What Are Hoop Earring Sizes? A Complete Guide

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A pair of hoop earrings goes with just about any outfit, but its size impacts your style. What’s more, figuring out the perfect size can be challenging—not to mention a “medium hoop” for one brand might be an “extra-large hoop” for others.

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Whether you’re looking for lobe huggers or shoulder grazers, our guide will help you find the perfect hoop earrings that match your personal style.

How to Take Measurements of Your Piercing

When purchasing hoop earrings online, we usually resort to a model’s photo to determine sizes. However, not every size of the hoop will fit the same for everyone.

Every ear and piercing are different, so it’s better to take a measurement of your own piercing.

For hoop earrings, the measurements are typically in millimeters or inches, which measures the diameter of the hoops.

Measuring your hoop earrings

To get precise measurements, opt for a ruler with millimeter markings. To know your diameter, place the end of the ruler at the center of your lobe piercing, and measure the distance between your piercing and the bottom of your earlobe.

For cartilage piercings, you can take the measurement the same way, paying attention to the edge of your ear.

Earring hoop sizes

The size of your hoops is a personal choice, whether you want it to touch your ears like huggies or graze your shoulders in an oversized style.

Hoop earrings can range from 5mm hoop huggies to 130mm statement hoops. So, it matters to get the sizing right.

The Different Hoop Earring Sizes

As we’ve mentioned, hoop earrings come from dramatic outsize designs, to demure and barely-there little rings. Here’s a look at the different types of hoop sizes.

  • Tiny Hoops (5mm-25mm) (0- to 1-inch diameter)
Diamond hoops
Small Diamond Hoop Earrings by Icebound Jewelry. Check price here.

(In Photo: 9mm or 0.35-inch diameter)

Tiny hoop earrings
Chunky Hoop Earrings by Trium Jewelry. Check price here.

(In Photo: 14mm or 0.55-inch diameter)

Also referred to as huggies, these tiny hoops are ideal for everyday wear.

  • Typically, a 5 to 7mm hoop will fit snugly on a cartilage spot, including forward helix, tragus and rook piercings.
  • If you want your earring to hang down a bit, an 8mm size is also great for cartilage piercings, as well as on the lobes.
  • For most conch and daith piercings, 10mm hoops are ideal.
  • However, if you have a larger space inside the ear, you might want to consider a 12mm hoop for conch and daith piercings.
  • For first and second lobe piercings, sizes 11mm to 14mm are just perfect.
  • If you want a little space at the bottom of your lobe, you can go for 15 to 17mm.
  • A hoop earring that measures around 18-20mm is about the size of a U.S. Penny (which is 19.05 mm). These tiny hoops suit smaller faces, as well as those who want to rock an ear party. They can also be worn on their own for an understated, everyday look. If you’re a woman on the go, and have a laidback style, this size hoops are perfect.

Since they’re subtle and small, tiny hoops are appropriate for all occasions. These are the sizes that you can wear at work, for special occasions and for formal affairs for that classic, elegant look. In fact, most diamond hoop earrings are found in these sizes.

  • Small Hoops (26mm-50mm) (1- to 2-inch diameter)
Stylish hoop earrings
Hammered Hoops by Glamrocks Designs. See it here.

(In Photo: 40mm or 1.57-inch diameter)

Girl wearing hoop earrings
Gem Hoops by Glamrocks Designs. See it here

(In Photo: 40mm or 1.57-inch diameter)

A “small hoop” can mean different to different brands, but a 26-27mm or 1.02 to 1.06-inch hoop is about the size of a U.S. Quarter coin, while a 30-32mm or 1.18 to 1.26-inch hoop is comparable to the U.S. Half-Dollar coin.

These earrings are best for fuller faces, as well as for those who want something noticeable but not overpowering. Perfect for minimalists, these hoops are designed to be worn alone.  

Also, these are the sizes of hoops when you’re looking for something textured or bejeweled, as they usually have the space for elaborate embellishments.

Do you know these hoops are also flattering for those with shorter hair? If you’ve got a bob or lob haircut, small hoops will bring out the best in your hairstyle.

  • Medium Hoops (51mm-76mm) (2- to 3-inch diameter)
Medium size hoops
Geometric Earrings by Meberr. See it here.

(In Photo: 51mm or 2-inch diameter)

Girl wearing gold hoops
Crochet Earrings by Yoola. See it here.

(In Photo: 63.5mm or 2.5-inch diameter)

If you want something playful and bolder, opt for medium hoops. A 63-65mm or 2.48 to 2.56-inch hoop is comparable to the diameter of a soda can, while a 73-75mm or 2.87 to 2.95-inch hoop earring is the size of a baseball.

These medium hoops are great for making a style statement without going overboard. They’re also universally flattering for all face shapes.

Hoops of this size are ideal for softening the edges of an angular square-shaped face. For long, narrow faces, medium hoops will visually make them look fuller.

  • Big Hoops (77mm-100mm) (3- to 4-inch diameter)
Big gold hoops
Hoop Earrings by Glamrock Designs. See it here.

(In Photo: 3-inch diameter)

If you want to turn heads, oversized hoop earrings are made for you. A 77-100mm (3 to 4-inch) hoop will add a bit of drama to your everyday look.

These hoops will look great with dainty layered necklaces, but better skip the other piercings, and let them take center stage.

Did you know these big hoops also tend to look better on women with longer hair? If you’ve got below-shoulder length and longer, big hoops will add style to your looks.

If you’ve got an oval or longer face shape, you can rock these earrings even with pulled back hairstyles.

However, they can be overpowering for small faces, and because they look more casual, they aren’t the best choice for formal occasions. They have a stylish, decidedly bold look, making them perfect for maximalists, partygoers and trendsetters.

  • XXL Hoops (101mm-120mm) (4-inch-plus diameter)
Yellow Gold 2MM Round Hoop Earrings
Yellow Gold Round Hoop Earrings. See it here.

(In Photo: 3.5-inch diameter)

Supersize hoop earrings
Statement Hoops by Fatisha Boutique. Check Price Here.

(In Photo: 4-inch diameter)

Do you love the appeal of larger-than-life hoop earrings? These shoulder-grazing pieces are between 101 and 120mm. Since they’re big, opt for a thin, lightweight design, which makes them comfortable to wear.

Keep in mind that those with larger facial features will look best with these hoops, à la Jennifer Lopez. Glamorous and daring, they’re made for those who want to stand out.

Wrapping Up

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the perfect hoop size, as you have the right to rock any jewelry piece that you love.

At the end of the day, it matters to go for a pair of hoops that matches your style and personality, and make you feel your best.

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