Lotus Flower Symbol in Jewelry (And Its Hidden Meaning)

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The lotus flower has been valued for millennia for its symbolism and meaning. Also known as the water lily, the lotus is known for its beauty and its murky beginnings. The lotus comes in a variety of colors, with pink, purple, white, red and blue being some of the most popular. 

The flower is native to India and Vietnam and is heavily used in the East for its beauty and symbolism.

Let’s take a look at this beautiful symbol, what makes it so special and why lotus jewelry is a great choice.

What Makes the Lotus Special?

Before we talk about the symbolism and the history of this flower, it’s important to ask what’s so special about the lotus and why it tends to stand apart from other flowers? Well, the answer is:

  1. The lotus is a water flower and has its tough roots in murky waters. Most leaves of the plant typically rest on the water, while the flower rises above the muddy waters, looking pure and clean. It’s upward orientation ensures that the lotus rises above other flowers, leaves and muck around it.
  2. The flower blooms during the day but closes up and retracts into the muddy water when the sun sets. However, when it reblooms the next morning, the flower is again clean and beautiful, unaffected by the dirt of its context.
  3. The lotus is a hardy plant and has a strong will to survive. A seed can germinate easily after centuries and even millennia of lying dormant.

The Meaning and Symbolism of Lotus

Lotus pendant
The lotus is full of amazing symbolism. See this pendant here.

There’s a lot of meaning associated with the lotus, springing from the flower’s life cycle and environment. Here are the main associations:

Purity – Although the lotus blooms in dirt and muck, it’s able to lift its head above all this and appear beautiful and pure. Miraculously, the flower never appears dirty or muddy even though it’s rooted in mud. Like the lotus, then, regardless of your origins, it’s possible to rise above and carve out your own space without stooping low. Wearing the symbol is a constant reminder of your commitment to your values.

Integrity – The lotus is a reminder to be true to your values and faithful to what you hold dear, as it stands alone. Even though the path may be difficult, and you may be alone, it’s worth holding onto your values.

Tenacity – The lotus appears delicate and fragile, and yet its roots are tough and go deep into the mud. This signifies tenacity, holding on and never giving up. Regardless of how difficult life gets, it’s important to keep fighting and to thrive.

Origins – Although the lotus rises above the mire, it remains firmly rooted in place. This keeps it strong and stable. Wearing the lotus symbol is reminder of the importance of your roots and where you come from, regardless of what or where they are.

Independence and Strength – The lotus shows independence and strength in its ability to rise above the water and stand on its own to bloom as it wishes. Wearing the lotus symbol is a sign of independence and confidence that comes from knowing that no matter what, you’ll tread your own path and to do it with style.

Detachment – The mud and mess that a lotus blooms in could signify the world, material desires and the enslavement to these desires. The lotus symbolizes detachment as it isn’t a part of this environment, instead choosing to remain detached.

History of the Lotus Symbol

The lotus flower symbol goes far back several thousand years ago. It was especially valued by Buddhists and the ancient Egyptians, with many references to the flower in the artworks and writings of those times.

The Lotus and the Egyptians 

Lotus flower and ancient Egyptians
Blue lotuses in ancient Egyptian art. Source.

Many paintings and artwork from this time depict the lotus. Initially, blue and white lotuses were common but later on, pink lotuses also made appearances there.

To ancient Egyptians, the lotus was a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. The fact that the flower vanished at night only to appear the next day suggested reincarnation and new life. But the flower also represented death, as it was by dying (as they believed) that the flower could then be reborn.

Also, the lotus only bloomed during the day, essentially paying homage to the sun. This connected the flower to the sun, which was sacred to the Egyptians. They viewed the lotus as a symbol of the sun.

The Lotus and Indian Religions  

Buddha sitting on lotus
The Buddha depicted sitting on an open lotus. Source.

The lotus is a popular symbol in Indian religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism.

  • Seen as one of the primary symbols of Buddhism, the lotus is heavy with symbolism for Buddhists, representing purity, spiritual enlightenment and detachment. In fact, the Buddha is often depicted holding a lotus or sitting on a large lotus flower. This is because the lotus represented purity, detachment and spiritual enlightenment.
  • In Hinduism, the lotus represents purity, fertility and divine beauty. The flower is associated with many Hindu gods such as Brahma, Vishnu and Lakshmi. Some of these gods are often portrayed sitting on large, open lotus flowers.

The Lotus Symbol in Jewelry

It’s easy to see why the lotus remains one of the most popular symbols used in jewelry. Regardless of your religious or spiritual affiliation, this symbol remains universal to all. Here are some ways to wear the lotus:

  • Lotus Pendant – The lotus pendant is an excellent way to keep the symbolism of the flower close to your heart. Whether dramatic or subtle, there are numerous ways that the flower is depicted in jewelry, so you’ll have many options to choose from.
Lotus Flower Necklace
Lotus Flower Necklace. See it here.

While the open lotus is the most frequent option for pendants, you can also opt for a lotus bud for a unique take on lotus jewelry. The lotus bud symbolizes the willingness and readiness to bloom, which you can interpret in many ways – ready to be independent, to learn, to travel, to tread your own path.

  • Lotus Ring – Wearing the lotus on a ring is ideal if you want to constantly see the piece of jewelry. Unlike a pendant, where you have to take it in your hand to look at it, a ring is quite obvious. You can opt for a cocktail ring, as featured below, or something more delicate like this stylized gold lotus ring.
Sterling Silver Lotus Flower
Sterling Silver Lotus Flower. Check price here.
  • Lotus Charms – Keep it simple by incorporating a lotus charm into your charm bracelet or other jewelry. This way, the lotus isn’t the focal point of your jewelry, but it still makes part of your overall jewelry ensemble.
Lotus flower charms
Simple lotus charm. See them here.
  • Lotus Earrings – While you won’t be able to see your own lotus earrings unless you look in a mirror, they’ll definitely add style to your look and be visible to everyone else. Whether studs, dangles or dramatic statement earrings, you can find a pair to suit your style.
Lotus Flower Huggie Earrings
Lotus Flower Huggie Earrings. Check price here.
  • Lotus Bracelets – Lotus bracelets are beautiful in many designs, and can be crafted into chic, stylish bracelets or more bohemian, hippie styles. When paired with gemstone beads, these bracelets are ideal for spiritual or meditation.
Just breathe lotus bracelet
Gemstone lotus bracelet with personalized word. See it here.

When to Give Lotus Jewelry

Because of its versatility and symbolism, the lotus is an ideal symbol to gift in jewelry. Here are some ideas when to give lotus jewelry:

  • As a birthday gift to a friend or loved one to symbolize growing up while staying true to who you are.
  • It’s perfect for someone who’s about to start a journey, to symbolize staying true to your values and taking the high road (symbolically speaking).
  • As a Valentine’s Day gift to a loved one to symbolize patience, tenacity and holding on to your special relationship.
  • As a graduation gift to someone starting a new chapter as a representation of integrity, independence and strength.

Should I Wear the Lotus Symbol?

Girl with lotus flower

You might be wondering whether you should wear the lotus symbol, seeing as it has strong connections to many Eastern religions, and you aren’t a part of those religions. This is a fair concern, but it’s important to note that the lotus is a universal symbol.

It isn’t limited to the use of only a few religions.  Everyone can relate to the symbolism of the lotus, which is relevant to human life and human nature.

Whatever your religion or beliefs may be, there is no reason not to wear the lotus if you relate to and appreciate its symbolism.

Where to Buy Lotus Jewelry

You might sometimes be able to find lotus jewelry at your local store or have the piece commissioned for you. However, if you want endless options and competitive prices, we recommend searching for lotus jewelry online.

We recommend searching on online marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon, where you can find handmade, high-quality items at a range of prices. There’s bound to be a piece you love on these platforms.

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