Magnetic Earrings For Men – How to Choose the Best Pair

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Magnetic earrings for men are a popular choice, as they offer many advantages over other types of earrings. They’re typically comfortable and easy to put on and off. They’re also perfect for the first time earring wearer, meaning that you can test the waters without too much commitment.

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If you don’t like wearing earrings, simply take them off. No harm done, no hole to cover and no pain undergone.

Sounds like the perfect option!

Let’s take a look at why magnetic earrings are an excellent choice and how to choose the right pair.  But first, here’s a quick rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of magnetic earrings for men.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Magnetic Earrings

Man wearing magnetic earrings

Magnetic earrings are fairly simple devices. They utilize two opposing magnets on both parts of the earring to help keep it attached to your ear lobe. And that’s about it. 

They can come in many different designs, shapes, and sizes, and can feature different gemstones and jewels.

Magnetic earrings for men tend to be more subtle and simple in their design, but before we go into that, let’s take a look at all the advantages and possible disadvantages of using magnetic earrings.

Pros of Magnetic Earrings:

  1. They don’t require you to pierce your ear and are ideal for someone who wants to wear an earring only once in a while.
  2. They can be very stylish, especially in a minimalistic kind of fashion which also suits most men’s tastes.
  3. High-quality magnetic earrings are strong enough to fit on your ear without falling and can be very secure.
  4. Magnetic earrings cause no pain or any other physical inconvenience. The pressure they cause on your ear lobe is quite insignificant and easy to ignore.
  5. They don’t cause any skin infections, unlike piercing earrings.
  6. Magnetic earrings are very easy to put on and take off with just one hand movement.
  7. They’re typically low in price and very affordable making them an excellent alternative to expensive earring choices like diamond studs.

Cons of Magnetic Earrings:

  1. Like all magnets, magnetic earrings can disrupt electronic devices. If you’re using a pacemaker or another health-related electronic device, magnetic earrings may not be the best choice for you.
  2. When placed in close proximity to credit cards, magnetic earrings can rearrange the data particles in them. Always store them away from your wallet and watch.
  3. Magnetic earrings with sub-par quality come with weak magnets which can be a problem for those with thicker ear lobes.
  4. The likelihood of earrings being stolen or falling off is higher than with pierced earrings.

Magnetic Earrings Styles

Magnetic earrings for men usually only come in two basic styles – diamond magnetic earrings and black magnetic earrings. That’s because most men seem to prefer simple and unobtrusive earrings that are meant to accent their clothes and personal style. What’s more, both of these styles are fairly similar in size, as well as shape and design choices, with the materials making up most of the difference between them. They’re easy to wear and aren’t too heavy.

  • Diamond Magnetic Earrings
Man wearing diamond magnetic earrings

Diamond magnetic earrings typically use round or princess cut stones and are made using cubic zirconia.  These are very stylish and fits in with most outfits and look identical to diamonds. Real diamonds are rarely, if ever, used in magnetic earrings as the risk of the stones being stolen or falling out are too high.

Read about our guide to diamond earring studs for men for information on real diamond studs.  

  • Black Magnetic Earrings
Magnetic earrings for men
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These can be made with many different metals with titanium being the most popular choice for men’s magnetic earrings. Titanium has a lot of great qualities that make it ideal for jewelry pieces such as earrings – it’s lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and has a great strength-to-weight ratio. You’ll also find polymer clay, carbon fiber and ceramic black magnetic earrings.

Do Magnetic Earrings Fall Off?

That depends entirely on the quality of the magnets. As we alluded to above, low-quality magnetic earrings are sometimes made with sub-par magnets that are too weak to stick to wider ear lobes. This also makes them prone to falling off from more intensive movements such as jumping or bumping into people.

Fortunately, this is only the case for lower quality earrings. High quality magnetic earrings will have magnets that are strong enough to remain in place. That’s why it’s essential to inspect the quality of the magnets before making a purchase.

Magnet Magnetic Earrings
Men Magnetic Earrings. See them here.

How To Clean Magnetic Earrings?

When cleaning a magnetic earring you should be mindful of the materials used in it. In general, it’s best not to soak the earrings in water as this can affect the materials. Avoid using harsh detergents on them, and instead use a soft cloth and a mild liquid soap to clean them. When not wearing, store the earrings in a cloth pouch or jewelry box.

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