Cameo Jewelry is back – Here’s What You Need to Know to Get in On the Trend

 Currently, there seems to be a shift towards anything vintage or antique and vintage designs are seeing a resurgence in popularity, as people look to ...

Let Your Wild Side Out – Rock Your Animal Themed Jewelry

Animals have always been a popular inspiration in the jewelry world. Throughout jewelry history, animal jewelry has cycled in and out, time and again. ...

How to Layer Your Necklaces for that Wow Effect

Layering is all the rage these days. The trend of layering necklaces has been in for a while and is still going strong. No matter the number of layers ...

How to Buy Silver Jewelry: All You Need to Know

Silver has been linked to luxury and wealth for centuries. Think about it. It’s not for nothing that we use the phrase ‘silver spoon’. Silver, along with ...

A guide to stacking bracelets: Get your best layers on

The trend of stacking bracelets has been ‘in’ for a while and is still going strong. The reason I love stacking bracelets is because you can really ...

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