The Origin Story: How Tennis Bracelets Got Their Unique Name

The tennis bracelet, known for its elegant diamond design, is a classic in luxury jewelry. Yet, it shares a surprising connection with the sport of tennis. This connection creates an interesting story that mixes high fashion with athletic excellence.

Let’s explore the captivating history behind the tennis bracelet’s unique name, tracing its path from luxury jewelry stores to the tennis courts.

How Tennis Bracelets Got Their Name

chris evert
Chris Evert during a match.

The tennis bracelet, originally just a diamond bracelet, got its name from a notable event involving Chris Evert, a top-ranked female tennis player, during the 1987 U.S. Open. Evert was wearing her stylish diamond bracelet, known for its flexible design and uniform diamond pattern, during a match.

Amidst the action, the bracelet broke and fell off her wrist. Realizing this, Evert asked to pause the match to look for her bracelet. This incident, broadcast live on TV, captured the audience’s attention. Commentators referred to the lost piece as her “tennis bracelet,” a name that quickly gained popularity.

tennis bracelet in white gold
See this tennis bracelet here

This event led to a spike in demand for similar bracelets, prompting the jewelry industry to adopt the name “tennis bracelet.” Since then, this term describes a diamond bracelet worn during sports or daily activities, blending elegance with an active lifestyle.

This moment with Chris Evert showed how a sporting event could extend its influence into fashion, transforming a traditional piece of jewelry into an icon of modern style.

Tennis Players and Tennis Bracelets

Serena Willias earing tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelets have become a signature accessory for many renowned tennis players, blending elegance with their athletic image.

Serena Williams, a powerhouse in women’s tennis, regularly wears a sparkling tennis bracelet during her matches, matching her bold and sophisticated playing style with a touch of glamour.

Maria Sharapova, celebrated for her elegant gameplay and fashion sense, also frequently pairs tennis bracelets with her on-court attire, adding luxury to her sports look. These bracelets symbolize not just style but also the strength and resilience of tennis players.

The trend isn’t limited to women’s tennis; male players like Roger Federer have also worn tennis bracelets, highlighting their wide appeal. The continued popularity of these bracelets among tennis stars reflects their perfect mix of practicality and style, making them a symbol of both their athletic prowess and personal fashion.

Tennis Bracelets and Styles

Yellow gold diamond tennis bracelet
Classic tennis bracelet set in gold. See it here.

The design of the tennis bracelet makes it perfect for athletic women and those who lead active, busy lifestyles. Unlike other types bracelets, like bangles or charm bracelets, tennis bracelets are more comfortable, wearable and less intrusive.

They’re light so you don’t really feel them on your wrist and they’re flexible, meaning that they don’t get knocked around or hurt your wrist like a solid bangle would. This makes the tennis bracelet a comfortable choice if you want to look stylish while playing your game.

tennis bracelet in white gold
Choose a bracelet with a strong clasp. See it here.

However, like Evert’s bracelet, tennis bracelets can loosen and come off your wrist, especially if you’re using your hands vigorously. The strength of the clasp is something to check for when purchasing your tennis bracelet to avoid a mishap and losing all your diamonds.

Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelet
Blue sapphire tennis bracelet. See it here.

While tennis bracelets initially referred to a string of diamonds, today they cover a multitude of gemstones. As colored gemstones become more popular, gemstone tennis bracelets continue to be a favorite of many fashion forward women.

Turquoise tennis bracelet in yellow gold
Stunning turquoise tennis bracelet. See it here.

Today, there are many designs that tennis bracelets come in. No longer are they limited to just a string of round cut diamonds. Instead, you can find different shapes, styles and designs.

Where to Buy Tennis Bracelets

Buying a tennis bracelet is a big purchase so ensure that your retailer has a proven track record and is trustworthy and reputable.

We recommend the following retailers:

1. James Allen

James Allen has an impressive collection of high-quality diamond tennis bracelets on offer. Their site allows you to view each ring carefully from all angles using their ground-breaking Diamond Display Technology. They also have Diamond Experts on hand to help you through the process.

2. Blue Nile

Blue Nile has an impressive range of tennis bracelets, which include designer bracelets, at competitive prices. They have some unique styles on offer so definitely check them out.

3. Brian Gavin

Brian Gavin diamonds are famous for their cut quality and for their continuous innovation in perfecting their cut quality. Their range of tennis bracelets are stylish and expertly crafted.

4. Etsy

Etsy is the place to go for unique tennis bracelet designs. Their range of gemstone tennis bracelets is unbeatable. Etsy’s tennis bracelet collection features bracelets in a variety of settings, styles and prices.

5. Amazon

Amazon has a wide selection of tennis bracelets, offering styles for every taste and budget, with the convenience of easy browsing and secure online shopping.

Wrapping Up

Starting as an on-court accident, the tennis bracelet’s became a key fashion item, showing its versatility and timeless charm. It’s a favorite for famous tennis players and a glamorous addition to daily outfits while symbolizing sophistication and strength. Its lasting popularity shows that some styles go beyond trends, turning into classics that honor both sports and fine jewelry. This makes the tennis bracelet a beloved accessory for many.

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