Franco Chains – What You Need to Know

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Franco Chains are a popular chain design in contemporary fashion. This chain is versatile and can be worn for a casual or formal look. Its unique design has a strong appeal to the youth, especially those who are enthusiasts of hip-hop music. Franco Chains are perfect with or without a pendant and are recognized for their durability and sturdiness.

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What are Franco Chains?

Franco chain
Franco Chain. See it here.

Franco Chains were named after an Italian designer, who was influenced by the curb pattern found on pavements and walls. Encouraged by this pattern, Franco created V-shaped links for chains in order for them to have greater girth and durability.

Franco Chains have a similar design to the Cuban chain, but the difference lies in the fact that the Cuban chain has four additional sides for a sturdier and solid structure. Additionally, the intricate patterns of Franco Chains reflect the highest level of talent, craftsmanship and skill.

Pros of Franco Chains

Franco Chains are primarily purchased for their intricate design, strength and durability. Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros of Franco Chains.

  • Durability: Franco Chains are a great option if you’re looking for a durable and strong chain. These chains can last for several years, if properly cared for and maintained.
  • Strength: Franco Chains are strong enough to hold large and heavy pendants. Many people love to wear oversized pendants as a fashion statement, and these chains are among the few that can support their weight.
  • Design: Franco Chains are desired for their unique V-shaped links, that resembles a curb. This design complements pendants of all shapes, sizes, and patterns. But the chain is stylish enough to wear on its own, especially if its thicker in size.

Suitable Pendants for Franco Chains

The strong and steady nature of Franco Chains makes them the most appropriate choice for large, heavy pendants. Note that this depends on the thickness of the chain. Franco Chains that have a 6mm thickness are usually complemented with larger pendants. They are also commonly worn with hip hop accessories and jewelry.

Styling Franco Chains

Franco Chains can be paired with both casual and formal outfits. Those who are going for a casual stroll down the street, dressed in jeans and t-shirts, can pair their outfit with a simple Franco Chain, with or without pendants.

For more formal events, like celebrations and dinner parties, you can elevate the look with pendants.

For a statement look, consider wearing a thicker Franco Chain on its own.

Different Ways to Wear Franco Chains

As we’ve already mentioned, Franco Chains are versatile and can be worn either with or without pendants. These chains suit sterling silver, gold or stainless steel. Some people buy white gold chains if they want a fresh and clean look. Gold chains with a layering style are also super trendy and popular.

Franco Chains vs. Foxtail Chains

Despite the fact that Franco Chains and Foxtail Chains are similar in terms of appearance, they nevertheless have a few differences. The Foxtail Chain has a more textured surface, while the Franco Chain has a smooth surface. Franco Chains are made with continuous and flexible links, while Foxtail Chains are intricately designed with a rigid structure. Franco Chains are also different from Foxtail Chains as they alternate between two different patterns of Chevron and Curb.

In Brief

Franco Chains are a good choice for a stylish, eye-catching and durable chain that can be worn on any occasion. Perfect on their own or paired with pendants, Franco Chains work perfectly for both men and women.

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