Best Bridal Pearl Earrings

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Now that you have found your dream gown, the next step is choosing the perfect jewelry. The most classic gem of all time, pearls are timeless and perfectly bridal. Whether you’re embracing a contemporary or bohemian theme, there’s a pair of pearl earrings for you.

Classic pearl studs will never go out of style, but there are creative options like half hoops and ear climbers perfect for a modern bride. Some designers are even putting fashion-forward takes on bridal jewelry with minimalistic styles, sculptural silhouettes, nature-inspired motifs, and avant-garde designs.

However, there’s a fine line between unique and beautiful and gaudy and distracting, so make sure your choice of jewelry looks great with your dress.

The right jewelry completes the perfect wedding outfit, so we rounded up 15 of the most stylish pearl earrings for every bridal style.

Best Bridal Pearl Earrings

1. South Sea Pearl Earrings

South sea pearl pendant
South sea pearl pendant by Wen Pearls. See it here.

If you have a classic style, think of finishing your bridal look with traditional jewelry designs. Set in 18k white gold, these earrings feature South Sea pearls and diamonds with omega backs. These gemstones are a classic combination of all time, making these pieces a must-have in your jewelry box beyond the big day.

2. Pearl and Diamond Studs

Pearl and Diamond Studs
Raw diamond and pearls stud earrings by Layani Fine Jewelry. See them here.

A pair of earrings might be the last thing that comes to mind for a minimalist bride, but these pearl studs adorned with rough diamonds and set in 18k gold will match any dress design, keeping it simple yet elegant.

3. Pave Diamond and Pearl Earrings

Pave Diamond and Pearl Earrings
Pave diamond and pearl earrings by Orly Ravitz Jewellry. See them here.

If you’re looking for pieces that will stand the test of time, these pearl earrings are perfect for you. The jewelry design features pave diamonds in 18k white gold that looks timeless, classic, and elegant.

4. Modern Pearl Earrings

Modern Pearl Hoops
Modern pearl earrings by Layani Fine Jewelry. See them here.

Bridal jewelry should be a bit understated so as not to run the risk of stealing the spotlight from your gown. Made of 18k gold, these pearl earrings have a minimalistic design, yet still look fresh and stylish, perfect for a contemporary wedding theme.

5. Pearl Ear Climbers

Pearl Ear Climbers
Pearl Ear Climbers by Vea Fine Jewelry. See them here.

If you want to infuse a bit of trendiness into your ensemble without going overboard, think of ear climbers. Crafted in 18k gold, these earrings are comprised of Japanese Akoya pearls and diamonds. Make sure to showcase the intricate design with a chignon or side-swept hairstyle.

6. Butterfly Pearl Earrings

Butterfly Pearl Earrings
Butterfly pearl earrings by The Pearl Vogue. See them here.

When it comes to garden weddings, beautiful blooms and botanical motifs abound, so why not complete your bridal style with a pair of butterfly earrings? These pieces are made of 18k gold and adorned with diamonds and South Sea pearls, adding a whimsy touch to your fairytale dream.

7. Leaf-Shaped Pearl Earrings

Leaf-Shaped Pearl Earrings
Leaf-shaped pearl earrings by Layani Fine Jewelry. See it here.

Matching your jewelry to the little details of your wedding makes everything perfect. Set in 18k gold, these pearl earrings resemble the shape of the leaves and even angels’ wings, making your bridal style more ethereal.

8. Tropical Pearl Earrings

Orchid pearl earrings
Orchid pearl earrings by A Pocket Of Posies. See them here.

If you’re having a beach wedding at a tropical destination, you might consider jewelry designs that blend into the scene. The matte gold brass flower drops from a long nickel-free ear wire and the gorgeous light cream teardrop pearl adds length and movement to these elegant earrings. If you’ve got the “flamingo flower” or Anthuriums in your theme, your earrings are the perfect match.

9. Bohemian Pearl Earrings

Bohemian Pearl Earrings
Bohemian pearl earrings by Luis Mendez Filigree Jewelry. See them here.

Embrace your bohemian wedding theme with handcrafted jewelry. Designed in 18k yellow gold, these spike earrings boast filigree work with seed pearls sewn in gold thread. These pieces were inspired by traditional jewelry making in the 19th century, giving you a rustic, earthy vibe.

10. Clover Pearl Earrings

Clover Pearl Earrings
Clover pearl earrings by Ze Art. See them here.

If you’re into mid-century wedding themes, these clover pearl earrings are perfect for you. These studs are made of 14k yellow gold and designed with white Akoya pearls and diamonds. Whether you like to combine old and new elements or stick with accents in your theme, your jewelry will give you retro vibes.

11. Vintage Pearl Earrings

Vintage Pearl Earrings
Georgian pearl earrings by Simply Remember My Shop. See them here.

Do you love the idea of vintage weddings? You might want to infuse some motifs from the same era with your jewelry. Set in 14k gold, these earrings feature seed pearls and golden topaz that will take your bridal look back in time.

12. Botanical Pearl Hoops

Botanical Pearl Hoops
Botanical pearl hoops by Shine and Berger. See them here.

If you’re into a rustic wedding filled with greenery, think of these botanical pearl hoops. Crafted in 14k gold, these handcrafted earrings are inspired by nature, resembling the twisted twig of the passion fruit. Get it? Passion fruit!

13. Chandelier Pearl Earrings

Crystal pearl drop earrings
Chandelier pearl earrings by Poetry Jewelry. See them here.

Brides who want to make a statement may go for pearl jewelry with elaborate designs. These chandelier earrings are set in 18k gold and designed with diamonds and cultured pearls. If you’re wearing a lacy wedding dress with a vintage look, these pieces are just perfect.

14. Floral Pearl Earrings

Floral Pearl Earrings
Floral Pearl Earrings by Timeless Estate Jewels. See them here.

If you want to flaunt your romantic side, think of these clip-on earrings with a floral design. These pieces are made of 14k white and yellow gold and designed with Akoya pearls and diamonds. It only proves that wedding day blooms may go beyond the bouquet.

15. Pearl Grape Earrings

Pearl Grape Earrings
Pearl grape earrings by Agri Jewelry. See them here.

Nature will always be the best backdrop for a dreamy occasion, so why not think of these pearl grape earrings to complement your theme? Crafted in 14k gold vermeil, these pieces resemble the natural-looking grape cluster with freshwater pearls, adding a whimsy vibe to your bridal look.

How to Choose the Right Bridal Pearl Earrings

When choosing pearl earrings, you have to consider your dress color, neckline, embellishments, and overall design for a cohesive look. While platinum and white gold look best with a white gown, yellow gold will enhance the creamy shade of your ivory dress.

Your pearl jewelry is the perfect finishing touch to your style, so it should complement your wedding theme be it modern, bohemian, mid-century, retro, and so on. If you have a simple bridal gown, you may go for more elaborate earrings, but don’t let your jewelry outshine you.

Remember, your jewelry must be a reflection of you, so go for pieces you really love, as well as ones with versatile designs that will never go out of style. Wedding dresses are designed to be the star of the show, but it’s your choice of jewelry that will make everything more personal and stylish.

With any of these bridal pearl earrings, you’ll feel confident and at your most beautiful on your big day.

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