What is a Flush Setting Ring? A Guide with Examples

The flush setting, also called gypsy or hammer style setting, is a lesser known and unique setting choice for rings. It features a metal band with diamonds or gemstones set flush against the metal, creating a sleek and stylish look.

While not many people know about the flush setting, we think it’s a great option if you want a ring style that is modern, sturdy and stylish while still containing elements of the traditional. They’re great for both male and female ring designs.

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Here we outline everything you need to know about the flush setting and whether it’s the right choice for you.

What is a Flush Setting Ring?

flush set diamond eternity band
Stunning flush set diamond ring. See it on Etsy.

With the flush setting, the diamonds are placed into a drilled hole in the metal, where they are then set flush against the metal. The only visible part of the diamond is the top, while all other parts of the stone are embedded into the metal. The metal around the diamond is hammered down to fit smoothly against the metal without any edges.

gypsy setting male wedding ring
A great choice for men’s ring designs. See this ring here.

The flush setting is somewhat similar to the bezel setting in that we only see the top view of the stone. However, unlike the bezel, the flush setting doesn’t contain metal that surrounds the diamond.

With the r flush setting, the focus is on both the metal and the diamond as each plays an important part in the design. While the flush setting doesn’t allow for enhanced diamond light performance, it is a minimalist style that still brings out the beauty of the stone in a more subdued way.

Gypsy Setting Pros and Cons

Like all settings, this too comes with its pros and cons.

Here are some reasons that make the flush setting a great choice.

  1. The flush setting provides maximum security for your diamonds, making them an excellent choice if you’re someone who uses their hands a lot for work. Because the diamonds are set flush into the metal, they aren’t exposed to impacts and the wear and tear on the stone is minimal. Bottom line? If you use your hands a lot, you’ll love this setting.
sapphire diamond gyspy setting
Flush setting with diamonds and sapphires. See it here.
  1. Because there are no prongs or sharp parts protruding from the setting, there is little chance of the ring getting snagged on clothes, sheets and hair.
  1. Flush settings are easy to clean and maintain. As there are no grooves, nooks and crannies where dirt can get lodged, cleaning your ring at home will be easy to do.
  1. It is a ring setting with a clean, polished and modern appearance. Unlike highly embellished ring settings, the flush setting is understated in its beauty.
unique gypsy setting ring
A unique flush set ring. See it on Etsy.

With all these benefits, there are also some disadvantages to the flush setting.

  1. The main con with this type of setting is that the diamond is not as visible as in other types of ring settings. Because the diamond is sunk into the metal, only the top view of the stone is visible. Because of this, the diamonds can look smaller than they are.
  1. The flush setting heavily reduces the diamonds visibility and ability to reflect and play with light. As a result, the sparkle and brilliance of the stone is minimized as is its size and overall appearance.
  1. Some may find the flush setting underwhelming for a diamond ring setting. For most people, a diamond must be visible, brilliant and attention-grabbing. A flush setting may not do that for them.

Flush Setting Ring Designs

The flush setting is a very good option for wedding rings, as they’re an excellent style for daily wear. A unisex style, they make for great ring designs for both men and women. This makes it perfect for matching wedding ring styles if you were interested in something along those lines.

matching flush setting rings
Hammered matching flush set wedding rings. See them on Etsy.
male gypsy setting ring
See this ring here.

There are many ring designs for men that incorporate the flush setting. These often contain diamonds spaced far apart to add just the right amount of sparkle. Sometimes, a single diamond placed in the ring setting like this one is all it takes to elevate the ring to the next level.

Flush setting ring
Flush set rings come in various designs. See this ring on Etsy.

For women, opting for a thinner band will distinguish the ring from male ring designs. The flush setting is quite versatile and allows for unique ring designs. Because the diamonds don’t take the entire attention of the design, the other elements of the ring take on more focus and can be embellished to be more attractive.

Where to Buy Flush Set Diamond Rings

Because flush set rings aren’t very common, you might find that design options can be limited. It’s best to take your search online as there are more competitive prices and a wider range to choose from.

However, it is imperative to choose a trustworthy and reliable vendor, known for the quality of their products and services. We recommend the following retailers when it comes to shopping for diamond rings online:

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An online giant in the diamond space, James Allen a stunning collection of high-quality diamonds and settings. The images and videos are unparalleled in quality and makes shopping online similar, if not better, to shopping in store.

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If you want to try out how a diamond ring looks on your finger before you commit to buying one, check out With Clarity’s Home Preview Service which is completely free. Find out more here.

Etsy is the place to go for unique and handmade designs and if this is what you’re looking for, definitely start your search here. Etsy’s flush ring setting collection features rings in a variety of settings, styles and prices.

Wrapping Up

Flush settings are perfect for those who’re looking for a traditional design that still stands out. What’s more, the durability of the setting makes it perfect for those with busy lifestyles. However, because this isn’t a mainstream ring setting, finding flush set rings can be difficult as designs are limited.

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