Promise Rings for Men – Do Men Wear Promise Rings?

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Promise rings, also called commitment rings and pre-engagement rings, have enjoyed great popularity in recent years for the flexibility and versatility they offer couples. For a long time, these rings have been something a man would give to a woman as a token of their love and a pledge for a future marriage.

But can a woman give a promise ring to their male partner? Is it something men would wear?

In this article, we’ll find out more about promise rings for men, their meaning, and popular styles.

Do Men Wear Promise Rings?

Pinky promise ring for men
Pinky promise ring by TJ Craft Goods. See it here.

As gender roles are increasingly changing and evolving, men are becoming more and more open to wearing fine jewelry and not just traditional wedding rings.

Although women used to be the main recipients of this type of ring, men rock them too, and in recent years, it’s been in vogue for both men and women to wear promise rings.

Note that there are different types of promise rings, with the significance of the ring defined by the commitment or promise it represents. For example, the Jonas brothers made headlines with their promise rings symbolizing purity. Today, however, promise rings are more about romantic love between two people.

How to Choose a Promise Ring for Men?

When it comes to choosing a proper promise ring for your man, there are no hard rules that you need to follow. Rather than in its style and shape, the importance of a promise ring lies in its meaning.

However, there are several features worth considering, as these will ensure that the ring is comfortable for everyday wear and suitable for your partner’s active lifestyle:

1. Metal Choice

It’s important to pick the right precious metal for a man’s promise ring. When choosing a ring for a man, go for harder, scratch-resistant metals since softer metals can easily get worn out of shape. Hard precious metals, such as titanium, tungsten, stainless steel, and platinum, are excellent gold and silver alternatives.

Men promise ring
Tungsten puzzle promise ring by Tungsten Rings FM. See it here.

2. Style Options

Rings with a simpler style would be a better option than promise rings that are more ornate, as clean and minimalist rings are more practical and suitable for day-to-day wear. Besides, they are much easier to clean and maintain, which is certainly a feature that any man would appreciate. More elaborate rings with decorative details are also more likely to catch on clothes and bang on doorknobs and gym equipment, making the ring prone to faster wear and tear.

Log knot ring
Simple designs work best for promise rings. See this here.

3. Precious Stones

Promise rings for men with pavé or channel set diamonds or other precious stones could be a very alluring choice. Especially if a promise ring represents a pre-engagement phase in your relationship, a promise ring set with one or more diamonds will later nicely match the fiancée’s engagement ring.

Wood diamond promise ring for men
Wood promise ring with diamond by Lazer Boyz Designs. See it here.

Different Styles of Men’s Promise Rings

The thing with men’s promise rings is that most of them aren’t all that different from men’s wedding rings. As mentioned above, the key lies in simplicity, comfort, and personalization.

Some of the most loved styles nowadays are:

1. Poesy or posy rings

Inspired by the promise rings popular in the Middle Ages, a poesy ring could be an interesting choice for a man’s promise ring. It’s essentially a simple band ring with engraved romantic lyrics or rhymes, like in this vintage poesy ring that says Pulse of My Heart.

2. Titanium bands

In man’s jewelry, titanium rings are extremely popular for their durability and affordable price. You can’t go wrong if you choose this type of ring for your man’s promise ring, and you can pick different titanium band styles, from plain and simple bands to rings that feature various artistic patterns. Some of the good examples would be this Black Titanium High Polish Finished Comfort Fit Ring if you opt for a simpler style or a titanium ring with a twist as in this Titanium Band with Woodgrain Pattern.

3. Mokume-Gane promise rings

Mokume-gane is a popular Japanese jewelry technique where two or more precious metals are fused together to create distinctive layered patterns. There are many different metal and color combinations to achieve a masculine and artistic design, as portrayed in this Grey Tantalum Faux Mokume Pattern With Rose Gold Ring.

Why Do Men Wear Promise Rings?

Generally, a promise ring is a term that can have many different meanings, but it’s broadly used to describe a ring that denotes a long-term commitment in a romantic relationship, which is usually exchanged between partners.

A promise ring’s meaning differs from couple to couple, and men could wear them for a variety of reasons. For some men, it’s a way to strengthen a romantic relationship if one partner needs to leave for a different city or country for an extended period of time. For others, promise rings mark a pre-engagement phase of a relationship, and wearing them means you’re committed to your partner but still not officially engaged.

Apart from these meanings, a promise ring can simply represent a physical symbol of any kind of promise you made with your partner. From a promise to be devoted and affectionate to each other, to a promise to be faithful and avoid intimacy with others, you can choose any meaning for your promise ring that’s unique for you two as a couple.

When and How to Give a Man a Promise Ring?

Generally, promise rings should be given or exchanged once you’ve reached a point of deep devotion and commitment in your relationship. This refers to an in-between phase when you’re not quite ready to tie the knot, but you know you’re fully committed to your partner.

Luckily, there are no rules as to how you should give a man a promise ring. This makes the whole process a bit easier and stress-free. However, if you plan to exchange promise rings, it’s best to talk about it beforehand, and figure out what this means for you and your relationship.

In the end, you know your partner better than anybody else, and you’ll get an inkling when the time is right to give a promise ring and how you should carry it out. It could be the first anniversary, his birthday, or Valentine’s Day; you’ll know when the time comes.

Wrapping up

Nowadays, couples are constantly searching for fresh and original ways to showcase their romantic relationship and demonstrate their commitment. Promise rings are ideal for this purpose, as they are a new and stylish approach to symbolizing exclusivity, fidelity, and love.

Giving and receiving a promise ring is a beautiful gesture deeply rooted in American culture. Exchanging promise rings can be done for any reason and by anyone who wants to solidify a special promise or bond. No matter what style of promise ring you choose, the meaning and heartfelt emotions it symbolizes and carries should be the focus of the entire process.

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