gain some insight by talking to the experts. Here Tal Cohen, founder of Reve Diamonds, offers his expert tips into the current engagement ring scenario, discussing contemporary engagement ring styles, what to look out for and what to avoid.

1. What do modern couples look for in an engagement ring?

Horizontal Setting Solitaire Pear Diamond Engagement Ring Top View
East-west engagement ring styles.

While the majority of couples still go for a solitaire diamond engagement ring, we see many couples that cannot find their dream ring off the shelf in a high street jewellery shop and ask us to design a bespoke engagement ring.

From placing the centre pear shape horizontally on the band to deciding on the angle of the halo we get many requests for handmade bespoke engagement rings. Customers are often inspired by celebrity rings or from art deco antique designs to create a contemporary ring.

2. Which diamond shapes are in style?

Four Claw Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
An oval diamond engagement ring.

Round is still the most popular diamond cut, but Oval, Pear, Emerald, Cushion and Princess are the next most popular picks. We also get enquires for Radiant, Asscher and Marquise from time to time for bespoke rings.

3. Vintage vs. modern engagement rings: Which should I choose?

It all depends on your style. It is a personal decision, but some designs are timeless and will always remain a classic choice. Like I mentioned before, many couples get their inspiration from antique designs but tweak these around to create modern rings.

4. Which are the best styles for engagement rings right now?

Pear Shape and Tapered Baguettes Diamond Engagement Ring top View

The trilogy with tapered Baguettes is our top choice. It works with any shape for the centre stone.

5. Are there any engagement ring styles to avoid?

Avoid those that are not wedding band friendly and will require a curved wedding band later to match. If you’re planning on wearing a wedding ring together with your engagement ring, you will most likely regret it later.

6. Are there any rules to keep in mind when buying a modern engagement ring?

Round Halo Vintage Design Diamond Engagement Ring

Stick to platinum. If you want to have a rose or yellow gold band, make sure the prongs are platinum or white gold otherwise the colour of the metal will reflect on your white diamond. 

Do not waste your money on anything other than GIA certified diamonds. All other labs and independent certificates give an upgrade grading result using the GIA grading system to diamonds that cannot be graded and get a good result with the GIA. Avoid diamonds with florescence.

If you wish to buy a diamond with a lower clarity grading like SI1 or SI2, look into the diamond with a loupe to make sure the inclusions are not black or in a visible location like in the middle of the diamond table. 

7. How can a modern engagement ring be customized?

Design your own engagement ring. Ask for a CAD design and make changes. Work with the jeweller to create a bespoke piece. They should be willing and able to help you incorporate your suggestions and requirements into the ring design.

8. How can I choose a modern engagement ring style that I know won’t go out of style down the track?

Chose the right diamond or gem first. From D to G colour and VS1 to SI1 Clarity your diamond will sparkle forever if you keep it clean. If you are not sure about what style of ring to go for, keep it simple with a thin 4 claw solitaire. You can always change it later.

9. Are fancy colour diamonds engagement rings considered Contemporary Engagement Rings?

Split Shank Double Halo Fancy Vivid Yellow Cushion Diamond Ring

Fancy coloured diamonds can be an excellent choice to create a modern engagement ring. From yellow diamonds with a white diamond halo or a black diamond with a yellow gold ring, coloured diamonds can add a twist to your engagement ring.

10. Which metal makes an engagement ring look modern?

Four Claw Oval Cut Diamond Micro Setting Engagement Ring
Platinum remains the most popular metal in the UK

Rose gold is the metal that is in fashion at the moment however the look and feel of platinum that is heavier and stays white longer than 18kt white gold is the most popular metal for engagement rings in the UK.

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