8 Reasons to Shop at Kimberfire: A Comprehensive Review

Kimberfire is a Toronto-based jewelry company launched in 2013, serving clients across Canada and the United States. They offer a range of custom diamond jewelry, which includes engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, and necklaces – all of which are ethically made, with ethically sourced and conflict-free diamonds.

They provide clients with a fresh take on buying high-end custom diamond engagement rings and other diamond jewelry while focusing on personalized service and exceptional quality.

Customers love Kimberfire and the company has hundreds of 5-star reviews online. But should you shop with them? We decided to find out.

In this review, let’s take a closer look at what Kimberfire offers as well as the pros and cons of shopping with them.

  • Ethically sourced and conflict-free diamonds
  • Personalized and expert recommendations
  • High-quality and excellent customer service
  • Free online consultation
  • Offers both natural and lab-grown diamonds
  • Customization services (wedding bands, engagement rings, and others)
  • Convenient to work with via remote coordination
  • Once per year free polish and re-plating for each jewelry piece sold
  • Unlimited free cleaning
  • Direct access to wholesale diamonds, thus lowering the cost
  • Free insured shipping within Canada
  • Turnaround time of 6 to 8 weeks, typical of custom jewelry
  • By appointment only for full consultations
  • Only one physical location for those who prefer in-office meetings

How it All Started

Kimberfire Main Office

Kimberfire was born out of the vision of Jonathan Goldberg, the company’s President, and CEO. Jonathan saw a need for a new type of diamond jewelry business that combined competitive pricing with the quality standards and personalized experience of a high-end retail store.

Jonathan wanted to offer clients the best of the two main retail worlds:

The cost savings of the online experience, and the value that comes with expert guidance and in-person diamond and jewelry inspection.

This vision led to the creation of Kimberfire – a diamond jewelry company that provides customized experiences for clients like you while keeping their jewelry affordable and maintaining the highest quality standards.

The company name is a nod to the rock called “kimberlite” where diamonds are typically found, while “fire” refers to the glitter and brilliance of their hand-picked diamonds.

What Sets Kimberfire Apart?

kimberfire yellow cushion engagement ring

What sets the company apart from its competitors is its business model, wherein the team directly sources the perfect diamond(s) based on your budget and designs a jewelry piece in collaboration with you. With no inventory to keep, they are able to save on overhead costs, and these savings are then passed on to you.

Kimberfire offers customized client consultations through meetings with their in-house gemologists. This is done virtually with their own software so you can get expert guidance and plan out the jewelry design of your dreams without having to leave the comfort of your home.

As such, the company is able to provide you with the two-pronged benefit of affordability, which is typically experienced from online services, combined with expert advice expected from offline stores.

Here’s what customers say:

“Without a doubt one of the best experiences I have had making a major purchase in my life. Not only was Kimberfire attentive, but I was kept informed throughout the entire process. My seemingly silly questions were met with real answers and without judgement. After all, I had never bought jewelry before let alone an engagement ring. Needless to say, my fiancée is overjoyed with the entire experience, and we cannot wait to continue this journey.”

“I had an amazing experience with these jewelers. They were extremely helpful with the design and conception of my beautiful engagement ring, and provided me with quick e-mail answers, responsiveness, care, and amazing turn-around time on the ring.”

We particularly like that Kimberfire responds to every review they receive online. It shows that they value their customers and engage with them, enhancing their trustworthiness.

What Makes Kimberfire Special

When shopping at Kimberfire, you can feel confident in receiving high-quality, customized jewelry at competitive prices. Here are the top factors that make this team special:

1. Customized Experience

kimberfire toi et moi engagement ring

Kimberfire offers you a completely customized experience, which allows you to design a piece of jewelry that is unique and tailored to your specific preferences. The team will work closely with you to understand your needs, leading to design ideas that bring your jewelry vision to life.

They really take the time to listen to what you want and to design the ring that you have in mind. They also don’t go for hard sales tactics. Rather, Kimberfire staff will take the time to educate you on diamonds and the ring creation process so you can make an informed decision.

It starts with a virtual consultation with one of their expert gemologists, which can then be followed up in-office if you are near their location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. However, they work with clients across Canada and the USA, with most clients working with them 100% remotely.

If you have no design in mind, they can help you create one by asking you detailed questions about your tastes and preferences, all the while being completely transparent and ensuring that the final output remains within your budget. They will also show you a 3D design rendering before production and work with you to make changes so that the jewelry reflects your vision.

2. High Quality Standards

kimberfire round solitaire engagement ring

Each diamond is carefully inspected by their in-house gemologists and jewelry experts, first using digital images, videos, and certificates, and then in person to ensure the diamond is exactly as expected. They only accept diamonds with a minimum of I color, with SI1 clarity or higher, and no visible flaws. They only sell diamonds that have a very good to excellent or ideal cut, ensuring that they have the maximum amount of brilliance and fire.

Their natural diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the world’s leading authority on diamonds, or by the American Gem Society (AGS), a trade association composed of reputable and leading names in the jewelry industry.

Their lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, are certified by either the GIA or the International Gemological Institute (IGI), one of the biggest independent laboratories in the world that tests and grades gemstones and fine jewelry.

3. Expert Craftmanship

kimberfire radiant halo engagement ring
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Kimberfire takes pride in their work, creating high-quality pieces that are crafted by expert tradespeople.

You can choose from all possible settings, including halo, solitaire, and three-stone settings, and have your jewelry manufactured using the type of metal that you want.

The production process is then closely monitored as each piece of jewelry is handcrafted in the company’s workshop in Toronto.

With Kimberfire, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality diamonds and superb craftsmanship that brings out the beauty of each jewelry design.

4. Personal Guidance and Advice

kimberfire consultation room

Their team will take the time to consult with you so you know your options.

At Kimberfire, you will work with a certified gemologist that is knowledgeable about diamonds and jewelry design, and who provides you with personal guidance and advice.

These experts will remain hands-on throughout the project, not just guide you through the selection and design process. They will ensure that your finished piece is exactly what you envisioned.

5. Ethical Sourcing

kimberfire princess solitaire engagement ring

The company takes special care to partner only with reputable manufacturers and distributors of diamonds to ensure that each diamond is ethically sourced and conflict-free.

With this, you can rest assured that all the diamonds used in Kimberfire jewelry only come from verified ethical sources. The company also includes a written declaration about its ethical sourcing in the receipts they issue after each purchase.

6. Competitive Pricing

kimberfire oval halo engagement ring
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With direct access to wholesale diamond inventory and custom manufacturing, Kimberfire has avoided the additional costs of working with intermediaries and is able to have more control over the production process.

The savings generated from this business model allows them to offer you competitive prices without sacrificing the quality of their jewelry pieces.

7. Convenience

kimberfire pear halo engagement ring

Typically, online shopping takes away the personalized experience that a buyer gets from shopping at a physical store. Kimberfire’s unique business model addresses this by offering virtual consultations with personal and expert advice from their in-house gemologists.

Thus, you can shop for high-end jewelry from the comfort of your home, while still having the same experience as you would if you traveled to a physical storefront.

8. Excellent Customer Service

kimberfire oval solitaire engagement ring

Kimberfire’s approach to customer service combines convenience and efficiency with personalized attention and expertise. You can clearly see this from the overwhelmingly positive reviews from their previous clients who keep returning for their jewelry needs.

Their team is dedicated to making clients like you feel at ease while working virtually, sharing their knowledge and expertise about diamonds and jewelry to help you make smart choices.

Aside from this, they take time to understand your needs and purpose for getting a piece of jewelry made, respond quickly to inquiries, and provide regular updates, so you can rest easy and won’t feel anxious while waiting for your order.

Wrapping Up

After more than ten years in the industry, Kimberfire has built a stellar reputation for its competitively priced yet high-quality jewelry pieces.

Hundreds of clients have also given the company five-star ratings for its personalized and professional custom jewelry consultations, excellent customer service, and top-notch designs.

If you are looking for bespoke jewelry but need help figuring out where or how to start, reach out to the Kimberfire team and take advantage of their free virtual consultation.

They are more than willing to share their knowledge and point you in the right direction based on your vision, objectives, values, and budget.

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