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Pearl Ring Designs

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Pearl rings are an easy way to add a touch of class and style to your look. The best thing about pearl jewelry, and rings in particular, is that they suit any age and style. Pearls are highly adaptable and can be easily crafted to suit any woman.

Although pearls are traditionally seen in white or rose shades, they come in a wide range of colors including black which is prized for its beauty and rarity.

Pearl rings make unique and timeless engagement rings since they symbolize harmony, perfection and purity. Pearls are generally believed to signify innocence, faith, charity and loyalty which make them ideal to give as engagement rings.

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They’re quite a popular trend nowadays for brides-to-be, with popular celebrities like Emma Stone sporting pearl engagement rings.

Pearl rings can be worn for any occasion apart from weddings since their color, lustre and overtones go well with almost any outfit.

If you’d like to add pearl rings to your jewelry collection, but you’re not sure about the different styles and how to choose them, we’re here to help.

We’ve put together a list of 15 stunning pearl ring designs. We’ll also be sharing some top tips on how to purchase the right pearl ring for you. Let’s get started!

Pearl Ring Designs 

Edwardian Pearl Filigree Stunner

Edwardian flower ring

by Gazelle Jewelry. Check Price Here.

This Edwardian-inspired pearl ring features stunning filigree work with a pearl center. The contrasting colors of the brass with the pinkish overtones of the freshwater pearl create a delicate yet statement look.

Coral Black Pearl Ring

Coral black pearl ring design

by Arosha. Check Price here

Inspired by living sculptures of corals, this unique, handcrafted ring is a coral structure holding a large black pearl in its center.  The pearl is a symbol of purity and harmony, making this a perfect engagement ring for the alternative bride. 

Floating Pearl Ring

Floating pearl ring design

by Layani Fine Jewelry. Check Price Here.

This ring is an elegant piece of jewelry made of 18K gold, with a gorgeous Bouton pearl set on top. With the gold enhancing the beauty of the pearl, this ring design is a simple, yet modern piece for any sophisticated event.

White Design Cultured Freshwater Pearl Ring

White design cultured fresh water pearl ring

by Nathis. Check Price Here.

This Cultured Pearl Ring is made of a silver-plated-base metal and comes in a free size which means that it stretches to fit you, so one size fits all. The design of the ring is simple but elegant, and ideal for the minimalist lover.

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Sterling Silver Pearl Ring

Sterling silver pearl ring

by Precious And Sweet. Check Price Here.

Handmade from a 1.5mm sterling silver wire and a 4mm white pearl gemstone in the middle, this ring is a gentle hammered, classy and elegant piece of jewelry. You have three finishes to choose from according to your preference and you’ll find it’s perfect for stacking.

Baroque Pearl Ring

Baroque pearl ring design

by Caprixus. Check Price Here.

This Baroque Pearl Ring is a handcrafted 24K gold vermeil piece featuring a natural and irregular baroque pearl. The pearl itself is set in sterling silver on a 2mm band that’s hand hammered, giving it its rustic but attractive look.

Baroque Pearl Ring

Baroque pearl ring design for women

by Love Mirror. Check Price Here.

This nature-inspired ring is made from 925 sterling silver and black rhodium plated with a natural baroque pearl in its center. The design of this ring is intricate with its purple amethyst and rhodolite gemstones encrusted in little flowers, holding the pearl in place. The band of the ring is made to resemble a tree branch, completing the natural look of the entire piece

Pearl Teardrop Gold Ring

Pearl teardrop gold ring

by Saressa Designs. Check Price Here.

The Pearl Teardrop Ring is a minimalist piece featuring a beautiful, genuine Mother of Pearl gemstone set in a bezel and secured to 14K gold-filled band. This piece of jewelry has a special iridescence that shines slightly in the light while the creamy whitish hue of the stone stays neutral.

Pearl Nestled Leaf Ring

Pearl nestled leaf ring design

Check Price Here

This artistic pearl nestled leaf ring is a retired and authentic vintage item from before 2000. The centerpiece of the ring is a gorgeous freshwater pearl with a leaf-like pattern on the side. The leaf, which is the band of the ring is made from sterling silver.

Black Pearl Engagement Ring

Black pearl engagement ring

by Moonkist Designs. Check Price Here.

The Black Pearl Engagement ring features a lustrous cultured black pearl with a protective pearl mounting. It’s framed by a delicate sterling silver band with a gently rounded interior and space for any engravings you might like to add. This ring is available in a wide range of sizes and finish options to suit your preference. Perfect for the alternative bride.

Konstantino Women’s Pearl Ring

konstantino women's pearl ring

by Konstantino. Check Price Here.

This gorgeous piece is made of 925 sterling silver with intricate carvings on the band. Handcrafted in Greece with its unique design and remarkable artisanship, the ring shows off a stunning, radiant cultured pearl that sits right at the top and framed in fluted gold. The details shown in the carving embellishments is amazing and you’ll feel like a royal wearing it.

Pearl Flower Ring

Pearl flower ring

by NoemonHouseOfDesign. Check Price Here.

This dainty, 22K gold double-plated flower ring is a perfect choice for an engagement ring or as a gift to a special someone. It comes with an 8mm white pearl set delicately in the center of the flower and the band as well as the flower petals are textured, giving it a rustic yet elegant look at the same time.

Triangle Pearl Ring

Triangle pearl ring

by Noemon House Of Design. Check Price Here.

Made from 22K gold double-plated sterling silver, this geometric ring is constructed with three equilateral triangles which together form another triangle hugging a white pearl in the center. It’s ideal for an engagement ring since its designed to give you designed to give you a sense of balance and harmony.

Dangling Pearl Sterling Silver Ring

Dangling pearl silver ring

by Noemon House Of Design. Check Price Here.

A stylish and feminine piece of jewelry, this sterling silver ring is plated with gold and has cut out swirls all over its band. It also features three white freshwater pearls that hang from one side of the band, dangling whenever it moves.

Double Pearl Silver Ring

Double pearl silver ring

by Prestige Jewelry GR. Check Price Here.

Here’s a unique wrap-around piece which is an adjustable statement ring that you can wear on different fingers. It combines two genuine white pearls set in 925 sterling silver and exhibits a mirror high polish finish. The pearls are not only glued to the ring but are also pinned in place so they won’t fall off. A lovely piece of jewelry to add to your collection.

When Choosing a Pearl Ring

Before you shop for your pearl ring, a little research can help you to recognize what you’re buying. It’s also better to be informed about the different types of pearls as well as their colors and sizes. The following are types of pearls that you’re like to come across when you go shopping.

  • Saltwater pearls: these are more expensive than freshwater pearls. Akoya Japanese pearls and Tahitian pearls are some of the most coveted and valuable saltwater pearls so if you’re planning to go for one of these, you’d need to have a bigger budget.
  • Freshwater pearls: these are found in the mussels of rivers and lakes in many countries. They are the most affordable of all pearl varieties but they also offer the most versatility and range. Find freshwater pearls in every color and overtone.
  • Tahitian Pearls: The only natural dark pearls, Tahitian pearls are expensive and luxurious. They’re perfect for an avant-garde look.
  • South Sea Pearls: The most luxurious and the largest of all the pearls, South Sea pearls are only found in a few areas in the world. They come in either white or golden hues and are among the most stunning of all natural creations.

Because natural pearls are so rare, all pearls on the market today are cultured pearls.

These, unlike the pearls that are formed naturally, are made by placing irritants or shell beads inside a tiny cut in a mussel or an oyster.

The mollusks begin covering the ‘intruder’ with nacre (what pearls are made of) to influence the cultivation of the pearl. Natural and cultured pearls are both equal when it comes to quality but cultured ones are less expensive since they are easily available. 

Before You Buy:

When you’re selecting your pearl ring, check it to make sure that the pearl isn’t cracked and that it has a beautiful, glowing luster.

To check the authenticity of the pearl, rub it against your tooth with a side-to-side motion (preferably when no one’s looking!). If the surface of the pearl is smooth, it’s an artificial one but if it feels rough or gritty against your tooth, you can be sure it’s the real thing.

Many jewelers try to pass off fake pearls for authentic ones but don’t get fooled. Before you purchase your ring make sure that what you’re getting is genuine and actually worth your money. This is also why it’s important to purchase pearls from genuine, reputable retailers who stand by their products.

Here’s out list of the best places to buy pearls online in the USA. Note that buying online will avail you of the most affordable yet the highest quality pearls.


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