Reve Diamonds: Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring from Them? (Review)

Reve Diamonds’ reputation has been growing in the jewelry world ever since they started working with non-trade customers in 2014. They have two showrooms in the US and the UK as well as great online stores that work worldwide. Their line of lab-created diamonds has drawn a lot of well-deserved attention too, as have their ethically-sourced natural stones and wide jewelry collections. In this in-depth review, we take a look at Reve Diamonds, what they offer, and the pros and cons of shopping for diamonds with them.

Reve Diamonds Pros and Cons

  • Large inventory of lab-created diamonds
  • Ethically sourced natural and colored diamonds
  • Affordable prices
  • Wide ready-made jewelry selection
  • Easy to navigate online store
  • Bespoke jewelry and facilitated customization process
  • Certification on all diamonds
  • Quality metals – platinum and 18K rose, yellow, and white gold
  • Customer-friendly approach
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Two physical showrooms – one in the UK and one in New York
  • Shipping return costs and handling charges are non-refundable

Reve Diamonds History

a woman wearing art deco style diamond engagement ring

Reve Diamonds is a diamond manufacturer and wholesale company providing certified top quality loose natural and lab grown diamonds. In 2014 they expanded their trade-only service to enable non-trade customers to take advantage of their services through their online platform.

In a small workshop in the heart of the City of London, the craftspeople of Reve Diamonds create their diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings, diamond pendants, tennis bracelets, diamond earrings and necklaces.

In January 2022, Reve Diamonds launched a new showroom in New York and a US website to extend their offering to the US. Today, Reve’s online shopping experience is

What Can You Find at Reve Diamonds?

braided pave diamond wedding band in a red jewelry box

Here are some of the key factors to consider when opting to shop at Reve Diamons:

Ethically-Sourced Natural Diamonds

Reve has a wide selection of natural diamonds for those looking for a mined stone. They are available in various shapes and cuts, including round, princess cut, cushion, emerald, oval, pear, radiant, and more. Carat sizes range from 0.3 to 12 and there are also stones from all across the clarity and colorless color spectrums. These diamonds are ethically sourced, well-priced, and come with the appropriate certification.

Colored Diamonds

In addition to their colorless stones, Reve also offers authentic colored diamonds. These include high-quality blue, pink, green, orange, purple, violet, black, red, as well as yellow, cognac, brown, champagne, and chameleon diamonds.

Reve’s Lab-Created Diamonds

blue sapphire diamond earrings

Lab grown diamonds have been steadily rising in popularity in the US for the past several years. Ever since early 2021 they also began getting noticed in Europe and abroad, and Reve Diamonds have become a great place for high-quality and affordable lab-created stones. They have a wide selection of lab grown stones in all shapes, carat sizes, and colors.

With lab-created stones costing anywhere between 50% and 90% less than natural ones, this is a fantastic way to get a more affordable diamond without sacrificing any of its quality.

Reputable Certification

All of Reve’s stones come with quality assurance certificates from IGI (International Gemological Institute) or GIA (Gemological Institute of America). This guarantees the high-quality, origin, and characteristics of the stone, and it makes sure that you are always getting your money’s worth. However, note that small diamonds under .30 carats often do not come with certification.

Wide Selection Of Jewelry Items

yellow gold 3ct diamond tennis bracelet

In addition to loose diamonds, Reve also offers engagement rings, eternity rings, wedding bands, pendants and necklaces, earrings, and tennis bracelets. The jewelry is well-crafted and there is something for everyone.

Reve Diamond’s Prices

Reve Diamonds offer competitive prices on all their products. Because they cut out the middle men and go straight to the source as diamond wholesalers, they’re able to pass these savings on to their customers. Reve even offer a price beat guarantee service, which demonstrates their commitment to providing their customers with the best prices.

Physical Showrooms

For quite some time Reve Diamonds used to only operate in London, UK. They recently opened a second showroom across the Atlantic, giving them a foothold in the US as well. So, if you’re close to or passing by the Upper East Side Maddison Avenue in New York or Berkley Square in London, you can visit Reve Diamonds personally. Do remember to call in first, however, as the showrooms are by appointment only.

Excellent Online Diamond Imagery

double halo pear shape diamond pendant necklace

If you’re not near either of their showrooms you can easily shop via Reve’s website here. As you can see, most items on the site are accompanied by excellent pictures, high-quality videos, detailed descriptions, as well as reputable certification. The site also has live chat which you can use to consult with Reve’s professional consultants as you would in person in their showrooms.

Customer-Friendly Sales Processes

Both from our own experience and from the thousands of reviews we can see online, it’s clear to us that Reve Diamond’s sales process is quite customer-friendly. Reve’s customer reps offer their services all along the process, following your preferences and needs. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of what the do, as is evident by the hundreds of 5-star reviews they have from independent review sites.

Bespoke Custom Ring Designs

yellow diamond eternity ring in a red jewelry box

Reve Diamonds offer both pre-made designer jewelry as well as bespoke ring designs. It’s a great place to go to if you want to be more involved in the creation of your ring. You can be as involved in the customization process as you wish, either by just giving your preferred custom design ahead of time, by asking for tweaks of an existing design, or by staying involved throughout the whole process. The designing and creating of bespoke jewelry takes about 2 to 2.5 weeks. This is a quick turnaround time, but if you’re in a hurry, you might need to request an expedited process.

Fast Delivery and Free Refund Policy

Reve offers competitive delivery and refund practices of Reve are also quite customer-friendly. Delivery is fast and available worldwide, and the shipping costs are free on all orders. The orders themselves take 1 to 3 business days to process. After that, the turnaround times are are between 2 and 7 days, depending on the type of item you’re looking for, or around 14 days for bespoke commissions.

Reve also offers a 30-day free return on any order, with only the return shipping costs being nonrefundable. This makes shopping from Reve’s online stores a great option for those who don’t live in London or New York.

In Conclusion

Reve Diamonds may have only started working with non-trade customers recently but their experience as a wholesale vendor has allowed them to break into the direct-to-customer market very quickly.

Additionally, as a wholesaler, Reve Diamonds are able to offer affordable prices for non-trade customers as well. The fact that they have only two showrooms – in London and New York – means most people will have to work with their online store – but the well-designed website with clear images, videos, certificates, and live chat consultations guarantee a satisfying shopping experience.

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