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Rivière Necklace: Everything You Have to Know

If you love diamonds, then a rivière necklace will be right up your alley! This classic necklace design has been around for centuries, and is as popular as ...

11 Types of Gold (And Which Is Best)

Gold can be used in many different ways in jewelry but it can also come in various types, alloys, and looks. Some of those are more popular and well-known ...

Why Choose a Hammered Wedding Band (Pros, Cons, & Tips)

Your wedding band finish is an important decision, as it impacts the entire look of the ring. Of the many types of finishes available to choose from, hammered ...

6 Wedding Ring Finishes: Pros, Cons, and Differences

While traditionally wedding rings tended to be highly polished bands without too much detail, today there are several options to choose from.   ...

Anniversary Rings to Celebrate: 10 Inspiring Ideas

Every year that passes by in your marriage is worth celebrating and remembering. Chocolates, flowers, and cakes are usually the typical anniversary gifts for ...

13 Hamsa Hand Designs in Jewelry You’re Going to Love

In times of uncertainty, talismanic jewelry gives a sense of comfort and security. No wonder many explore age-old themes of protection and good luck that ...

21 Unique Anniversary Rings and Why They’re Great

A symbol of milestones in love and marriage—anniversary rings are a perfect remembrance of the memories spent as a couple. It symbolizes love and devotion ...

8 Metal Types Used in Jewelry and Their Symbolism

Just like gemstones and motifs used in jewelry, metals also carry symbolic meaning. While we don't recommend choosing jewelry metals simply based on ...

18K vs. 14K Gold – Which is Better and How to Choose

Choosing the metal for your ring or jewelry piece is usually the simpler step compared to picking the right gemstone but even then there are some points of ...

8 Websites Like Shein for Stylish Affordable Clothes

Few stores have managed to reach Shein’s fame for both quality and affordability. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other great online stores ...

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