15 Gorgeous Chunky Pearl Necklaces

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Statement jewelry has been dominating the runways, with oversized gemstones, sculptural designs, and eccentric details. When it comes to pearl necklaces, size and shape are the key elements of the season.

From a fresh take on the classic strand to the baroque shapes getting an artistic spin, pearls are becoming more unexpected and avant-garde. Some necklaces are inspired by modern fashion, while others pay tribute to jewelry styles of the past.

With endless designs and trends, you’ll be able to experiment with your sense of style. Chunky pearl necklaces might seem challenging to wear, but you’ll be surprised how these pieces can elevate your look.

Since statement jewelry isn’t going away anytime soon, we’ve rounded up the most stylish pearl necklaces to step up your accessory game.

Keshi Pearl Flower Necklace

Keshi Pearl Flower Gold Necklace
by OCanada Designs. Check Price Here.

Strands of pearls are timeless, but this necklace with a flower ornament formed by keshi pearls gives a fashionable update to the classic style. During the warmer season, flowers are going to be found everywhere—so think of pearls to make a statement.

Pearl Torsade Necklace

Pearl Torsade Necklace
by HM Semra Ascioglu. Check Price Here.

If you’re not into vintage fashion, think of this pearl necklace that will look chic from weddings to dinner dates and beyond. These freshwater pearls might be dainty, but the necklace’s torsade style makes everything an eye-catching statement and a little romantic.

Leaf Pearl Necklace

Keshi leaf pearl necklace
by Finding YoYo Jewelry. Check Price Here.

Crafted in 18k gold, this necklace features a leaf-shaped pearl pendant, which gives an ethereal vibe to the piece. Just wear it with your flowy white dresses and you’ll look like you’ve just stepped out of a mythology book.

Swarovski and Pearl Necklace

Swarovski and Pearl Necklace
by Sabina K W Design. Check Price Here.

If you’re looking for a romantic statement, this necklace with an intricate design featuring Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls is made for you. It makes the perfect statement piece for parties, weddings, and fancy summer nights.

Boho Pearl Necklace

Keshi Pearl Boho Necklace
by Skin Studio Jewelry. Check Price Here.

Boho jewelry is a chic way to heat up your style, and this necklace comprised of baroque pearls is just perfect for beach getaways and exotic adventures. If you have any warm-weather trips planned, this is the perfect accessory to complement your breezy dresses and ruffled tops.

Coin Pearl Necklace

Chunky coin pearl necklace
by Jewelry Maker Market 4U. Check Price Here.

When we think of a pearl necklace, we almost always think of a strand of pearls with an iridescent glow. To give a trendy take to a classic gem, think of coin pearls that are flat, and look statement-making in a knotted choker necklace. This jewelry piece will look best on strapless dresses and tube tops.

Pearl and Diamond Princess Necklace

Pearl and Diamond Princess Necklace
by Fernando Jewelry. Check Price Here.

If you’re looking for a pearl necklace that’s fit for a princess, this one is for you. Crafted in 14k white and yellow gold, the necklace is comprised of white pearls and diamonds. If you want a coordinating look, you have the option to wear it with matching earrings and a bracelet too.

Couture Keshi Pearl Necklace

Couture Keshi Chunky Pearl Necklaces
by Phoebe Nixon Designs. Check Price Here.

Irregular-shaped pearls make a bigger statement and stand out, since no two pieces look exactly the same. The necklace has an artsy, romantic vibe with its Keshi pearls, Swarovski crystals, and glass beads.

Pearl and Cameo Necklace

Pearl and Cameo Necklace
by Del Maestro by Camilla. Check Price Here.

If you’re a fan of throwback styles, this jewelry piece will put you in the mood. The Victorian-inspired necklace is comprised of strands of pink freshwater pearls, a carved cameo, and a sterling silver clasp. It will surely add a touch of romance and sentimentality to your looks.

Victorian Seed Pearl Choker

Victorian Seed Pearl Choker
by Simply Remember My Shop. Check Price Here.

Who says seed pearls can’t make a bold statement? Crafted in 14k gold, the necklace features strands of seed pearls and a Kunzite gemstone in the center. It’s the perfect jewelry piece to wear with your lace dresses and tube tops, giving a romantic flair to your style.

Gypsy Pearl Necklace 

Knotted Pearl Gypsy Necklace
by Honey Hill Designs LBee. Check Price Here.

If you’re bohemian at heart, this jewelry piece will let you flaunt your carefree style while looking chic and elegant. Crafted with keshi pearls and 14k gold-filled beads, the necklace evokes an earthy vibe, which will take you to music festivals, summer parties, and beyond.

Snake and Baroque Pearl Choker

Snake and Baroque Pearl Choker
by Black Red Square. Check Price Here.

Are you planning to rock some runway trends in real life? Made by the House of Valentino, the vintage choker features iridescent freshwater pearls, tassels, and a snake silhouette. This accessory will not only make you runway-ready, but it will also give you an editorial-worthy style fit for magazines.

Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Tahitian Chunky Pearl Necklaces
by Prime Jewel. Check Price Here.

If you’re looking for something bold and majestic, think of this chunky pearl necklace. Crafted in 18k yellow gold, the necklace is comprised of black Tahitian pearls, sapphire pendant, and diamonds. It might not be something you can wear every day, but it will surely turn heads when you do.

Amethyst and Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Amethyst Pearl Necklace
by Amber Lirong. Check Price Here.

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece to add interest to your basic outfits? The necklace features Amethyst gemstones, a freshwater baroque pearl, gold-filled beads, and Toggle Clasp. It’s one of the most mystical pieces out there that can be a great conversation starter too!

Petal Pearl Necklace

Petal Chunky Pearl Necklaces
by DLP Craftsman. Check Price Here.

Sculptural and art-inspired, this chunky pearl necklace will make you look like a walking masterpiece. The organic shape of Keshi pearls made it stunning, mimicking the blossoming petals with iridescence and luster. It’s more than an accessory—it’s a piece of wearable art!

How to Choose a Chunky Pearl Necklace for You

It’s a great idea to have a few statement pieces in your jewelry collection, but you would want something that goes well with most of your outfits—and personal style. These chunky pearl necklaces are designed to make a statement, but pick one that reflects your individuality and preferences.

More than that, you should know your pearls. From Tahitian to freshwater and Akoya pearls, the gem has its own unique beauty, color, and luster. While classic Akoya pearls will give you an elegant look for special occasions, Tahitian pearls will give an exotic and luxurious feel to your style. On the other hand, baroque and irregular-shaped pearls are best for giving you a unique, one-of-a-kind style statement.

Learn more about pearls in our guides to pearl types and colors.

Embrace the season with these chunky pearl necklaces, and you’ll surely make a fashion statement every time.

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