Top 10 Men’s Jewelry Boxes (2018)

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Although men tend to overlook the need for a storage solution for their valuables, jewelry boxes are an essential tool when it comes to organizing your valuables. Most men have a number of watches lying around, not to mention all the cuff links, tie pins, ear studs and a whole heap of other items. Storing these in a functional and compact organizer will make getting dressed in the morning easier and hassle-free, while also keeping all your items protected and easy to find. Jewelry boxes come with fabric-lined interiors to keep your items free from dust and the possibility of scratches and scuffs, as well as away from moisture and humidity. Apart from this functional aspect, men’s jewelry boxes are also aesthetically pleasing and a welcome addition to any room.

Men’s jewelry boxes are commonly called men’s valet boxes. They are commonly designed to hold things that a typical male will need to store, such as spare cash, business cards, electronic devices, sunglasses and keys. However, valet boxes are gender-neutral as women can use them too for various functions.

If you aren’t quite sure where to begin your jewelry box search, we have reviewed the Top Ten Men’s Jewelry Boxes. Here are our Top Ten:

  1. Sodynee PU Leather Watch and Jewelry Organizer

sodynee 12 compartment jewelry box

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Sodynee combines stylishness and practicality in this compact jewelry and watch organizer. The top section contains a 12-watch compartment, which is bound to hold most watch collections. As the lid comes with a clear top, you can easily and quickly see your watches without having to open the box. The 12 pillows used for holding the watches are remohttp://watchvable, making for easy storage and retrieval of your watches. The second section consists of an easily sliding tray, which has sufficient space to hold a collection of bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and necklaces.

The box comes with a lock and key for safe storage but bear in mind that this only provides minimal security. The lock also only applies to the top tier and not to the lower jewelry tray. The interior of the box is lined with soft velvet that has is tarnish resistant while the outer sides of the box are covered in PU leather. Overall, the box is of quality construction and comes at a very good price.



  • Lock and key
  • 12 watch compartments
  • Plastic viewing top
  • Affordable price
  • Ample storage
  1. Songmics UJWB012 Watch and Jewelry Box

songmics men jewelry box

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Songmics combines quality and a great price with this 12-compartment watch and jewelry box. The box has been well-designed and created using high quality materials.  The 12-watch compartment contains soft pillows to hold your watches in individual sections. The lid is fixed with real glass for easy viewing of your watches. The lower half of the box contains a jewelry tray that has ample space for all your accessories, including ear studs, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks and rings.

The entire box is lined with high quality soft gray velvet, protecting your jewelry from dust and scratches. The exterior is lined with black faux leather. The watch compartment is lockable and comes with a key, although this is somewhat flimsy and does not provide much security. Overall, Songmics provides a sturdy and durable designed box that is also stylish, sleek and compact.


  • Glass top
  • Velvet lined interior
  • Good quality craftsmanship
  • Lock and key provided
  • Ample storage
  1. Carson Men’s Dresser Top Valet

carson mens valet

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This compact little jewelry box is ideal to keep a small collection of items in one place. It is well-designed, and can be used for cash, photos, business cards, as well as watches and accessories. The box contains two removable cushions for watches, a storage strap built into the lid that holds cash and cards and a little compartment that holds keys and coins.

The exterior of the box is well-made with a faux leather finish while the interior is fabric-lined. The tabbed magnetic snap allows you to quickly and easily access or close the box with just one hand. The overall appearance is masculine and modern and fits easily into the décor of any room. It takes up little space and is perfect for keeping all your items safe in one place. It is ideal if you are looking for something a little bit on the small side.


  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Small size
  • Sleek faux leather finish
  • Not lockable
  1. Max 6 Compartment Valet Tray

max 6 compartment leatherette organizer

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Compact and functional, Max provides a solution to keeping it all together in a stylish and organized way. The tray consists of 6 compartments, each perfect for a different function. There is a compartment for small items such as rings, ear studs and cuff links, while the larger, more spacious sections are perfect for bracelets, necklaces, watches and other items.

The valet tray is lined with soft brown felt, with a sturdy frame made of wood. The exterior has a textured dark brown leatherette finish. Max Valet Tray is ideal to keep things neat and tidy and fits easily onto the top of your dresser. However, some of your valuable items will be exposed to dust and moisture damage as the compartments don’t all have lids.


  • Masculine design
  • Compact and functional
  • Not lockable
  • Some compartments uncovered
  1. Glenor Co 12 Slot Watch Box

glenor 12 compartment watch holder for men

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Glenor Co is known for their high-quality original designs, with this 12 Slot Watch Box being one of their patented designs. A wristwatch lover’s dream, Glenor provides a high quality well-crafted storage solution to stylishly display your watches, while keeping them protected.

The box can hold larger watches, as each slot is quite spacious. The removable pillows are made of soft PU leather, while the interior is completely lined with the same material, keeping your watches safe from scratches and dust. The lid comes with a large glass display for easy viewing of all 12 watch slots making it a beautiful display box, while the sophisticated metal buckle makes for easy one-handed access and closure. What’s more, for a personal touch, this metal plate is ideal to have yours or your loved one’s name engraved on. Just note that Glenor does not offer engraving services.

Overall, the Glenor boasts quality and excellent craftsmanship. The finish is smooth and neat and the box looks stylish, classy and modern.


  • High quality design and craftsmanship
  • 12 spacious watch slots
  • PU leather pillows
  • Real glass window
  • Stainless steel metal closure
  • No locking mechanism
  1. Yescom Glass-Top Wooden Watch and Jewelry Organizer

yescom 20 slot watch box

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The Yescom Watch Display Box is for the ultimate watch collector. With spacious slots for 20 watches, this is sufficient to hold most watch collections. The top compartment comprises of 10 slots while the sliding tray holds the other 10. Each slot has a soft plush pillow to hold your watch, while the entire interior is lined with soft fabric.

The lid provides a beautiful display of the top compartment, with its scratch-resistant glass window. There is also a locking mechanism that offers some level of security. The box is made of tasteful wood and comes in a couple of different colors to suit your preferences. Another benefit of wood, apart from its sophisticated and expensive look, is that it absorbs moisture and keeps the interior of the box dry. Overall, well-made and of high quality workmanship that is sure to make even the most fastidious watch collector happy.


  • Large spacious slots
  • Neat locking mechanism
  • Glass window
  • Made of wood
  • Plush-lined interior
  • Quality hinges


  1. Stock Your Home Luxury Men’s Valet Box

stock your home valet jewelry box

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Stock Your Home offers a 10-compartment dual-layer jewelry organizer that is ideal for a small collection. The upper section has three large sections, ideal for bracelets, necklaces, watches and small items, while the second tier, in the form of a sliding tray, consists of 6 long compartments. There is also a compartment, which isn’t covered by a lid, that is perfect for loose change, keys and other knick-knacks.

The exterior of Stock Your Home is made of plush faux leather while the interior is felt-lined. While it offers sufficient space for most items, it will not hold large watches. Also, the drawer may tend to stick at times due to the faux leather lining.


  • Spacious dual-layer construction
  • Good quality workmanship
  • No locking mechanism
  • Does not hold large items
  1. Mele & Co Men’s Wooden Valet

mele and co wooden-valet

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This well-thought out design offers several features that are ideal to keep all your items in one place. The upper section of the box has a ring and watch holder that comes with a lid for extra protection. The downside is that it can only hold one large watch, so if you are looking for a box to store your watches, it isn’t this one.

However, there is space for several rings and small items in the top section. There are two open compartments, perfect for storing a small electronic device, keys, spare cash and cards. There is even a slot that holds larger devices such as a tablet or kindle, just behind the lid. The second layer consists of a single drawer. While this hasn’t been compartmentalized, it’s perfect to hold any neck chains or bracelets.

The box is of sturdy construction with a burlwood finish and matte silver hinges and drawer knobs. It sits neatly on any flat surface.


  • Multi-function storage compartments
  • High quality materials
  • Well-designed
  • No locking mechanism
  • Sliding tray can be flimsy
  • Single watch slot
  1. Glenor Co Luxury Jewelry Organizer

 glenor luxury men jewelry organizer

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This beautiful and compact jewelry organizer exudes modern stylishness and masculinity! With ample storage options, the box provides a number of compartments for various items. You no longer have to keep your things lying about everywhere – there is a spot for all that loose change, sunglasses, keys, spare cash, cuff links, ear studs, tie pins, bracelets and necklaces here! The box consists of two layers, each with numerous compartments.

The Glenor Luxury is extremely well-crafted using high quality materials. The exterior is covered with textured material, embellished with metal accents. The interior is lined with soft fabric to keep your items protected. The metal snap closure is easy to open and close, and there is the added bonus of a mirror built into the lid. Compact and convenient, the Glenor Luxury is a beautiful addition to any room and makes dressing up a breeze.


  • Easy metal closure
  • Several storage compartments
  • Built-in mirror
  • Smooth and sleek finish
  • Textured external design
  • Sturdy construction
  1. Case Elegance Solid Wood Watch Organizer

case elegance watch box for menCheck Price on Amazon

For a small watch collection, Case Elegance offers this beautiful 6 slot watch organizer made of solid wood. Each slot comes with a soft plush pillow to hold your watch, and ultra-soft fabric lined interior. What’s more, the large glass window allows for easy viewing of all your watches, without needing to open it.

As each slot is large and spacious, you can fit almost all watches, including large faced watches. The box comes with an easy magnetic enclosure that is not visible from the exterior but holds the lid tightly in place. You can choose from a dark espresso color or a softer light pine wood. With a smooth felt bottom, the box does not slide or slip around and stays firmly in place.

Another great option offered by Case Elegance is to have the glass engraved in a white font, making it a nice personal touch as a gift for a friend, loved one or yourself! Get in touch with the vendors to discuss this option.


  • Magnetic enclosure
  • Felt-bottom
  • Large watch slots
  • High quality construction
  • Real glass and wood used
  • Fabric-lined interior
  • Optional: engraving services offered


What to Consider Prior To Buying

Before purchasing your jewelry box, you will need to consider what type of box you require. As you can see, there are many varieties and styles to choose from.

Consider Your Jewelry Collection

Some boxes focus totally on watch collections while others offer storage solutions for jewelry as well. The box you choose depends on your collection of accessories. For example, if you are a watch enthusiast with no interest in jewelry, it doesn’t make sense to purchase a box with jewelry storage options. In this case, your best bet would be to choose a watch organizer.

The Material of the Box

Another factor to consider is what material the box is made of. Some boxes come with faux leather lined exteriors, others are made of solid wood. One benefit of wood is that it tends to absorb any moisture in the air, keeping your valuables moisture-free. All jewelry boxes should have soft fabric-lined interiors to ensure that the items remain scratch and dust free. Some boxes come with actual glass display windows while others contain plastic windows. Again, ensure that you have checked the specifications of the box carefully in detail before you buy.

To Lock or Not to Lock?

Most jewelry boxes come with a basic locking mechanism to keep your items safe. However, these tend to generally be quite flimsy and not offer much protection. They do however keep your jewelry away from unwanted scrutiny as well as little children. If you desire actual safety and security for your items, it is best to keep them in a safe deposit box. Avoid leaving highly valuable items in any unsecure jewelry box.

Design and Décor

You may also wish to consider whether the design and appearance of the box will suit the décor of your room. Most male valet boxes are made of dark colors, such as black, navy or gray. These are neutral colors that tend to fit in with any décor. Also consider where you plan to place the box, as you will need a flat surface for this.

At the end of the day, what you really need from your valet box is functionality, excellent craftsmanship, durability and a beautiful design, to keep your valuables protected and organized. Regardless of your collection, we believe we have you covered with our Top 10 Men’s Jewelry Boxes.

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