Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her 50th Birthday

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Birthdays are the perfect time to remind the women in our lives how truly loved they are. A great thing about jewelry is that it can be the perfect token of love to be treasured for a lifetime. What’s a better way to say, “I love you” than with a diamond, pearl, or gold surprise? If you want to make her feel special on her 50th birthday, we’ve rounded up some jewelry gift ideas she’ll surely love.

What Makes a 50th Milestone Special?

Wife at her 50s birthday

Reaching your 50th birthday is a special milestone to celebrate. Do you know that in some cultures reaching 50 means the person deserves special, respectful attention? In fact, there’s a tradition in the Netherlands honoring a woman who is turning 50, called “Sarah’s” birthday. The idea is that at that age, she’s wise enough to be like Sarah—the biblical figure and wife of Abraham.

By the time we reach 50, we would (hopefully) have gained valuable life experiences, wisdom, and emotional maturity.  Since a 50th milestone is so special, it calls for a huge celebration—and jewelry can be the perfect gift.

Unique Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her 50th

1. Pearls

Pearl necklace Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her 50th Birthday
Cultured Tahitian pearl necklace. See it here.

Pearl jewelry possesses a timeless elegance that will never be outdated. A pair of pearl cluster earrings will give a touch of sophisticated flair to her looks while keeping everything both timeless and on-trend. For something a little different, think black or colored pearls.

2. Diamonds

Diamond stud earrings Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her 50th Birthday
Classic diamond studs. See them here.

Diamonds are a symbol of eternal love. A pair of diamond studs, a diamond solitaire necklace, or a diamond tennis bracelet will be welcomed by any lady, 50 or not. These can be worn for casual or formal events, making them the ultimate in versatile jewelry.

3. Birthstones

Blue sapphire and diamond bracelet
Baguette-cut sapphire and diamond bracelet. See it here.

Traditionally, birthstones are gemstones associated with birth months and have unique meanings and significance attached to them. This is a thoughtful gift and one that’ll surely be appreciated. As there are several variations within each birthstone, you’ll have a lot of choices open to you.

4. Symbolic Jewelry

Solid gold tree of life necklace
Tree of life pendant necklace. See it here.

Another option for meaningful jewelry is to choose a symbol that holds value for her. Some symbols are associated with various faiths and cultures like the Star of David, the Celtic knot, the cross, and Chai. Other more general symbols include the infinity symbol (symbolizing eternal love or friendship), the tree of life (being grounded, peace and life), or the anchor (stability and maturity).

5. Personalized Jewelry

Engraved actual handwriting necklace
Engraved actual handwriting necklace. See it here.

If she enjoys sentimental gifts, think of monogrammed rings, initialed pendants, and engraved bracelets. Some excellent ideas include actual handwriting jewelry, fingerprints, lockets with pictures, and musical notes with the lyrics to your favorite song.

6. Vintage Jewelry

Vintage style adjustable ring
Gold-plated vintage ring. See it here.

Women’s taste for fine jewelry gets finer with age. If she’s an antique lover, you know she values something with a rich history. Vintage jewelry pieces are rare and beautiful, so you’ll likely find a unique jewelry piece that will stand out in her collection.

7. Unique Styles

Multi-gemstone cluster earrings
Multi-gemstone cluster earrings. See it here.

If her style is trendy and eclectic, think of fine jewelry with rare gemstones and breathtaking, one-of-a-kind designs. A pair of diamond climbers or sapphire earrings is something she can wear with any of her outfits. Colorful gemstones like lapis lazuli, amethyst, ruby, and emerald are great to add some pops of color to her style. Architectural designs and eye-catching styles… you’ll have to take it on a case-by-case basis and find the piece you know she’ll love.

How to Choose a 50th Birthday Jewelry Gift

If you’re worried about how to choose a gift, take the following tips into account. These will help you pick a piece of jewelry that she’s bound to love. It’ll also show that you’ve put in a lot of thought to get her the right gift.

1. Look for something that reflects her taste and personal style

woman in her 50s
Does she like classic pieces or bold choices?

Jewelry is a beautiful reflection of someone’s personality and style, so take notice of what she wears every day. If you’re a mom looking for a jewelry gift for your daughter, consider how her style has transitioned through the years, along with jewelry designs that best describe her personality now that she’s turning 50.

If she’s an independent, stylish woman, she might want something contemporary that will work with her modern wardrobe. You might think of diamond jewelry with a unique design, architectural cut, and versatile color. Or she might be into subtle, minimalist designs. To help you decide, the next point will help.

2. Figure out what she already has

If you’re choosing a jewelry gift for your sister’s 50th birthday, the last thing you want to do is to give something that she’s uncomfortable wearing or a piece that she already owns. Does she only wear earrings and necklaces, but never wear bracelets? Does she own mostly rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum? The key is to figure out what she wants by looking at what already has.

3. Find something classic and versatile

One way to ensure that a jewelry piece will be versatile is to choose something in a traditional design and classic color scheme. However, “versatile” might mean something different for every woman, depending on her lifestyle and everyday outfits. Depending on her lifestyle, choose a piece that she can wear for a range of occasions which will make it a more useful gift.

4. Make everything personal—or sentimental

Gold locket Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her 50th Birthday
A locket is an excellent option for personalization. See this here.

Finding unique jewelry pieces might be challenging, as you want something personal that symbolizes your relationship with the person, while at the same time being stylish. Think along the lines of personalized jewelry with a monogram, initials, or engravings. These always make thoughtful gifts.

If you can, think of those special moments you shared together, whether it’s a first date, first anniversary, or other milestones in life. If the unforgettable moment was outside at night under the stars, you might think of a locket with photos, a celestial North Star necklace, or a star motif bracelet to remind her of the precious memory. After all, she deserves a great celebration with a stunning gift from you, right?

5. Opt for jewelry pieces that will last a lifetime

You want to give her something she’ll treasure forever, not a jewelry piece that fades, breaks, or leaves mark on her skin. The key is to opt for high-quality fine metals made of gold, rose gold, white gold, or even platinum. Diamond jewelry not only makes a perfect 50th birthday gift but a treasure to cherish for a lifetime.

With these jewelry gift ideas, you’ll make someone feel loved as she reaches her 50th milestone. Just put your heart and mind into choosing the perfect jewelry, so she’ll own a treasure she can cherish forever.

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