13 Best Engagement Ring Designers Right Now

An engagement ring is a piece of art that should tell your story. And the right engagement ring designer should be able to craft your ring so it tells your story, using gemstones and metal set in a way that is truly you.

But not every designer will suit every couple, so it’s important to find the right one that understands your aesthetic.

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To help with this, we’ve created a list of the best engagement ring designers right now. Trendy statement pieces, timeless heirlooms, or sustainable ornaments, these designers have it all. So without further delay, let’s get on with our list.

1. Verragio

Focus: Intricate classical designs

verragio ring whiteflash

Barry Verragio’s focus is to create truly unique, above-average designs that last the test of time. Being in the business for over 25 years, Verragio has become one of the most well-known names in the jewelry industry.

Verragio’s designs are classical and traditional, with fine touches that elevate it from the ordinary. Considered to be one (if not “the”) best in the business, Verragio manages to make each of their designs a blinding yet remarkable spectacle.

Their running theme is all about lavishing the traditional design, such that the rings shine from all angles. The attention to detail and meticulous workmanship make Verragio’s designs true works of art. It goes without saying that Verragio has reimagined the classics for the modern 21st century woman.

You can find his designs at several well-known retailers, including Whiteflash and James Allen.

That said, it’s not for everyone, as a complete ring (setting and diamond included) will cost you upwards of five figures on average.

2. Danhov

Focus: Slender and sleek handcrafted rings

Incorporating sterile, smooth shanks or thin twisty pavés — with no room for “regular looking” engagement rings — Danhov’s handcrafted and award-winning pieces can really upset the competition. Their take on the contrast between ultra-sleek futuristic jewelry and contemporary twisty engagement rings is undoubtedly unique and definitely warrants a look-see.

Although Danhov’s signature style still is the spiral shank with pave stones (Abbraccio), they seem to be branching out with the new Voltaggio collection, which is thick, slick, simple, and severe.  The focus is on creating a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry to suit the bride-to-be’s style and personality, a ring that will be cherished through the generations.

Danhov rings range from contemporary minimalist to classical baroque pieces so there is something for everyone here regardless of your style. If you’re looking for exacting precision and gorgeous art, Danhov’s is sure to impress.

3. Zac Posen

zac posen engagement ring
See Zac Posen jewelry here.

Focus: Vintage-inspired with choices ranging from simple to extremely elaborate

Zac Posen entered the world of fashion at the age of 21, and quickly became one of the most respected name in the industry. After partnering with Blue Nile in 2014, Zac Posen extended his range to fine jewelry.

As a renowned designer of couture dresses, handbags, and fine jewelry, Zac Posen has conceptualized more than a dozen premium engagement rings rife with symbolism and elegance.

His collection is featured on Blue Nile as the “ZAC ZAC Posen Engagement Rings” catalog, where he emphasizes the center stone (and sometimes side stones) with a clean shank and impeccable balance and symmetry. These engagement rings are always inspired by vintage designs but with noticeable upgrades that provide enough variety in the details department.

While browsing their collection, you can opt for a clean solitaire or take it to the next level with a blinding halo setting complete with double-bordered paved stones and ornate patterns.

4. De Beers Forevermark

Focus: Remastering the traditional

With a long history and a larger-than-life brand presence in their own store page and other e-tailers, such as Lugaro, Macy’s, and Day’s Jewelers, De Beers Forevermark has a vast collection that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

Forevermark boasts an impressive lineup with their traditionally-inspired Diamond Engagement Rings. Here, you can go for the regular designs with flawless diamonds or embrace the intricacy of cascading paved diamonds or mesmerizing halos.

There’s something for everyone here, and unlike our more extravagant contenders, Forevermark stocks off-the-shelf rings with great value and sound financing.

5. Tiffany & Co

Focus: Brand prestige and timeless classics

Considered a household brand, the hypnotic designs from Tiffany & Co will surely draw you in. Although they don’t stray too far from the mainstream, the bulk of their inventory is traditional designs equipped with simple band settings and pristine stones that never diminish in value or aesthetics.

What’s great about their collection is that they’ve got a well-curated list of simple solitaires and paved bands catering to all the popular diamond shapes. Princess cuts, cushion cuts, round brilliants, emeralds, and even heart-shapes, they’ve got it all.

That said, prices can be far out of reach compared to the competition. Nothing’s short of five figures, but you get the best diamonds with an excellent cut, VS1 clarity (very slightly included), and D-rated colors (the best color rating). 

6. Tacori

Focus: Unique designs and vintage styles

Tacori is perhaps the most famous modern engagement ring designer and has held this position for several decades now. Tacori has captured the imagination of young people the world over, making their rings one of the most highly sought-after in the engagement ring market.

Based in California, Tacori was founded by Haig Tacorian whose keen insight and uniquely creative skills quickly carved him a name in the competitive jewelry industry. Today, the next generation of Tacorians have taken the business to the next level in alignment with the changing styles and tastes of today.

Tacori engagement rings are beautifully designed with meticulous attention paid to detail. From simple to elaborate, there is something for everyone. Tacori offers a range of collections, available on their site and their partner retailers site.

We highly recommend giving them a shot, especially if you’re looking for an engagement ring that won’t lose its appeal for decades.

7. Simon G

Focus: Stylish heirloom pieces meant to be cherished for generations

Bordering on the contemporary, yet with a design ethos steeped in vintage art, Simon G’s concepts are something of an outlier. It’s hard to tell which design philosophy they belong to because you’ve got the sleek and modern flat shanks on the bottom and the vintage settings on the top, with just the right amount of embellishments.

Simon G offers a novel aesthetic, but in most of their iconic pieces, the intricacies are never revealed to the uninitiated. As such, they aren’t particularly bold statement pieces and instead make for enduring jewelry that’s easy on the pockets and can be easily passed down to the next generation.

8. A. Jaffe

Focus: Prioritizing elegance and extravagance over everything else 

Although established in 1892, A. Jaffe designers never fail to get in with the times. Their engagement rings have a strong foundation of vintage designs from which they’ve evolved and incorporated modern design elements: focusing on maximalism without forgetting their simple roots.

The current collection of A. Jaffe introduces engagement rings that never fail to look fabulous from all angles. They’ve elaborated on everything, whether that’s the side stones, the side profile of the shoulders and gallery, and even the shank, detracting from the circular design and giving it enough polygons to make it distinct and compelling; from all angles.

A Jaffe is one of the greats willing to design a bespoke piece or expand on their current designs however you want.

9. Gabriel & Co

Focus: Circles, curves, intricate halos, and round diamonds

Featuring a wide range of inspiring options, all based on the traditional design ethos, Gabriel & Co houses enough variety and distinction to captivate until you eventually loop in and decide to go for their exquisite engagement rings.

Gabriel & Co doesn’t have a strict preference per se; however, it’s obvious that they favor stunning halos and brilliant round stones for the diamond,: making them the perfect hybrid between trendy statement pieces and long-lasting heirlooms. 

Compared to the competition, Gabriel & Co won’t go overboard with their prices. So even though a setting and diamond cost a couple of thousand dollars each, you can still get away without spending enough to buy a car.

10. Ashley Zang

Focus: Clean settings with natural-looking baskets that blend into the diamond

If you’re willing to spend upwards of $5,000 on an engagement ring, with enough time to spare and go back and forth with a designer, you should definitely consider commissioning Ashley Zang. What’s great about her is that she’s open to customizing bespoke pieces from the ground up or handling made-to-order engagement rings with whatever size or cut of diamond you want.

Besides that, her off-the-shelf stock is also quite formidable, with vintage designs that keep a plain shank and a minimal setting, making room for the main diamond (and sometimes, side stones and halos) to grab the spotlight. She doesn’t prefer blinding paved stones or ornate galleries and shanks: just the basics with exceptional artistry and innovation.

Prices can vary since she pairs different diamond cuts with custom-crafted baskets (fixtures that hold the diamond in place). You might find a simple setting and appropriately-sized diamonds for as low as $4,800 or an even minimal-looking one with an enormous diamond for $40,000.

11. Vrai & Oro

Focus: Lab-grown diamonds with a comprehensive catalog

With a specialization in lab-grown diamonds, Vrai & Oro takes a more straightforward approach to helping couples find the ideal engagement ring.

You can browse made-to-order rings based on the diamond cut, setting, or metal through their website.

There’s a decent variety here, with several unique pave and finely-crafted shanks. That said, what stands out as their best sellers — and the most influential piece — are the Vrai & Oro Classic and its many variants (such as the hidden halo and twisted classic). These never go out of style and aren’t that expensive.

12. Monique Lhuillier

Focus:  Adding extravagance and color to the traditional design school

With couture dresses and bridal gowns being her forte, it’s hard to imagine that Monique Lhuillier would dive into engagement rings. Surprisingly, that’s what she did, thanks to a collaboration with Kay Jewelers in late 2021, eventually releasing a sizable collection that aligns with her premium fashion sense.

Monique’s engagement rings are feminine and glamorous. Each piece is sophisticated and innovative, designed to ‘mirror the uniqueness of every bride’. As a bride to be, we all want to be different and have our style encapsulated in our engagement ring. This is where Monique Lhullier excels and why her label has grown to become one of the most highly-sought after in the bridal market.

Monique’s collection is primarily reminiscent of traditional engagement rings but with an over-extravagance that emphasizes the desire for halos, side stones, and pave accents. Her ready-to-ship pieces are beset with stunning clear and colored diamonds, making excellent use of color contrast to highlight the shank and the head.

Monique Lhuillier’s revamped catalog is a treat to browse, with affordable pricing and financing plans making it all the more enticing. The only caveat is the limited customization, where you can only pick between two-three metals, diamond cuts, and carat weights. 

13. Anna Sheffield

Focus: Wild and bold statement pieces for the trendy ring wearer

If you’re looking for a designer that’s not afraid to bend the rules and do her own thing with engagement rings, then we wholeheartedly recommend Anna Sheffield. She’s got her own take on contemporary and futuristic-inspired jewelry that incorporates asymmetric accents, unconventional prongs (often shaped like claws or fingers), colored diamonds, and modular-style multiple shanks.

Her wild designs are not for light-hearted couples, and her off-the-shelf prices can be a bit steep. However, with a robust lineup, her brand is widely received by both local and international customers. 

Wrapping Up

Designer engagement rings are worth a shot since their designs are unmatched, and you get the best components that will last multiple lifetimes.

That said, purchasing from some of these designers is not so clear cut and dry since you will need to shell out thousands of dollars, decide on a setting (band style) and diamond separately, and make sure you agree with their core design philosophy.

All things considered, you have a lot of freedom to browse these designers online before making a firm decision, so don’t rush in: check out some famous designers and get a better idea of which ones closely match your style.

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