Top 7 Online Stores in the UK for Pearl Jewelry

Pearls, beloved by everyone from royalty to celebrities, hold a special place in UK fashion. If you’re in the UK and searching for pearl jewelry, going online is a great choice. Online shopping makes it easy to compare prices and styles globally with just a click. But remember, while finding a good deal is easy, it’s crucial to buy from trustworthy websites.

We’ve selected our top six UK online pearl retailers based on customer service, price, variety, customer proposition, and website experience. Some of these retailers are also on Amazon, where you can see real customer reviews, and compare pearl prices and quality between vendors. This way, you get the best value and assurance on your pearl purchase.


freshwater cultured pearl earring on the woman's ear
Photo: Amazon 

On Amazon, you’re likely to find an amazing deal on pearls. The platform offers a broad selection, including both luxury and budget-friendly options, perfect for anyone from beginners to pearl enthusiasts. However, be careful when buying from smaller or lesser-known sellers.

Do your research by contacting the seller for more information, carefully reading product descriptions, and checking customer reviews. This approach helps ensure you get authentic, quality pearls. For those looking for imitation pearls, Amazon is a top choice. It has a wide range of imitation pearls that look and feel like the real thing but are much more affordable.

So, whether you’re searching for genuine pearl elegance or budget-friendly imitations, Amazon’s variety and user reviews make it a trustworthy and convenient place to shop for all types of pearls.

Check their website: Amazon 

Pearls Only

japanese akoya pearl necklace
Photo: Pearls Only

Pearls Only offers a huge selection of pearls from freshwater pearls to Chinese and Japanese Akoya pearls. Not only can you choose the type of pearl that you like but also from a wide range of colors such golden yellow south sea, romantic lavender and dark jet-black pearls too.

Check out their Black Label collection featuring delicate designs in pearls of stunning shades of lavender, black and peach pearls. Each page of the Pearls Only website features a detailed selection menu, so you can shop by product category and jewelry colors but also by pearl diameter size and quality. This search feature really guides the customer about price point and quality so that they can get the best value for money and the exact product they are looking for.

They also have an extensive education section showing just how much they really know about pearls and how much they love to share with their customers. With over 250,000 happy customers to date, free shipping and free returns till up to 90 days after purchase there are so many reasons to shop with Pearls Only.

Check their website: Pearls Only

The Pearl Source

a woman wearing japanese akoya pearl tincup necklace and earrings
Photo: The Pearl Source

The Pearl Source is an American business that has been in operation since 1991. They also offer most of their products on Amazon and cater to the UK market this way.

The Pearl Source know their pearls! They offer all the popular type of pearls on their site and have very good prices on all their products. The Pearl Source operates like a wholesaler, supplying to the best pearl jewelers on the market. They are able to provide excellent value to their retail customers at extremely competitive prices.

The Pearl Source has a range of pearl jewelry, including bridal pearl, gemstone pearl and leather pearl jewelry. They also have a build-a-necklace feature, where you can customize a necklace based on your preferences. The Pearl Source ships locally and internationally for free and have a 60-day full refund policy. With an Excellent trust rating of 9.5/10 and over 4,200 reviews on Trustpilot, The Pearl Source have a large following of happy customers.

Check their website: The Pearl Source

Absolute Pearls

a woman wearing pearl pendant necklace and earrings
Photo: Absolute Pearls

Absolute pearls are an online retailer dedicated to pearls, pearls and pearls. Their philosophy is making owning pearls joy to as many people as possible. Absolute Pearls offer competitive prices as they sell exclusively online and keep their costs down and pass this saving directly on to their customers. Absolute pearls sell all the main types of pearls you’d ever want including a stunning range of baroque pearls.

We love that they also offer pearl sets so that you easily choose matching earrings to your necklace and this is especially useful if you are looking to purchase a gift. All their pearl jewelry also comes presented in a beautiful wooden gift box for that extra luxurious jewelry buying experience.

 Not only do Absolute Pearls sell pearl jewelry but they also offer an incredible selection of additional service such as custom bespoke pearl jewelry, pearl restringing and a pearl matching service.

Check their website: Absolute Pearls

Jewel Street

baroque pearls bracelet on the woman's wrist
Photo: Jewel Street

Jewel Street are known for their curated selection of affordable designers. They have established themselves as the online destination to buy designer jewelry from directly from the designer. If you’re looking for something unique and fashion forward you want to take a browse down Jewel Street. From black freshwater pearl rings to golden yellow south sea pearl strands.

Jewel Street’s reputation as a reliable and trustworthy company makes them a great source to buy from. They pride themselves on finding unique jewelry that you won’t find anywhere else but also their seamless customer service which includes taking care of import duties and using their network of secure couriers to get your new jewelry to you.

Get 10% off your first purchase when you sign up to the Jewel Street newsletter. However, Jewel Street don’t exclusively offer just pearl jewelry and if you’re looking for a specialist that only focuses on pearl jewelry this may not be the store for you.

Check their website: Jewel Street

Mikimoto UK

mikimoto gold bracelet with pearls
Photo: Mikimoto UK

Kokichi Mikimoto was the first person to create a cultured pearl and then went on to establish his own Black South Sea Pearl Farm in 1914. What was once a solution to affordable pearl jewelry has now become synonymous with high-end expensive pearl jewelry but if you’re looking to buy a truly special piece of pearl jewelry to have forever, then look no further than Mikimoto.

Their collection Morning Dew is our favorite as it showcases the simplicity of pearls but each piece is beautifully delicate without looking too plain. Their collection of pearls is truly extensive and as they are still directly involved in the production of their peals you know it’s coming from a reliable and ethical source.

You could easily find a similar item for a lower price on the internet but Mikimoto has set the standard too with other retailers use. You will always be able to identify Mikimoto pearl jewelry as it has a beautiful oyster shaped hallmark on every piece.

Check their website: Mikimoto UK

Coleman Douglas Pearls

a woman wearing white south sea pearl diamond earrings and necklace
Photo: Coleman Douglas Pearls

Their special pearl clasp has become so popular it’s become part of their signature. The clasp is discreet and made from a pearl so that your necklace looks like a continual strand of pearls. Our favorite collection must be the Warrior Pearls collection which features dark pearls and leather combined to make contemporary jewelry our of natural materials.

Their designs are so popular that they are a favorite of the magazine Vogue as well as a range of celebrity clients. When shopping online each piece is given a comprehensive overview including a grade for pearl lustre, nacre and surface. This makes it simple to compare different designs and pick the pearl aspect most important to you.

Not only can you buy Coleman Douglas Pearls online, but you can also visit their flagship pearl shop in the prestigious shopping area of Knightsbridge. Read all about what their clients have to say about them and you’ll be booking an appointment before you know it.

Check their website: Coleman Douglas Pearls

Shopping for Pearls online

Regardless of where you like to buy pearls online as a general guide:

  • If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure you do your research and take the time and care to ensure you’re not about to be ripped off.
  • Make sure you don’t get too caught up in just the pearls but also take the time to check what the metal in the jewelry is made from and if there are any other stones in the jewelry what these are and where they have been sourced from.
  • Always check the aftercare service to see if your jewelry comes with a guarantee or warranty and if the retailer offers free returns or any similar services. Good retailers are always proud to show off their credibility and reviews.

If you want to brush up on your pearl knowledge before making that final purchase read our handy guide How to Buy Pearls and if you’re not quite sure how to tell if a pearl is real read our comprehensive guide on “Everything you need to know to test if pearls are real

Wrapping Up

Buying pearls online in the UK gives you a wide range of options, suitable for any style and budget. Whether you’re looking for genuine pearls’ luxury or the affordability of imitations, online platforms like Amazon and other specialized retailers offer a convenient way to shop.

To make a successful pearl purchase, always do your research, read product descriptions carefully, and check customer reviews. These steps will help you confidently choose the right pearls, adding elegance to your collection.

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