Flower of Life Symbol – Meaning and Use in Jewelry

The flower of life is an ancient symbol that can be found in almost every major culture and religion around the world.

The design appears complex at first glance but is quite simple in reality, made up of a number of interlocking circles and is used to symbolize the cycle of creation.

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The symbol is a popular motif used in jewelry, clothes, tattoos, and decorations, among other things, and can be found everywhere. Let’s take a look at what the symbol means and why it’s so popular.

What is the Flower of Life Symbol?

The flower of life symbol is everywhere. It’s so ubiquitous in popular culture and because it looks so simple, we sometimes tend not to notice this beautiful symbol. You might not know what it’s called, but chances are you’ve seen the flower of life before.

The flower of life is a geometrical shape, made by overlapping circles. At the very center of the design is a single circle to which all the other circles are connected. Typically, there are 19 circles in the design, but you’ll come across many stylized versions which feature a varied number.

coldplay flower of life symbol
Coldplay’s “A Head Full of Dreams” Album Cover

The idea is that the symbol can be extended indefinitely, by continuing to add circles to it. The symbol shows a six fold symmetry, similar to a hexagon.

The flower of life shows perfect symmetry and proportion and has often been considered to be sacred geometry. At first glance, it looks like a flower, but a closer investigation shows multiple shapes and symbols emerging from within the overall pattern.

History of the Flower of Life

a woman wearing a flower of life necklace
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The name flower of life is fairly new and is connected to the New Age movement. In fact, it’s only in the late 1990s that the term flower of life became commonly associated with the symbol. Regardless of the terminology, the symbol itself is extremely ancient.

The flower of life has connections to almost every major culture and religion in the world, making it a ubiquitous and prevalent symbol. It’s been found in ancient Egypt, China, Turkey, Italy and Spain among others.

Flower of life in Turkey
Flower of life pattern in Ephesos, Turkey. Source

The symbol has been found in Buddhist temples, Chinese art, Jewish synagogues and Christian churches, and because it’s difficult to pinpoint when and where the symbol originated, no single culture or religion can lay claim to it. In this light, the flower of life is truly universal.

The oldest known depiction of the flower of life can be seen in the Temple of Osiris in Egypt and is believed to be between 2000 to 6000 years old.

The symbol has played a key role in important mathematical thought. For example, history records that Leonardo da Vinci studied the symbol closely and was able to identify the five platonic solids and the Golden Ratio of Phi from the flower of life symbol.

What Does the Flower of Life Mean?

flower of life necklace in rose gold on a woman's neck
Flower of Life Pendant. See this here.

There are so many meanings attributed to the flower of life that it can be difficult to explain it all simply. In fact, there are whole documentaries on this symbol, attempting to explain its significance and symbolism.

In a nutshell, the symbol is thought to represent the mathematical order of the natural world that can be found in all life. Many see the symbol as a visual representation of life and consciousness. It symbolizes creation, how all life springs forth from a single source and shows the connection between everything. It’s the blueprint of life and at its heart, the flower of life reminds us that We’re all connected.

The Seed of Life vs. Flower of Life

Seed of life image
Seed of Life

Another symbol made of interlocking circles is the seed of life. This consists of 7 overlapping circles, creating a more singular flower like image. 7 is an important number in many cultures and this symbol holds varying meanings accordingly. Christians believe that the seed of life represents the 7 days of God’s creation week.

The overall meaning, however, is that the symbol represents the creation of life and the cellular duplication that occurs when an egg is fertilized. It’s believed to be the foundational symbol of the universe.

a woman wearing a seed of life ring
Seed of Life ring. See this here.

Now what does that have to do with the flower of life? Well, if you look closely, you’ll see that the seed of life is at the very center of the flower of life. Not only does this tie the flower-seed symbolism together but it also gives more meaning to the flower of life symbol.

Flower of Life Jewelry

Because of its perfect symmetry and intriguing shape, the flower of life makes for beautiful and meaningful jewelry. You’ll often find the term seed of life used interchangeably with flower of life in jewelry descriptions, but this is a common error and not a huge deal, considering that the flower of life originates from the seed of life symbol.

Flower of life gold pendant
Flower of life pendant. See it here.

The symbol looks especially beautiful in pendants and creates a beautiful shape as it hangs off the chain. You can opt to have a small, understated sized flower of life pendant, or larger, perhaps colorful, one depending on your personal style.

Girl wearing flower of life symbol earrings
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Another excellent way to wear the flower of life symbol is in earrings. Because of its hoop-like shape, the flower of life can be worn just like hoops in a variety of sizes. You can choose studs for daily wear or dangles for a more dressed up look.

Flower of Life Long Ring
Flower of Life Long Ring. Check price here.

How about flower of life rings? Some ring designs feature a wrap-around flower of life while others may depict a flat flower of life disc on top of the ring. Both are beautiful ways to wear the symbol, but the wrap-around design is definitely unique.

Flower of life charms are ideal to fix to charm bracelets or to add to a necklace. You can also find unisex bracelets like this one for a more casual way to wear the symbol.

Who Should Wear the Flower of Life Symbol?

As we’ve discussed already, the flower of life isn’t a symbol that can be claimed by any culture or religion. It holds meaning to everyone, from the religious to secular, free thinkers. It’s universality and relevance to everyone makes it a symbol that anyone can appreciate or wear.

For those who value ancient symbols that have lasted the test of time and made it into the 21st century, the flower of life is truly admirable. It’s beauty and meaning are as relevant today as it ever was. It’s a reminder of the wonder of the world and the beauty and complexity within simple things.

And finally, the flower of life is a beautiful symbol in and of itself, making for gorgeous accessories and fashion items.

Where to Buy Flower of Life Jewelry

The flower of life symbol is so popular in fashion and jewelry, that you may come across it frequently even at your local store. However, for extensive options and competitive prices, we suggest searching on platforms like Etsy or Amazon.

Etsy has a wide range of flower of life jewelry in a variety of prices and styles. From wooden boho designs to chic gold and diamond flower of life jewelry, there’s something for everyone here.

Amazon also holds an impressive range of flower of life jewelry. Take the time to search through to find your perfect piece. Always check the after sales policies prior to purchase and ensure that the you have clear communication with the seller.

Wrapping Up

A meaningful symbol that holds profound symbolism, the flower of life is viewed as a symbol of creation itself. As a symbol used in jewelry, it’s beautiful, symmetrical, and an example of sacred geometry.


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