Bypass Engagement Rings – What You Need to Know

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Bypass engagement ring styles have been around for a long time but were especially sought after during the Victorian period. Since then, they’ve continued to be used in engagement and wedding band designs.

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Bypass rings give a stylish, elegant and textural look to any ring design. Here’s what you need to know about bypass ring engagement ring designs.

What is a Bypass Engagement Ring?

Bypass engagement rings became popular during the Victorian era (1830s-1860s) and feature the elegant curves and swirls distinctive of this period.

Bypass engagement ring in white gold
Bypass engagement ring featuring several stones. Check price here.

What sets a bypass ring apart from other types of engagement ring settings is how the metal separates, effectively becoming two sections. Instead of a single continuous band, here the band is parted and either overlaps or is separated according to the design. This adds detail and texture and elevates the design.

What Does a Bypass Engagement Ring Mean?

If you want your engagement ring to be symbolic of your relationship, a bypass ring is a meaningful choice. The bypass ring design features a single metal band that has two sections, often holding gemstones or diamonds together. The ring design symbolizes two individuals coming together as one, while still retaining their individuality.

Types of Bypass Engagement Ring Styles

Bypass engagement ring
Classic bypass ring design. Check price here.

Most bypass rings feature a single center gemstone held together by both parts of the metal band. The band is clearly separated into two sections, and while they don’t meet at the ends, they hold the center stone together.

Bypass style ring closeup in white gold
Bypass ring with square design. Check price here.

A variation to this style is to have the band separated but connected through metal to create a solid front view. This makes for an asymmetrical band with a beautifully proportioned face up view of the ring.

If the ring features two stones, the bypass ring setting is known as a moi et toi, or me and you, ring design. Moi et toi rings also have several variations, but the most common style is to have the parted metal holding two gemstones or diamonds representative of each partner in the couple.

Bypass wedding ring
Bypass pave wedding band. See it here.

The bypass ring design isn’t just for engagement rings. You can find beautifully crafted wedding bands featuring elements of this style. This would also perfectly complement a bypass engagement ring design so that you could wear both stacked next to each other for a perfectly matching look.

Bypass vintage ring design
Elaborate bypass vintage ring design. Check price here.

The bypass ring design perfectly suits vintage styles. To emphasise on a vintage look, pick rose or yellow gold and consider details like filigree or milgrain. For geometric styles consider the Art Deco period while for nature-inspired elements think Victorian and Edwardian.

Should I Buy a Bypass Engagement Ring?

This style of engagement ring is perfect for someone who loves a unique and stylish look. Because the bypass ring design is so versatile, you’ll be sure to find a style that suits you regardless of your taste.

Whether you prefer a modern, sleek bypass ring or a floral vintage style, and whether you gravitate towards minimalist or dramatic styles, this ring design can be adapted to suit your preferences.

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