12 Black Pearl Necklaces to Wow You

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Pearls are a symbol of class, refinement, and elegance—but their darker counterparts exude a more mysterious, alluring vibe. Tahitian black pearls are considered the most exotic and valuable pearls in the world, while dyed Akoya and freshwater black pearls offer a more affordable option.

While pearl necklaces have traditionally been a staple jewelry piece, designers are becoming more experimental, creating the most eye-catching pieces to complete your look. From black freshwater pearls to baroque and Tahitian, these pearl necklaces look whimsical and a bit unexpected.

In fact, pearls have received a high fashion makeover in the recent Spring/Summer runways, where sea-inspired motifs, animal silhouettes, whimsical elements, and minimalistic designs have been spotted. The most notable thing about the trend is the individuality and attitude when wearing the gem.

If you’re ready to embrace the wave, we’ve rounded up the most stylish black pearl necklaces that will put you in the mood for stylish days ahead.

Black Pearl Necklaces

1. Minimalist Black Pearl Necklace

Minimalist black pearl necklace
Tahitian black pearl necklace by Sada Jewels. See it here.

If you’re looking for a piece of sleek and subtle jewelry to spice up your outfits, go for a minimalist pearl necklace. Made from 18k yellow gold, the necklace comes with a single Tahitian pearl pendant and chain. It is something you can wear every day from office pantsuits to casual tee and jeans.

2. Botanical Black Pearl Necklace

tahitian black pearl flower necklace
Black pearl flower necklace by Lisha Pearl Jewelry. See it here.

Channel your love for nature with this botanical pearl necklace. It features a peacock color black pearl pendant with a flower design at the top. It’s the perfect jewelry piece to wear in the summer months with breezy dresses and ruffled tops.

3. Baroque Cross Pendant

tahitian black pearl cross pendant
Baroque cross pendant by TA Dragon. See it here.

In times of uncertainty, religious motifs and charms make the perfect amulet. This cross necklace features baroque pearls and diamonds crafted in 18k yellow gold. You’ll never go wrong with this luxurious gem combination—and it also reminds you of your faith if you’re a Christian.

4. Pearl and Onyx Choker

Statement pearl choker
Pearl and Onyx Choker by Rita B Jewelers. See it here

Statement necklaces have been making the rounds, so why not think of a pearl choker? The necklace is comprised of 4 strands of pearls, 14k gold beads, and an onyx gemstone in the center. It will surely give a retro flair and a touch of individuality to any outfit.

5. Carved Pearl Necklace

Carved pearl necklace
Carved black pearl pendant by Pratima Design. See it here.

You see pearls, but rarely do you see carved pearls. If you want something unique yet versatile, think of this necklace with a carved Tahitian pearl pendant in 18k gold. The creative petal pattern of the pearl will give a romantic yet modern feel to your everyday outfits.

6. Lariat Pearl Necklace

Lariat pearl necklace
Black pearl lariat necklace by Market Square Jewelers. See it here.

Perfect for an elegant, carefree style, a lariat pearl necklace is a must-have accessory in a modern wardrobe. Crafted in 18k white gold, the necklace is comprised of a Tahitian pearl pendant and a diamond-encrusted clasp. It’s one of those versatile styles that can be worn alone or layer with other necklaces.

7. Gold Shell Necklace

Black pearl gold shell necklace
Black pearl gold shell necklace by Waimana Jewelry. See it here.

Inspired by the natural world, the necklace features a black pearl on a 14k gold shell pendant. We can say it’s the ideal design for a gem made inside of a mollusk. This jewelry piece also makes the perfect summer accessory for your beach trips and tropical getaways.

8. The Atlantis Pearl Necklace

black pearl ocean wave necklace
Black pearl ocean wave necklace by Hawaii Treasures Shop. See it here.

When your love for pearls is as deep as the sea, a necklace with an oceanic motif is the perfect one for you. Made of sterling silver, the necklace features a unique beautiful Hawaiian black pearl with an ocean wave design. It is more than an accessory—it’s a piece of art.

9. Coral Pearl Necklace

black pearl coral shaped pendant
Black pearl coral-shaped pendant by Arosha. See it here.

Inspired by the beauty of coral reefs, the 14k gold necklace features a black Tahitian pearl in an organic coral-shaped pendant. It’s a jewelry piece that deserves a spot in your collection, making artistic expression a breeze.

10. Tahitian Pearl Leopard Necklace

Leopard black pearl necklaces
Leopard black pearl pendant by The Pearl Vogue. See it here.

If you want something different, think of a black pearl necklace with animal motifs. Crafted from 18k white gold, the necklace is comprised of a leopard pendant with black diamonds, holding a Tahitian pearl. It’s the perfect accessory to add a mysterious vibe to your look while making everything chic and classy.

11. Pearl Grape Necklace

Grape black pearl necklaces
Black pearl grape necklace by Agrijewelry. See it here.

There’s something fascinating about wildlife jewelry—especially if it is made of pearls. Crafted in 14k gold, the necklace features a grape-like pendant with black freshwater pearls and diamonds mounted into the cluster. When your outfit needs an unexpected touch, this pearl necklace will do the trick for you.

12. Statement Pearl Necklace

Statement baroque pearl necklaces
Chunky black baroque pearl necklace by Loulia Pearl Jewelry. See it here.

If you want to make a statement, set aside your delicate gems for something chunky and glamorous. This necklace showcases the beauty of black baroque pearls enhanced with silver beads. It’s an accessory that can elevate your most basic outfits without looking over the top.

How to Choose a Black Pearl Necklace for You

Tahitian pearls are among the most valuable gems and are more expensive than freshwater and Akoya pearls. It’s best to choose ones with desirable overtones, and make sure the jewelry piece looks great on you. If Tahitian black pearls are beyond reach, you can opt for black freshwater or Akoya pearls which are dyed to gain darker colors.

Pearls are everywhere right now, and jewelry designs are becoming more experimental. If you love unique, standout pieces, think of black baroque pearls, as well as necklaces with unconventional designs. If you’re looking for something that will stand the test of time, strands of Tahitian pearls and solitaire pearl necklaces are made for you. These will never go out of style.

With these black pearl necklaces, you’ll be able to revamp your style without going too far from your comfort zone.

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