Stylish Ankle Bracelets for Men

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While most gents tend to favor simplicity in their jewelry tastes, some enjoy flashier styles. As gender-neutral fashion continues to spread, ankle bracelets are increasingly becoming popular among men and are available in various styles from the classic chain to attention-grabbing designs.

If you’re looking for an ankle bracelet that would suit your personality and style, we’ve put together a list of 25 unique options you might like to choose from. Lets’ go ahead and take a look.

Ankle Bracelets for Men

1. Minimalist Wheat Chain Anklet

Italian tube wheat anklet
14K solid white gold Italian tube wheat anklet by Damiani Silver. See it here.

Subtle and understated, this ankle bracelet proves that style is in the finer details. If you look closely, the chain resembles the tips of wheat stalks with its intricate twisted oval links. This is why it’s called wheat chain or spiga chain, derived from the Spanish word for wheat. Its braided appearance makes this anklet the perfect piece to add a finishing touch, without getting too much attention.

2. Twist Rope Anklet

Twist rope anklet
Gold twist rope anklet. See it here.

If you’re in need of just a little something extra to add to your look, this anklet exudes class and elegance. It’s a great option for anyone looking for a versatile piece that’s durable and comfortable enough to be worn daily. While it looks delicate as a singular chain, this ankle bracelet is also a great stacking bracelet.

3. Tri-Color Rope Anklet

Tricolor rope anklet
Tri-color gold diamond-cut rope chain anklet by the Diamond 2 Deal Store. See it here.

If you prefer a gold ankle bracelet but can’t decide on which color to go for, consider this piece with all three gold colors in one. It features 14k white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, so you can easily match it with any outfit. The rope chain looks lavish and it’s also highly durable. Overall, this ankle bracelet is an excellent choice for a minimalist.  

4. Gold Bead Anklet

Gold bead anklet
14Kt gold beaded anklet by Diamond Jewelry NY. See it here.

A valuable addition to any guy’s wardrobe, this anklet features gold bead detailing, which gives it an attractive look without being distracting. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for something that’s simple, but also stylish to add to your collection.

5. Diamond Cut Bead Anklet

Diamond cut beads chain anklet
Diamond cut beads chain anklet by Amazon Collection. See it here.

An attractive jewelry piece for any occasion, the ankle bracelet features barrel diamond-cut beads that give it a unique look. With its polished finish and grainy appearance, this anklet is perfect if you’re looking for something cool and contemporary.

6. Nautical Rope Anklet

Nautical rope anklet
10” 14K gold anklet by Diamond Jewelry NY. See price here.

This anklet is the perfect minimalistic piece to tie together any incomplete ensemble. It’s an ideal choice if you love sailing or anything to do with the sea since it’s full of nautical inspiration. It features a rope and chain design that serves as a reminder of sailing, making it a great addition to any sea lover’s outfit.

7. Anchor Chain Anklet

Anchor anklet chain
Yellow gold concave anchor anklet chain by the Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry Store. See it here.

Also inspired by nautical fashion, anchor chains have interlocking oval links, with a vertical bar at the center. This piece looks similar to the real-life anchor chains used on ships, giving the bracelet a stylish, nautical vibe. An added bonus is that it’s also one of the strongest gold chains you can have!

8. Three-Tone Chain Anklet

Vintage three-tone chain anklet
Vintage three-tone chain anklet by Quality Jewelry Shop. See it here.

The chain on this design is a testament to a timeless design, yet its varying colors add a trendy touch to any outfit, without becoming overbearing. Perfect for vintage lovers.  

9. Curb Chain Anklet

Beveled curb chain anklet
14K yellow gold beveled curb anklet by the Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry Store. See it here.

A must-have ankle bracelet for any man, this piece features a beveled curb chain that gives the wearer a bold and masculine look. The twisted links give this piece an interlocked, edgy appearance, letting you flaunt your style with every outfit. It’s also a durable piece since its links are soldered, making them less prone to breaking.

10. Gold Byzantine Anklet

Byzantine weave anklet
Italian gold Byzantine weave anklet by Katherine La Terra Shop. Check price here.

Byzantine chains are one of the most texturally complex chain designs. The chain of this anklet is complex and ornate, with links that interlock and interweave. It might be heavier than other traditional chains, but it definitely makes a bold statement.

11. Handcuff-Inspired Anklet

Handcuff inspired anklet
Stainless steel handcuff anklet by the Prosteel Store. See it here.

If you love the appeal of military designs, you’re sure to find this handcuff-inspired anklet masculine and stylish. The theme first became popular in biker, punk, and goth styles, since the handcuff motif is associated with strength and rebellion. When your outfit needs that unexpected touch, this jewelry piece will make it look hip and fashion-forward.

12. Edgy Initial Anklet

Initial anklets
Initial charm anklet by Chains Pros. See it here.

Mostly recognized for their repeating pattern, Figaro chains are usually thick and soldered, making them a durable option for anklets. The hexagon charm gives the perfect accent to the bracelet and you can have it engraved with your initials, or if it’s a gift, with the initials of the receiver.

13. Zodiac Charm Anklet

Zodiac anklet for men
Figaro chain zodiac anklet by the Prosteel Store. See it here.

Over the past few years, zodiac signs have become a popular design for jewelry. For those in astrology, a zodiac anklet allows you to showcase your interests. It’s a modern interpretation of zodiac-themed jewelry, featuring a cutout design of your star sign, giving it a hip and trendy look.

14. Rosary-Inspired Anklet

Rosary inspired anklet
Rosary-inspired 14K gold anklet by Diamond Jewelry NY. See it here.

If you want to show your faith and devotion through your jewelry piece, why not give this rosary-inspired anklet a try? It’s a minimalist piece of jewelry with meaning.  

15. Cross Anklet

Dainty cross anklet
Sterling silver dainty cross anklet by Sllaiss. See it here.

Possibly the most famous Christian symbol, the cross motif in this ankle bracelet will serve as a reminder of your faith and moral principles in life. It’s made of genuine sterling silver which means it won’t tarnish over time and it’s also completely nickel free. It’s a versatile piece of jewelry that can be worn by both men and women.

16. Ankh Ankle Bracelet

Egyptian ankh anklet
Gold-plated Egyptian ankh cross anklet by Roots Pride. See it here.

The ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol of life that is often used in jewelry designs today. It’s a symbol full of positive meanings. It retains its symbolism as the key of life, the cross of life, and a representation of life in general, making it not only fashionable but also meaningful to wear. This ankle bracelet is all about standing out, not blending in.

17. Skull Chain Anklet

Skull anklet
Stainless steel anklet with cubic zirconia skulls by Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry Store. See it here.

Macabre motifs of skulls and bones first became popular during the Victorian era, where people adorned themselves with ‘memento mori’ jewelry. This ankle bracelet features cubic zirconia skulls which symbolize toughness and bravery, making it an excellent piece to show off your masculinity.

17. Bamboo Initial Anklet

Bamboo initial ankle bracelet
Bamboo letter initial anklet by Prosteel Store. See it here.

If you’re looking for an interesting ankle bracelet to complete your look, consider a gold-plated, stainless steel piece with a bamboo letter design like this one. It’s stylish enough to wear every day and makes a great conversation starter. It’s a perfect way to add style and personalization to your casual ensembles.

18. Lion Head Anklet

Lion head anklet for men
Lion head cord anklet by White Luck Workshop. See it here.

The lion has always been a symbol of masculinity, as well as power and authority. This anklet is a simple piece made from a waxed cord and features a silver-plated lion head. It’s the ideal choice if you’re looking for a minimalist piece that won’t attract too much attention but makes a quiet statement. It’s an attractive piece that’s easy to match with casual outfits.

Stainless steel anklet
Stainless steel diamond link anklet by the Ryan Jonathan Fine Jewelry Store. See it here.

This ankle bracelet is a unique twist to the typical ankle bracelet styles. Subtle enough for daily wear, it’s an attractive statement piece featuring a tiny diamond in each link to add some extra sparkle.

20. Braided Leather Anklet

Braided leather anklet
Leather braided anklet by Sunset South Paw. See it here.

When it comes to ankle bracelets, leather goes a long way. Crafted from genuine reindeer leather and silver alloy, this anklet will look stunning on every skin tone and is stylish enough to pair with anything you wear.

21. Black Pearl Anklet

Black pearl ankle bracelets for men
Black pearl anklet for men by Bela Donaco. See it here.

Eclectic and edgy, this handmade leather anklet deviates from the typical anklet styles for men. While many men don’t see themselves wearing pearl jewelry because it’s considered feminine, jewelry designers are increasingly incorporating pearls, especially black Tahitian pearls, into masculine designs, making it an entirely new style.

22. Tiger Eye Anklet

Tiger eye ankle bracelets for men
Hematite and bronze tiger eye anklet by Andriy By MF. See it here.

Beaded bracelets are highly popular among rock stars, and they’re also perfect for men who have an edgy fashion style. Accented with attractive tiger eye beads which are believed to bring protection, good luck and prosperity to those who wear them, this anklet is a stunning and unique choice. You can choose to wear it with a casual outfit for a more eclectic look.

23. Tribal-Inspired Anklet

Byzantine silver ankle bracelets for men
Sterling Silver byzantine silver anklet. See it here.

Ideal for those looking for something a little different, this tribal-inspired anklet will let you carry a piece of ancient history with you wherever you go. Its slightly oxidized finish gives it an antique feel but its silver hue makes it look modern and stylish.

24. Thick Cuban Chain Anklet

Cuban ankle bracelets for men
Cuban anklet by Lavish Luxx Shop. See it here.

The last option on our list is a thick Cuban chain anklet that suits not only men but women as well. This unisex piece is inspired by the thick curb chain which has a bold, chunky aesthetic. The outlandish look of this ankle bracelet isn’t for everyone, but it’s perfect for gents who want to make a bold statement.

Choosing the Right Anklet for You

Whether you want to experiment with trends or simply incorporate a daring jewelry piece to your collection, ankle bracelets are a great choice. Most anklets can be worn as bracelets, but not all bracelets can be used as anklets.

An anklet is one of the most daunting men’s jewelry pieces, but you’ll never go wrong with something that reflects your personality. There are hundreds of options on the market, so you’re sure to find something that suits your style. If you’re shopping for your first anklet, you might want to take some time to play around and experiment until you figure it out which styles work for you.

When choosing your anklet, consider the metal color since it’s important that your piece complements the other jewelry pieces you wear. Ankle bracelets might be a little risky for the average guy, but they have the power to elevate and refine the simplest of outfits.

Wrapping Up

If you’re someone who loves wearing different types of jewelry, an ankle bracelet offers you a chance to stand out and be noticed. They’re an excellent way to accent your style and complete your outfit. If the ankle bracelets on our list don’t interest you, there are lots of other options on the market that you can choose from add some spice and fun to your look.

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