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8 Jewelry Shops That Offer Student Discounts in 2023

When you’re on a budget, as most students are, a jewelry piece of the right style, quality, and discounted price is a great find. But with all the jewelry ...

Top 8 Affordable Jewelry Brands in the USA

The term “affordable” can be a bit confusing at first. We don’t mean “cheap” or “inexpensive” but rather jewelry that isn’t overpriced, is worth its money and ...

Top 10 Trendy Jewelry Brands

Choosing the perfect jewelry piece for you is always a tricky thing as there are just so many things to consider – quality, style, materials, price, as well ...

30 Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

Designed to last for a lifetime, wedding bands should also match your personality and fashion style. A wedding ring is a symbol of promise and marriage, and ...

What Is the Baguette Cut Diamond? – A Guide

Everyone’s heard of the three or four most famous diamond cuts out there but what about some of the more niche types such as the Baguette cut? It may surprise ...

Pearl Luster – What Is It And Does It Matter?

When it comes to pearls, luster is often considered the most important factor in determining their quality and value. But what exactly is pearl luster, and ...

Tahitian Pearl – What Is It and What Makes It Special?

Tahitian pearls are a unique and highly sought-after gem, known for their beautiful colors and luster. These pearls are grown in the black-lipped oyster found ...

Body Candy Review – Is Their Jewelry Worth the Money?

The Body Candy jewelry store isn’t the type of jewelry retailer we usually talk about, but it is a fascinating brand to explore, especially if you’re into the ...

Ritani Jewelry: An Honest In-depth Review

One of the most famous jewelry brands in the world, Ritani is lauded for several reasons. Does this fame mean that Ritani is really a good brand that offers ...

Should I Shop for Jewelry at Ring Concierge? A Guide

Ring Concierge is one of the newest and fastest-growing jewelry retailers in the world. It’s also one of the brands with the most interesting stories as well ...

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