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Chinese Jewelry – Characteristics, Symbols, and Patterns (A Guide)

Jewelry has been worn in China since ancient times, going back to the Neolithic age (around 5000 years ago).   While early Chinese jewelry was ...

Everything You Need to Know About Middle Eastern Jewelry

The Middle East is a mix of cultures and regions. It connects the Indian and Mediterranean Seas, Eurasia, and Africa, and is blessed with a fascinating ...

What Makes Ethiopian Jewelry Unique? – A Guide

Ethiopia, a country situated in the Horn of Africa, is famous for its rich cultural heritage. It’s the birthplace of Olympic gold medalists, rock-hewn ...

Why Do We Wear Earrings? A History

Fashion accessories have a long and broad history, and earrings are a part of that history. Earrings come in various lengths and sizes and are made of ...

Celtic Jewelry – A Guide

The history of Celtic jewelry dates back to the period between 2000 BC and about 550 AD. Gold and silver were used by Celtic artisans to produce stunning ...

What Is a Figaro Chain?

A Figaro chain is a popular interlocking chain type. With a bold and intricate appearance, it can look good on both men and women. Knowing your options and ...

What Is Coin Jewelry?

Similar to music, paintings, and sculptures, jewelry as an art form has a long and continuous history. In that same vein, jewelers have a lot of creative ...

Viking Symbols in Jewelry and What They Mean (With Images)

The Vikings were deeply religious, and their symbols reflected their beliefs. While Viking accessories are fashionable to wear, it matters to understand their ...

What are Curved Wedding Bands and How are They Used?

While preparing for a wedding, one of the things that couples pay the most attention to is the design and style of their wedding rings. After all, wedding ...

How To Know If Gold Is Real – 9 Easy Ways

Gold is one of the oldest metals that’s been used and highly valued by most human civilizations that stumbled upon it. By most reports, people have been ...

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