Best Jewelry for Septum Piercing

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A septum piercing might be nothing new, but it’s one of the most unique places to get pierced. It’s so popular that even celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Zendaya, Zoë Kravitz, and Jessica Biel all sport one.

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If you want to get in touch with your edgy side, we’ve rounded up the best jewelry types for septum piercing, along with the things you need to know before going under the needle.

What is a Septum Piercing?

what is septum piercing
Septum Piercing

This piercing is named after the part of the nose where it’s located. The septum is the thin wall of cartilage between your left and right nostrils. The piercing goes though the sliver of skin just below the cartilage, which piercers often call the “sweet spot”.

The septum piercing originated over 4,000 years ago in the Middle East. The trend reached India around 1500s CE and made its way to the West in the 20th century. Also, gold septum rings with jade played a major role in religious rituals of the Aztecs, Incans, and Mayans.

In the West, septum jewelry became a cool-girl accessory in the 70s, associated with gypsy and hippie fashion. In the 80s, septum rings were adopted by anarchist and punk subcultures as a symbol of rebellion. Nowadays, the unconventional jewelry is making its huge comeback in unexpected designs and colors—think of geometric shapes, quirky animal silhouettes, and bejeweled styles.

Types of Jewelry for Septum Piercing

  • Septum Clicker
septum clicker ring
Septum clicker by Abhika Jewels. Check price here.

These rings have a straight or curved rod that is attached to a hinge, which ‘clicks’ when snapped into place. The easy-to-wear closure made bejeweled and intricate ring styles possible. If you want a glamorous statement, think of a septum clicker made from gold, and embellished with precious stones, that will surely look great with your formal outfits and cocktail dresses.

  • Seamless Ring
Septum ring
Seamless septum ring. Check price here.

This ring has two types: a segment ring with a piece that completely comes out when you take out the jewelry, and a hinged ring with a seamless look. If you’re the type of person who always loses things, better opt for a hinged type. While the septum clicker also has a hinge, this one has a seamless look from its rods to clasps.

  • Circular Barbell
Steel Horseshoe Circular Barbell
Steel Horseshoe Circular Barbell. Check price here.

This septum jewelry resembles a horseshoe, with either balls or spikes screwed at the ends. When it comes to circular barbells, you can choose the ball size and diameter of the ring. Some circular barbells also have diamond-paved beads or even neon colored ends that will give you a fashion-forward statement. Curved barbells are ideal if you want to hide your septum jewelry, as they flip upwards into your nose and out of sight.

  • Captive Bead Ring
Ball Closure BCR Captive Bead Ring
Implant Grade Solid Titanium Ball Closure BCR Captive Bead. See them here.

Similar to circular barbells, a captive bead ring has a ball that fits between the ends of the ring. This septum ring doesn’t require threading, though the bead itself is more challenging to put into its place. The ball that fills the gap in the ring can be made of rubber, glass, silver, gold, gemstone or even pearl. Just opt for a design that completes your statement whether it’s a grunge, minimalist, or romantic style.

  • Septum Retainer
Septum retainer
U- shape Septum retainer. Check price here.

A creative alternative to traditional rings, a septum retainer can be flipped up if you want to hide your septum ringt. Most of them are angular or flared in shape that will add some edge to your looks. If you want to add some pop of color, opt for retainers in neon shades, pastels, and jewel tones. From stainless steel to gold and glass, septum retainers are great for a minimalist look, and for hiding your piercing when you need to.

  • Faux Nose Ring
Faux nose septum ring
Faux nose ring by Covet Jewelry. Check price here.

If you’re not quite ready for the pain of a septum piercing, test the jewelry trend with a faux nose ring. Most of these are clip-ons and magnetic, and some styles are indistinguishable from real septum rings. However, there’s always a risk of the faux jewelry falling when it comes to magnetic and clip-on rings, so opt for high-quality jewelry. From minimalist to bejeweled nose rings, you’ll surely look chic without the pain.

Things to Consider When Selecting Septum Jewelry

  • Stick to high quality septum rings made of quality metals.
Gold septum ring
Gold septum clicker by Magic Hammer. Check price here.

The type of metal you’ll choose is extremely important for this sensitive area. Think of titanium and gold that are hypoallergenic and won’t cause infection. Gold repels bacteria, and it doesn’t oxidize like nickel, silver, and other cheaper metals. Surgical stainless steel is a less expensive metal that is biocompatible. Remember, if the metal oxidizes in your skin, it will cause irritation and even scarring.

  • Opt for septum jewelry styles that reflect your personality.

Whether you just go on a whim or like the freedom of septum piercing, go for jewelry styles that suit your taste and styles, so you can show them off to the world. Don’t opt for septum rings that are too bulky for your taste—there are elegant, dainty, and glamorous styles to choose from. Gold septum rings with jewels and intricate design will add sophistication to your classic style.

  • Think of different fashion styles when choosing septum rings.
Unique septum ring
Exotic septum ring design by Umanative Design. See it here.

While a dainty, minimalist ring is universally flattering, a one-of-a-kind look allows you to show your style. If you want to flaunt your romantic style, think of septum clickers with bejeweled and lace-like designs. On the other hand, nose rings with quirky motifs like butterflies, snakes, and bees will show off your trendy style. If you love gothic fashion, circular barbells are perfect for you, though you might think of details like crosses, skulls, and spikes that will complete your statement.

  • Choose the right size of your septum jewelry.
Girl with large septum ring
Large septum ring by Noomaad. Check price here.

Septum rings come in a range of styles, so choose a size and style that suits your face shape. This is subjective, so it’s best to try on a few different styles and see what works for you. For everyday wear, small, dainty septum rings work just fine. For a more dramatic look, pick a large design with an exotic style. 

Septum Piercing Pain and After Care

Boy with septum piercing

Patience is everything when it comes to septum piercing, as it can be uncomfortable depending on your pain tolerance. According to experts, the “sweet spot” in the septum heals faster and is less painful than other areas of piercing. The piercing doesn’t go through cartilage, but some people have a deviated septum, which makes the experience more painful and challenging.

When it comes to healing process, everyone is different, but the period usually takes between three to four months. Taking care of your piercing is a must—you should clean it with salt water or saline spray twice a day and avoid touching your nose. The better you take care of it, the faster it will heal. You can change your septum jewelry after six to eight weeks when it is healed.

Where to Buy Septum Jewelry

If you want to show off your exotic beauty, Etsy has a collection of septum rings in tribal, bohemian, and even futuristic styles. Triangles, stars, and circles are just some of the geometric motifs you’ll find in the wide jewelry collection there. It’s also a place you should not skip if you want something handmade or vintage.

Another excellent place to search is Amazon. The platform offers faux nose rings, circular barbells, septum clickers, captive bead rings, and retainers made from surgical stainless, acrylic, and glass in variety of colors and designs. You can also see some nose ring designs with whimsical motifs—animal silhouettes, round chains, floral patterns, embellished jewels, snakes, butterflies, and bees.

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