How to Find Perfect Cufflinks for a Groom (7 Tips)

On a wedding day, the focus is often on the bride and her dress, but let’s not forget that the groom’s outfit plays a major role too! A wedding is a big day for the groom and it’s important for him to showcase his personality as well.

Cufflinks provide a great way to do just that. Cufflinks do more than just keep your shirt cuffs together. They are often underestimated but a well-chosen pair of cufflinks can highlight your personality and really make a statement. If you thought that cufflinks had to be boring and serious, think again!

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There’s so many ways to make your cufflinks stand out and showcase a little bit of who you are. Here are our top tips on how to choose the perfect wedding cufflinks for the groom.

1. Personalized Wedding Cufflinks

customizable cufflinks for groom
Engravable cuff links from Blue Nile. See them here.

One of the best ways to sport cufflinks is to have them personalized. Personalized cufflinks hold emotional value and add that extra touch of sentiment on your wedding day. Some ideas for personalizing cufflinks would be to include:

  • A special date like when you first met, got engaged or your wedding date
  • Coordinates of a specific location such as your wedding venue
  • Your combined initials
  • For religious couples, a Bible verse number that holds special meaning to you both

Such cufflinks can be worn repeatedly and will always hold this sentimental value. What’s more, most people won’t even know what it’s about, making it a special connection between the two of you.

And remember, the two cufflinks don’t have to have the same engraving; they can showcase different things to make it even more special.

2. A Few of My Favorite Things

football cufflinks for groom
Rugby ball cufflinks. See them here. 

If you are passionate about something, why not wear it on your sleeve? Some cufflinks highlight a passion, hobby, or sport, making it an ideal way to showcase your personal style.

Cufflinks that incorporate your interests and hobbies are ideal for someone who doesn’t typically wear cufflinks. These bring an element of fun and comfort, and a reminder to relax even when things get stressful.

3. Gemstone Cufflinks for Color

emerald cut cufflinks
Glamorous emerald cufflinks. See them here.

Who says gemstones are only for the bride? Cufflinks are a great opportunity for grooms to showcase their favorite gemstone and can provide a pop of color against a plain colored shirt cuff.

The most popular gemstone color for grooms has been black, with black onyx cufflinks, like these ones, among the most popular. However, there is no need to stay in the black zone, especially with the number of stunning gemstones available on the market.

Nowadays, any gemstone looks stunning on grooms’ cufflinks, regardless of color. Some might think that certain colors such as pink or purple are feminine and not suitable for a groom, but in reality, there are no such rules.

rose quartz tuxedo cufflinks
Rose quartz cufflinks. See them here.

Take rose quartz as an example. Rose quartz is often considered a feminine gemstone, but when crafted into cufflinks, they are a stunning accessory for any groom. So in other words? Throw the rule book out and go with what takes your fancy.

Another way to choose the gemstones for your cufflinks is by going by birthstones. You could choose your birthstone, her birthstone or why not one of each? You could also opt for a special month such as the month in which you first met, got engaged or are getting married and wear the birthstone that corresponds to that.

There are many ways to choose the right gemstone for your cufflinks but adding a touch of sentiment is always nice.

4. Professional Cufflinks

watch movement cufflink
Watch movement cufflinks for engineers. See them here.

Often, your profession makes up a large part of your identity and this can be a great source of inspiration when choosing your cufflinks. On your wedding day, having a reminder of who you are as a professional is comforting and can give you confidence. It can also just be plain fun.

Some other ideas would be stethoscope cufflinks for medical professionals, typewriter or book cufflinks for those who write or teach for a living, and movie clapperboards for those in the entertainment industry. The possibilities are endless.

5. Designer Cufflinks for Grooms

retro vintage cartier gold cufflinks
Vintage Cartier cufflinks. See them here.

Maybe you’re the stylish sort of guy who wants to have a chic, sophisticated, designer look on your wedding day. Why not opt for a pair of designer cufflinks? While these will cost a premium, you’ll have the knowledge that you’re wearing the best on your special day.

Designer cufflinks can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars so you can generally find one that suits your budget.

Another way to go about this is to opt for a pair of pre-loved designer cufflinks. These would come at a fraction of the cost and no one would be any wiser. At present, buying pre-loved jewelry is in vogue, as more people turn towards environmentally friendly and ethical solutions when it comes to acquiring things. There are many retailers online where you can find prior-owned designer cufflinks, such as The Luxury Closet.

6. Just for Laughs

If found return to wife cufflinks for groom
A funny pair of cufflinks that are ideal to have a laugh about your new role as husband. See them here.

Sometimes, all you need is a good laugh. You can show your sense of humor and lighten the mood by wearing a pair of funny cufflinks. A wedding day is often a very serious occasion and sometimes, it’s a great idea to just remind yourself to slow down and have a laugh.

pacman cufflinks
Pacman and Ghost cufflinks. See them here.

Just make sure that your loved one doesn’t find that joke offensive or isn’t hurt by them. It’s always a good idea to run it by them if you aren’t sure how the joke will be received.

7. Make a Quiet Statement

gay pride cufflinks for gay groom
A pair of gay pride cufflinks to wear with pride. See them here.

Some people like to use their platform to make a statement about issues that mean a lot to them. While your wedding day isn’t necessarily the best place to bring up political, religious or other issues, you can still quietly wear a reminder on your cufflinks.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are so many ways to spice up your cufflink style, and pick a pair that appeals to you and your loved one.

Go with what feels right to you and complements your overall outfit. Also, when selecting your pair of cufflinks, consider whether this is a pair you want to wear often or just on your wedding day as that too will determine what type of cufflinks you choose. And finally, congratulations on your wedding!

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